Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/08/02

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/8/02

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Dozer collapses on Belle’s bed and Shawn walks in as she tries to resuscitate him. She tells Shawn that Dozer’s not breathing and she couldn’t hear a heartbeat, so Shawn calls 911. Downstairs, Caprice finds out that Dozer was drinking and Shawn tells her that he’s been binge drinking since orientation. Caprice lectures Shawn and everyone there about not telling anyone about Dozer’s drinking. Caprice leaves to go to the hospital with Dozer and promises to call with updates on his condition. Shawn confronts Cynthia about Dozer’s drinking and she storms off saying that what happened wasn’t her fault. Shawn then asks why Dozer was in Belle’s room. Although he tries to tell Belle that he wasn’t thinking that anything was going on with them, Belle gets upset because Shawn doesn’t trust her and goes to her room. Philip tells Shawn to give Belle a little space, then goes up to check on her. Mimi tries to comfort Shawn by listing all the changes and stresses going on in their lives and tells him not to be so hard on himself. Upstairs, Philip tells Belle that putting others before herself may be part of her problem and tries to reassure her that everything will be ok. As he gives her a hug, Shawn walks in with the news that Dozer is going to be alright. Philip leaves and Shawn asks Belle what they need to do to get things back to the way before. Belle says that they can’t bring back the past. They agree that they need to give themselves time to adjust to all the changes in their lives.


Sami and Kate meet by chance and take cheap shots at each other. Sami gets a call from a friend to let her know that Victor and Nicole are having a romantic dinner at the hospital. Sami and Kate go to the hospital to listen in on their conversation over the intercom.


Bo is shopping for a present for Hope when he sees Billie trying on a sexy black dress. Billie tells him that the dress is for the Mayor’s Black Tie dinner and that security is supposed to keep a low profile. After Bo zips her dress, through the mirror he spies a shoplifter. He and Billie catch the thief and the manager comments on how well they work together. Billie notices Bo is smiling and he tells her that Hope is coming home tomorrow. She doesn’t look happy at first, but congratulates him. Bo apologizes for accusing Billie of having false motives for becoming a police officer and she accepts. In the dressing room, Billie sees a message in lipstick on the mirror saying, “It’s time. Lock in on Bo.” After Bo leaves, Billie calls Chief Russell to let him know that she won’t be able to work the Mayor’s dinner and asks for time off for personal reasons.


Victor asks for Nicole’s engagement ring back. He then takes her out on the terrace for a romantic dinner and proposes to her the way it was supposed to be done the night Nicole got shot and Nicole accepts. As Kate and Sami listen, she asks Victor how he plans to destroy them, but he wants to keep her hands clean of the whole thing. He promises they’ll be taken care of as soon as they are married. He tells her that they will get married as soon as she’s released and that he’s been assured she’ll be released tomorrow.

Kate and Sami realize that they don’t have much time. Kate says that Sami is very resourceful at digging up dirt on people and that she is good at using it to negotiate. While they both hate each other, they agree that working together is their only hope. They shake hands to confirm the deal.