Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/18/02

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/18/02

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Today: Hope unmasks her kidnapper as Bo searches everywhere for clues and answers. John finds himself surprised when Tony mutters Marlena's name while Rex and Cassie enroll themselves into Salem U. Roman questions Colin about his connection to Tony.

Cast: Hope, Mysterious Man, Zack, Bo, Debbie, Man, Man #2, Glen, J.T., John, Tony, Marlena, Cassie, Rex, Roman, Colin.

In Salem....

At the penthouse

Marlena is on the phone with her mother as John comes down. She talks with Eric and Sami and then, John takes over, singing a happy birthday song. Roman arrives, telling John that he needs his help. After Marlena hangs up, Roman tells them about Hope and Zack being kidnapped and the first person who comes to John's mind is DiMera. Roman tells John that they have no proof, as he asks John for help by using the sources he used six months ago, when he stopped Lexie from running away with Zack. John promises to give him info, but won't reveal the sources, as Roman thanks him and leaves. John tells Marlena to get her coat, as they are going over the DiMera's, and she is going to check on the twins, while he sneaks in.

At the hospital

Tony is asking Colin to make sure that neither he nor his sister are implicated, as Tony says that they need to make sure that none of them are implicated. They also talk about Lexie's trust in Brandon Walker, as Colin tells Tony not to reveal any info when he goes into a trance, especially if it is in front of Marlena.

In Iowa....

At the Reiber's

Bo is there as Glen walks out with J.T. (good to see him!), and Bo fills him in while he puts J.T. in the playpen. Bo gives J.T. a toy train as he talks with Glen, who tells him that he physically walked Hope and Zack to the security checkpoint. Glen asks what he can do to help, and Bo tells him to stay with Barb and stay by the phone.

Back in Salem....

Later, back at the hospital, Colin is about to go somewhere when Roman pulls him aside. He asks Colin how Lexie and Tony managed to pull it off. Colin claims to know nothing as Roman receives a call and takes it on the balcony. It's Bo, and he tells Roman that his wife was definitely kidnapped, as Roman explains that he's grilling Cousin Colin. Roman returns to Colin and tells him that in the end, if he's on the wrong side, there will be hell to pay.

At the DiMera Mansion

Cassie is humming and dancing around as Rex works on the computer. He tells Cassie to stop so he can concentrate. We learn that they are trying to hack into Salem U. and enroll themselves. Rex gets in, and sees Belle Black and Shawn Brady on the list as he says, "This is where the fun begins." He asks Cassie which course she wants to take, so they decide on bioethics, wondering if it has anything to do with genetic engineering. Rex just clicks a few times, and then, tells Cassie that they are on their own, enrolled at Salem U., as they talk about Dr. Marlena and John Black. They both like Marlena, but not John. Rex tells her not to worry about John, nothing can stop them now. Later, Rex and Cassie play chess, both not sure how they can play so well. Tony returns after his chat with Colin. He asks if they feel the same way Stefano did when he played chess. Right after he walks in, Cassie questions him as to when they can go to Salem U., and Tony promises to discuss it, after lunch, as they go to change. In the foyer, Rex chastises Cassie for begging him as they are already enrolled and go upstairs. The doorbell rings as Tony answers it, to find Marlena. He invites her to lunch, but she declines, there to visit the twins as she asks for mineral water. While Tony pours the water, John sneaks in, and Tony turns around, shocked at him being there. When Cassie and Rex come down, they hug Marlena but just say hi to John. John and Tony go out in the main entrance and talk about Hope as Marlena talks with the twins in the den.

In the den, Cassie asks when they can see Belle and Shawn as Marlena tells them soon. The twins tell her that they are going to take classes with Belle and Shawn. Marlena is shocked. She is even more shocked when they tell her that it was Tony's idea.

In the foyer/main entrance, John questions Tony about Hope and Zack's kidnapping as he claims to not have been involved. John suggests Stefano as Tony gets agitated and goes into a fugue state. Suddenly, he mumbles "Marlena.... Marlena," as John asks "What the hell is the matter with you?"

Back in Iowa....

At the Cedar Rapids police station

We find Bo there as the copy machine is printing out pictures of Hope and Zack. The two FBI agents are reassuring Bo as he is angry. They tell him that they have a witness, a flight attendant.... Debbie Edwards rushes in. She talks about how she ran into Hope and helped her pick her things up as Hope had mentioned a call about J.T. The call said that J.T. had gone back to the hospital so Bo knows it's a lie. Debbie leaves as the man escorts her out. Bo and the FBI agent realize that it was someone who knew Hope very well. When asked, Bo tells the men that the Reibers were not involved. Later, Bo looks at the missing person's flyer as the cops return with Hope's cell phone record, telling him that the call was made from a payphone in the airport. Bo immediately suspects Tony and Lexie and damns the DiMera's.

Meanwhile, in a warehouse...

The mysterious man carries Hope into a warehouse and lays her down on the bed. After the kidnapper leaves, Zack begins crying, and Hope wakes up, untying herself. Hope picks her son up and remembers being grabbed, immediately suspecting Tony and Lexie. Hope holds Zack while she searches the closet and finds a lot of clean clothes and some of Zack's favorite food, ultimately making her think of Lexie. She assures Zack that Bo will find them. Hope holds the rope as she has flashbacks of getting the blindfold at the will reading and of when she put it on as a blindfold, suggesting that maybe it's Stefano. She reassures herself that Stefano is dead, and it must be his children who did it, but when the kidnapper returns, she will be ready. Hope tells herself that she will die before anyone takes her son. She tells Zack that she has a plan, but it is risky. Later, the kidnapper returns and opens the refrigerator as we see Hope "tied up" on the bed. She unties herself and goes up behind the man and strangles him with the rope. He turns around and pushes her as Hope kicks him pretty good. The man pins her up against the wall, as she unmasks her kidnapper revealing his face only to her.

Freeze frame as the credits roll.

The End