Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/15/02

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/15/02

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    John and Agent Spector are talking about the surveillance at the DiMera mansion, when Agent Spector tells him of Belle’s visit. Agent Spector thinks that they can use the bond between Belle and the twins to their advantage, but John doesn’t want Belle spying for them. Agent Spector assures him that they are taking every precaution, and Belle wouldn’t be spying officially. As John leaves, Agent Spector tells him to lighten up. He reminds him that Marlena has access to the mansion as well and would be able to keep an eye on Belle, too. He adds that if anyone can beat DiMera at his own game, it’s John.

    Later, Caprice bumps into Celeste at Dot Com. Caprice has a memory of paper dolls. Celeste doesn’t know Caprice, but Caprice knows her as Frankie. Celeste hurries away.

    Shawn is upset that Belle didn’t talk to him first about having the twins as roommates. He is having a hard enough time in college and doesn’t want to have to hold Rex’s hand around campus. He thinks the twins are fine where they are. Belle says that she feels responsible for them, since she and Shawn saved their lives and can’t just abandon them to Tony. She asks Shawn to trust her.

    Later, Caprice comes in saying that she received a message to go to Belle’s room. Shawn comes in saying that he left the message. Belle gets upset with him for bringing Caprice into it, so that she could take his side. Shawn asks Caprice to pull some strings, to make sure that the twins get assigned to Hartley House, and Belle rushes into his arms. Of course, Caprice says OK. Shawn tells Belle that he can’t forget John’s warning about the twins being pawns of Stefano. Belle reminds him that her father was also programmed by Stefano, yet his love for her and Marlena helped him to overcome Stefano’s power over him. She assures Shawn that the twins have good hearts and thanks him for trusting her.

    After a wonderful dinner with Tony, the twins meet Lexie and Celeste. Something about the twins gets to Celeste, and she claims to be dizzy from the wine at dinner. Tony sends the twins upstairs, and he and Lexie ask Celeste: "What is wrong?" Celeste tells them that Stefano had sent her a message, before he died, saying “We must reclaim our youth!” The same message is written on the paper dolls he left her in his will. She senses they are connected to Stefano. Tony tells them about the twins’ tattoos, and that was the reason he petitioned for custody of them. Celeste foresees much heartache for many people when this mystery is unraveled.

    In the entry, Cassie talks of how wonderful their new home is. Rex tells her that it was a mistake to go there. Cassie tells him that he is being silly, but Rex reminds her that Marlena told them not to trust Tony. He also reminds her of how she felt when she touched the urn holding Stefano’s ashes. Cassie says that Stefano was the bad man – not Tony.

    Rex thanks Tony for his hospitality, but tells him that they’re not staying. They want to go see Shawn and Belle and stay at the dorm. Tony explains that it will take time to get them registered for college. Cassie begs Rex to stay for now, and he gives in.

    Brady asks Isabelle (her ghost, anyway) if the new baby will be a bone marrow match for Chloe and asks for a straight answer (which he never receives). Isabelle tells him to take his own advice and make the most of every moment. She tells him that he has work to do in his heart. John stops by to tell Brady that the Judge and Sheriff from Dry Creek are out of their jobs now. He tells Brady that he’s proud of him for getting along with Roman. He says that he came by because he needs Brady’s help with Belle. Brady assumes John is talking about Philip. Brady explains and assures John that he has already taken care of that situation. John says that he needs his help planning Belle’s 18th birthday party. He also asks that he keep a close eye on Belle, now that she’s out on her own.


    Before she goes in, Billie is on the phone with the mystery person, saying that she doesn’t think anyone knows she was gone or what she was doing. She promises to keep an eye on Bo.

    Bo tells Abe about the situation with Hope and Zack. He still hasn’t heard anything from Cedar Rapids.   
    Billie returns for duty at the station and can see that something is going on. Abe and Roman tell her about Hope, while she pretends not to know. When Bo and Abe leave to expand their search via the Internet, Roman demands to know where Billie was for the last 24 hours. She claims she was sick. Roman accuses her of faking it, just to get off the Mayor’s team.

    Bo says that the Cedar Rapid’s airport security called and couldn’t find a trace of Hope or Zack. He thinks that Tony and Lexie are behind this. Abe calls for surveillance at the DiMera mansion. Billie asks what she can do to help, and ironically, Bo tells her that she can get his wife and kid back. She doesn’t know if she can, now.


    Zack is awake and alert in his car seat, but Hope is still unconscious. She’s starting to move a little, but the driver isn’t ready for her to see him yet, so he has a mask ready to be put on. He tells Zack that she is more beautiful than when he first knew her. He also tells Zack that his daddy will never see the two of them again.