Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/28/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/28/02

By Justin

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Today: Bo vows to find Hope as Larry denies Hope's proposition. Billie, Kate, and Lucas bond over their family while Abe questions a distraught Lexie. John trains Marlena for spying.

Cast: Bo, Hope, Larry, Billie, Roman, Kate, Lucas, Patty, Victor, Nicole, Abe, Lexie, Bart, Marlena, John.

Marlena and John talk about Tony and the twins as John reveals his plan about how to get closer to Tony. Throughout the show we see different gadgets like lipstick that's a camera and a lockpick. John tells Marlena that spy school is over as they get caught up in passion and start kissing, falling onto the couch. Meanwhile, Abe questions Lexie about what she knows. Getting nowhere, he finally leaves. After he's gone, Lexie looks at the wallet again. At Java Cafe', Victor gets off the phone with Nico, who still didn't locate Hope and Zack. He grows angry as he and Nicole talk about the wedding. Victor promises that Kate and Sami will be destroyed. Elsewhere, Lucas and Kate are talking about Sami. Billie rushes into Salem Place, upset. Earlier, Bo was chewing her out when he caught her with Hope's itinerary. Roman came in and broke it up. Billie and Kate argue about Roman as Lucas butts in and asks if Kate is seeing Roman. Kate denies it as the three of them talk about their childhood. After Kate tells Billie that she can come to her with any problem, Billie leaves. Back at the station, Roman and Bo talk about Billie as Abe arrives, claiming to believe Lexie. Bo gets angry and goes to leave, but Abe stops him. Later, Bart walks out into the foyer and Lexie attacks him, but he claims to know nothing. Lexie wonders about Rolf. Roman runs into Kate and Lucas, who had just got a call saying that Will and Sami are back. Roman finds Billie, who calls Larry with an update.

The reconnection of lovers

Hope talks to a sleeping Zack as Larry watches them. When he comes in, Hope asks him to let Zack go, but he refuses. Later, Hope asks Bo to find them as Bo asks "Hope," back at the station. He vows to find them as the credits roll.

The End.