Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/14/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/14/02

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Today: Hope and Zack are kidnapped while Bo searches frantically. The wedding is crashed at Tuscany, as Mimi and Chloe talk about her feelings for Brady. Later, Brady and Chloe bond.

Cast: Hope, Zack, Mysterious Man, Bo, Airport desk clerk, Glen, Woman #1, Woman #2, Sami, Brandon, Nicole, Philip, Maggie, Jen, Colin, Lucas, Kate, Gene Brisco, Arthur Shepard, Victor, Fay, Brady, Chloe, Mimi.


Jen and Colin arrive outside, talking about going inside; hoping this date works out, as the last one didn't.

Inside, Lucas tells everyone that he is still married to Nicole. As Fay comforts Nicole, she throws her mother's hand off her shoulder. Philip smirks, as he and Brady wonder why Lucas and Nicole are still married. Lucas hands Gene the papers as he and Mayor Shepard walk off to examine them. Victor yells at Sami as Kate watches, happily. Brandon pulls Sami aside, letting her know that Victor will kill her if she really had a part in this. When we return to the show, Gene Brisco tells Victor that it is true, the papers were never filed with the county clerk. Victor asks how long it will take, and Brisco states "a month," as Victor is angry. Philip heads out, since the wedding is over and runs into Jen and Colin, informing them about the wedding predicament. Jen is excited.

Later, Nicole is really angry at Lucas. Nicole questions who paid him off to do this, as it's worse than bleeding all over Salem Inn. Meanwhile, Jen wonders what Sami's part in this was, as Colin remembers Nicole telling him that Sami has pictures of them kissing and he quietly damns Sami. Maggie hugs Jen and Colin asks for a quiet table in the corner.

Still later, Sami and Brandon go to leave, but Victor stops her, refusing to let her leave. Brady offers to take Fay home, so they leave.


Chloe arrives looking for Belle, but instead finds Mimi researching the computer and asks if she can wait for Belle here. Mimi tells Chloe that she looks great as they talk about Philip and Brady. Mimi asks Chloe if she is Brady's girlfriend, but she says that she is just his friend and he is hers. She doesn't have a love life with him. Philip walks in and Chloe learns that Philip is staying with Belle, when he tells her that Victor threw him out. Mimi listens and clicks on the computer as Philip and Chloe talk about him not going to Columbia. Chloe says that he can't stay with Belle forever, as Brady walks in and agrees. Chloe breaks Brady and Philip up as they argue. Brady disagrees with Philip's actions, as he and Chloe leave. After Brady and Chloe are gone, Philip moans and groans to Mimi about Brady and Chloe, talking about his life being messed up. Mimi tries to cheer him up, by asking about his father's party, but that doesn't work, so Mimi gives him an old candy bar. He takes a bite, and then, throws it in the trash. Mimi yells at him for feeling sorry for himself and for letting what happened at Dry Creek happen, as he flashes back to Dry Creek. He thanks her as they leave the dorm.


Brady and Chloe arrive. They talk about Philip and Belle, and then, he gives her a trophy that says "World's Greatest Sister" and she thanks him. Chloe mentions there being a big age difference and not knowing if she'll be around, since she'll be at college. She asks if he remembers Belle's birth; Brady doesn't, but he remembers pushing her out of the bassinet. They talk about love as she remembers what Craig said and she starts to cry. He tells her that he could get hit by a bus on his way to work as they search for examples. Brady tells her that they don't know how much time they have, as she talks of Juliard, but he was talking about


Victor warns Sami that she didn't accomplish anything. As soon as the divorce is final, he and Nicole will be married. From afar, Kate jokes that Lucas should sue Nicole for alimony. Lucas refuses, as he apologizes to Victor and Nicole, who both ask him why he did this, if it was an accident. Lucas suggests he just found out as Kate lies, saying they didn't want him to become a bigamist, but he doesn't believe her. Victor warns Sami and Kate that they should be afraid, very afraid. Lucas apologizes to Nicole, but she tells him to go to hell and take his mother with him. Lucas and Kate leave to get a soda, as Victor warns Sami to make use of the time she has left and tell the same to Kate.

Later in the ladies' room, Kate and Sami fear Victor and talk about Kate's hooker years. Finally, Kate wishes she had sent Sami to the slammer years ago as Sami walks out.

At Colin and Jen's table, Jen asks Colin why he wanted her away from Victor, Sami, and Nicole. He comes clean about the photos of him and Nicole and how Sami is blackmailing Nicole. Jen is shocked as she admits to seeing the photographer at Salem Place. Colin claims to have been saying goodbye to Nicole, as Jen spots Sami walking by, and stops her, asking to speak with her. LOL as Sami tells her to wait in line, but Jen offers to tell Victor all about Sami blackmailing Nicole. Sami tells her that she gave the pictures to Nicole and walks off. Jen asks why Colin didn't tell her, and he says because one day, he knew, she would believe that she was the only one he loved.

Later, Lucas goes to give Victor champagne, but Kate takes it. The two listen as Sami rushes to Brandon and tells him that she has to cancel their weekend, as she got a call from Eric about their grandmother. She talks about knowing when her twin needs her, as Kate and Lucas laugh. Brandon and Sami kiss and then, he says goodbye to Nicole, and they leave as she smiles at Kate. Kate figures Sami is leaving everything to her, but she has her own plan.

Elsewhere, Victor is anxious to leave, but Nicole is hungry. She is curious as to what he is going to do to her enemies, but he keeps it a surprise.


Bo anxiously waits for Hope, but all the passengers have debarked, and the last two flight attendants walk out. Bo asks the women if his son and wife are on the plane, but they say that there were no young children on the plane. There is another flight due in an hour, so maybe she got held up. Bo wonders why she didn't call. Bo asks the desk clerk, and he says that Hope signed in but never boarded. The clerk suggests that maybe she flew standby, but Bo flashes his badge, so the clerk calls someone. Bo pulls out his cell phone. When we return, Bo is on the phone with Glen, who confirms that he walked Hope and Zack in as far as the security checkpoint. Bo asks him to stay by the phone, so Glen agrees, and they hang up. The second plane lands and all the passengers get off, but not Hope or Zack. Bo gets worried now. The desk clerk tells him that Hope isn't answering her pages, and they had to take her luggage off, as she didn't board. Bo wonders where Hope is.

Meanwhile, we see the mysterious man driving a car and cracking his knuckles at the same time. In the backseat, we see little Zack, in his car seat, and on the floor, Hope is bound and gagged with a blindfold on her eyes as the credits roll.

The End.