Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/21/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/21/02

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Today: Tony reveals shocking info to the Blacks, as Cassie crashes Tony's car into a tree. Chloe and Philip have a chat.

Cast: Tony, John, Marlena, Roman, Billie, Mysterious Man, Brady, Kate, Shawn, Belle, Rex, Cassie, Cop #1, Cop #2, Philip, Chloe.

At the DiMera Mansion

Marlena is talking to the twins about college, until John pulls her aside to check on Tony. Cassie eyes Tony's car keys and steals them.

At Basic Black

Brady mumbles about problems with the company, as he barges into Kate's office, only to find himself yelling at Billie. She asks about his attitude as they argue... with him, of course, bringing up Bo. She tells him that he crossed the line as he tells her to book him. Finally, Billie tells Brady about Hope and Zack's disappearance, which makes him feel awful. She tells him about the DiMera's being suspects as Brady leaves. Earlier, Roman had arrived, telling Kate that he can't make the lunch date. He explains about Hope, and she feels bad. Roman gets a call as Billie walks out. Roman leaves, telling Kate that he'll call her later.

At .Com

Chloe arrives to find Philip finishing up his shift. Chloe asks to talk to him, so he sits down with her. He goes on and on, about wanting to get back together with her, until she makes it clear that they are not getting back together. She is there because of all the tension between Philip, and Brady, and Belle, and Shawn, but there is more. She talks about how she still cares for him, but he wants to be more than just friends: he loves her. He talks about how confused she is. And how they will end up together, as he talks about moving on with his life, taking a course at Salem U, and moving in with Lucas. Philip promises to not take the same course as Chloe, as she asks how he knew she was going there. He talks about overhearing her and Brady talking. He tells her that he is taking a Civil War class, as Belle talked him out of attending the music class. Chloe's phone rings so she answers it, to hear Brady asking her where she is... blah... blah. She agrees to meet him later. After she hangs up, Philip guesses it was Brady. Chloe goes to leave as Philip offers to walk her home, but she says "no," and he walks off, leaving Chloe worried.

At the Brady's

Shawn is being guarded. The other guard opens the door for Belle. Belle gives him notes, that she copied down, as he asks the guards to leave them alone for a minute. Shawn hugs Belle, glad that she came. Shawn tells her that he hasn't heard anything yet as the phone rings. Shawn picks it up, and it is Bo with an update. After, he hangs up, telling Belle about the DiMeras being suspects and also, talks about almost confronting them. Belle tries to call Rex and Cassie as they hear a crash outside. The guards go first, as Shawn yells "Rex! Cassie!" When we return, the guards question Cassie as they talk about her hitting a tree. The guards want to call the station, but Shawn suggests they call Roman. Shawn tells Rex and Cassie about Zack and Hope's disappearance as Cassie and Rex comfort him. Cassie claims to know where they are but when questioned, covers. Shawn also tells them about the DiMera's being suspected as he talks about everything Lexie did. Then, he asks if they saw or heard anything suspicious. Later, Roman arrives and meets the twins. He asks if Tony knows about his car, as Rex tells him that he is talking with John and Marlena. Roman rushes off as Cassie and Rex wonder why. Belle suggests they all pray, so they join hands and pray.

Back at Basic Black

Billie argues with Kate about Roman, as they both agree to stay out of each other's lives. Later, Kate leaves, as Billie calls the kidnapper and gives him an update. He tells her to stay clear of Bo, so she agrees, as Brady peeks his head in and overhears.

Back at the DiMera Mansion

While Tony is in his fugue state, Marlena and John grill him for information on how she can unlock his dreams. He mentions an island, as John asks where the island is. Tony snaps out of it, as John grills Tony. Roman arrives and yells at John for disobeying him. Back in the den, Tony searches through the drawers, and we see a picture of the island fall to the ground as the credits roll.

The End