Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/09/02

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/9/02

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Today: Tony wins custody of Rex and Cassie while the Black's argue over them. Nicole's fantasies continue as Kate and Sami team up to bring her down. Plus, we finally hear the mysterious man talk when Billie calls him with info on Hope.

Cast: Tony, Rex, Cassie, John, Marlena, Mickey, Agent Spector, Judge, Attorney, Baliff, Nicole, Victor, Kate, Sami, Roman, Abe, Billie, Mysterious Man, Bo.

At Salem University Hospital

In the cafeteria, Kate and Sami are plotting against Nicole, talking about time running out, when Roman walks up and wonders why they are buddying up. They claim to be arguing over Will and her and Lucas are sharing custody now. Roman sits down as Kate leaves to get more cofee. Roman tells Sami that he doesn't believe her about Will and when Kate returns, she tells him that he is right. It is about her relationship with him. Roman eases up and Sami backs up the story, so her father leaves Kate and Sami alone. Kate and Sami decide that she has to dig up the dirt on Ms. Walker.

At the police department

We find Bo checking up on Hope and Zack's flight number. He hangs up and turns to find Billie eavesdropping. Billie tells him that she has to talk with Abe as he comes out, glad that she came. They go into his office as Bo calls the Reiber's and learns from Glen that Hope is in the shower. Bo tells Glen that he'll meet Hope at the gate. Later, he is on the phone with Caroline, asking her to watch Zack as he has a special night planned for Hope. Roman arrives and can tell that Bo is excited as he has to clean the house. Roman and Bo wonder if Abe will take Billie back on the force.

In Abe's office, Billie begs Abe to take her back as he talks about not assigning her to work for the mayor, but she was hand picked. Billie tells him to go against the mayor's orders, at least for Bo, as Hope is coming home, and Bo doesn't want to work tonight as Abe asks if he said that. Billie talks about all the bad stuff that happened to them this past year....the baby switch, etc. She pauses, apologizing to Abe, as he tells her to stay out of his and Bo's personal lives.

Later, Bo questions Billie as to why the job is so important to her. Bo leaves as Billie pulls out her phone and calls the man, telling him that Hope will be on flight number 210 from Cedar Rapids. We finally hear him talk, when he says "okay." We see the Mysterious Knucklecracker folding his cell phone at an airport.

In Nicole's room, at the hospital

Nicole is smiling away, having another fantasy about Sami and Kate, being tied to a bed and Nurse Brenda attacking them. Victor comes in and places a flower beside her head, telling her to wake up. Victor asks if he was in her dream, and she says that he was, and it was wonderful. Later, Victor presents her with a diamond bracelet to replace the hospital bracelet. Later, Victor wheels Nicole out of her room, and Kate walks up to him, warning him about Nicole. Victor wheels her onto the elevator, and they leave. Victor tells Nicole that they are going to dinner at Tuscany, as Kate and Sami make plans.

At the Salem Courthouse

We see a shot of the courthouse as John and Marlena arrive. Tony arrives as Agent Spector follows with Rex and Cassie. The court begins as the judge talks, blah... blah... blah. Mickey defends John's honor, and an attorney attends to Tony. After some discussion, Tony is granted custody, and Marlena is mad. Later, Marlena rushes away from John.

Later at the DiMera's

Tony welcomes Rex and Cassie to their new home as the credits roll.

The End.