Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/10/02

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/10/02

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            Sami gets a call from her brother Eric, to let her know that her grandma is sick.  As she tells him about her plans for a weekend get-away with Brandon, Kate grabs the phone and tells her that she’s not going anywhere.  Brandon comes out, onto the terrace, to see what is going on.  Sami makes up a story about Kate and Lucas promising Will that he can go rock climbing this weekend, so she can’t go away with him. He is understanding and suggests they have dinner and forget about everything for a little while, then gets paged.  Kate calls a private investigator to get dirt on Nicole, and Sami calls Tony, but Tony tells her that she’s on her own from now on. 

Lexie confronts Kate about the kippers Stefano left her in his will.  She also tells her that she knows that Stefano left her more than just kippers. Kate tells her that it’s none of her business and asks why Lexie would want to dishonor Stefano’s memory by going against his wishes, since he asked that whatever it was he left Kate remained sealed.  Lexie is bent on finding out what Kate’s connection to Stefano was. 


Assuming that Tony DiMera is connected to the leak to the press about the twins, Jack and Jennifer discover that they’ve “been had”. Tony used the story to gain sympathy for the twins’ civil rights, so that he could rescue them by becoming their legal guardian.  Jack thinks the information came from Colin Murphy. Jennifer accuses Jack of not liking Colin because he is interested in her.  Colin sits down with them, and Jack leaves. Jennifer asks if Colin has seen the twins yet.  Colin assumes she’s digging for information, but she assures him that it’s strictly off the record.  Either way, Colin claims he’s never seen them.  Colin asks Jennifer out for a real date.  Jennifer accepts his proposal for a quiet, romantic dinner tonight.

After Jennifer leaves, Kate approaches Colin.  She claims that even though Nicole isn’t married to Lucas anymore, she still cares about her. She would like to warn Nicole that she shouldn’t marry Victor, but doesn’t think she’ll listen to her. But since Colin saved Nicole’s life, and she trusts him, maybe Nicole would listen to him. Colin can see she’s lying, and Kate tells him she doesn’t want them to get married because they are a lethal combination for her business-wise. Colin tells her that it’s her problem and that he has no interest in Nicole.

Brandon tells Sami that it was Victor that paged him, and he has to call off his dinner with her.  Victor is throwing a surprise engagement party for Nicole.  Sami asks him to take her as his date, but he doesn’t want to upset Nicole.  Sami claims that she just wants to wish them well and show everyone that she is letting go of her anger.  Brandon agrees to meet her at the bar at Tuscany, so he can make an appearance at the party and still spend the evening with Sami. 


            Jack questions Lexie to get answers about Tony’s interest in the twins.  Lexie tells him that Tony only wants to help the twins and give them a home.  She tells Jack that Tony’s intentions are pure.  She also tells him that she is proud of Tony, proud of her DiMera heritage, and proud of her marriage to Abe.  When Jack asks if that means she’s contesting the divorce, she tells him that there will be no divorce. In time, she knows that Abe won’t turn his back on his wife and tells Jack he can print that!

            Jack runs into Jennifer as she’s leaving.  He tells her about his conversation with Lexie and Jennifer mentions that she’s having dinner with Colin.  When Jack starts in on Colin, Jennifer tells him that it’s none of his business. 


             Caprice tells Shawn and Belle that Dozer is still stable.  His parents are going to take him out of school and put him into an alcohol rehab program.  Then she tells them the news about Tony getting custody of the twins. Belle storms off to the DiMera mansion with Shawn in tow. 


             The twins are very grateful and appreciative to Tony.  As he is telling them about the house, Cassie touches a “vase” and kind of freaks out the way she did when she saw keys.  When Tony asks her what is wrong, she says she got a bad feeling when she touched it.  Tony tells her that it’s not a vase – that it’s actually an urn, that holds his father’s ashes. They begin to talk about the Phoenix, and Rex remembers reading that the Phoenix died a fiery death and then rose from the ashes. He asks if that means that Stefano will also rise from the ashes.  Tony assures them that Stefano is dead and will not return.

            Shawn and Belle arrive and tell the twins that they don’t belong with the DiMera's. Belle tells them that Tony is only trying to buy them, and they should tell him that they are not for sale.  Tony finally speaks up and warns them to respect him, or they will have to leave.  Belle and Shawn apologize.  Tony tells them that he was moved by their story, and only wants to help them, and give them a home.  He also tells them that Marlena will still be working with them and that he wants to make sure the twins are safe and happy.  Belle reminds Tony that he is also responsible for the twins’ education. She asks if they could go to school at Salem University and be roommates with Belle and Shawn.  The twins tell Tony that they want to go and he promises to see what he can do. As Belle and Shawn leave, Belle can’t wait to tell her mom the good news, but Shawn says that she’s just made the biggest mistake of her life! 


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