Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/16/02

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/16/02

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Belle arrives to find Philip working with an apron on. Philip explains that he got a job and thanks Belle for being his friend, hugging her as Brady walks in. He angrily tells Philip to stay the hell away from his sister. Brady brings up Dry Creek, and Belle tells him that Philip told her everything. Brady suggests he didn't, so Philip comes clean about having Brady arrested and paying people to keep him in jail. Belle is appalled and angry at Philip, as Brady butts in, but Philip tells him to stay out of it. Belle tells Philip that she doesn't care if she ever sees him again and rushes out. Philip accuses Brady of manipulating his friends against him, as Brady denies it. They talk about Chloe, as Philip asks if Chloe ever told him that she loved him.

At Salem University

Shawn is in his room and wakes up to find Bo sitting beside his bed. Bo tells Shawn about Hope and Zack never boarding their plane. Shawn blames Lexie, as does Bo. Bo explains that Lexie is being followed, and he is going to Cedar Rapids as Shawn wants to, but Bo does not allow him. Bo leaves, and after he is gone Shawn packs up, looking at a picture of Zack and Hope. Later, Belle rushes in talking about Philip, but Shawn blows her off.

At Salem University Hospital

Craig, Nancy, and Chloe are waiting for the test results, while Chloe is worried because she didn't feel good last night. Craig leaves to find the doctor, as Nancy and Chloe talk about Brady. Nancy asks if Brady is the one. Chloe talks about Isabella dying and how she doesn't want to put Brady through the pain of losing her. Chloe says that if they fell in love something might happen to her, and she doesn't want to put Brady through that, as Nancy tries to reassure her. Nancy suddenly rushes off, as a young woman begins talking to Chloe. She introduces herself as Jessie; and tells Chloe that she has Hodgkin's, came out of remission a year ago, and is now studying for the SAT's, and encourages Chloe.

Later, Craig gets Chloe and Nancy returns, as Dr. Riker walks in. The doctor gives Chloe good news (she is in remission, still, and Dr. Riker talks of how successfully the amnio went). Dr. Riker leaves, as Chloe rushes off to tell Brady the good news. Nancy rushes to the bathroom again. Later, Nancy begins naming all the food she wants, in front of Craig, who is getting sick.

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Brady gets coffee and then sits down, thinking about Chloe, when Chloe rushes in with the good news. Brady tells Chloe about forcing Philip to tell Belle the truth. Chloe talks about the long email she wrote him but did not send it, as she didn't want to wake him. She talks about Jessie, the woman who encouraged her and then explains that she is going to enroll in Salem U. as an eager Philip listens. Around the corner, Philip calls Salem U. and enrolls in the same class as Chloe.

At the police station

Abe is on the phone, talking about Hope and Zack's disappearance, as Lexie angrily walks in, ranting about being tailed. She thinks Abe is doing it because of the divorce, until he tells her about Hope and Zack's disappearance. Lexie realizes that they all think she did it, but denies it. She offers to help in any way she can, as Abe gets angry. She realizes that everyone else thinks she did it too, as Bo walks in, confirming that. He warns Lexie as she leaves. Bo is angry, as Abe calms him and tells him to go to Cedar Rapids to find his wife and son, as he promises to pray for them. Bo tells him to pray that he brings Hope and Zack home, and he leaves as the credits roll. 

The End