Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/07/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/7/02

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Today: Chloe tells Brady the joyful news about her mom as a fight ensues at Hartley House. John and Marlena refuse to hand the twins over to Tony as an old teen arrives at Hartley. Cast: Brady, Chloe, Craig, Roman, Dozer, Belle, Shawn, Cynthia, Mimi, Penelope, Philip, Margo, Rex, Cassie, Spector, Tony, Marlena, John.

At the Cheatin' Heart

Brady arrives by the order of Roman's command as Roman greets him at the table. Roman comaplains about the fiasco in Dry Creek as Brady implies the truth that it was Philip's fault. Roman talks about Dr. Sikes' new identity and how no one can find out who he is now. Brady apologizes for putting him through hell and Roman accepts, admiring him for helping Chloe. They reconcile and shake on it as Brady buys them beers. Still determined even when Roman suggests there is no way to find Chloe's dad, Brady insists on looking for him. Chloe calls and asks to meet with Brady, so he leaves. Roman can't believe that Brady doesn't know he's in love.

At the hospital

Replay of Tony walking in and showing John and Marlena the court order as Rex and Cassie watch&listen. John and Marlena argue with him as he claims to have the twins' best interest. John tears up the papers right in front of Tony as Marlena goes to be with the twins. While in their room, Marlena is questioned by Rex and Cassie as to who Tony is. She promises that all will be well as she rejoins John, who threatens to throw Tony out. Agent Spector has to leave as John hounds Tony for following in Stefano's footsteps, both are implying that he new about the twins all along. He pulls out the newspaper as John suggests that they don't need Tony's help, but he won't let up. John leaves as Rex and Cassie come out, asking who Tony is. They ask if he will give them a home as Marlena tries to send them back into their room, but they are curious. Tony introduces himself as Rex and Cassie show him their tatoos, telling him that everyone thinks they are bad. He talks about everyone thinking his father was bad, but he is dead as he convinces them that he wants to help them. John returns telling Tony that the court order has been reassigned and he will make sure that he doesn't get custody.

At Salem University

Students are crowding in after the big game as Margo tells Belle to give a speech. Belle congratulates the winning team of Heartley House with Dozer as the one who scored the winning touchdown. Dozer is guzzling down a beer as Cynthia promises to date him if he makes sure Belle breaks Shawn's heart tonight. Belle heads up to her room and arrives, when somebody grabs her from behind. Belle turns on the light to find Philip. Philip sobs to Belle about Brady and Chloe and she comforts him. He talks about how he lost to Brady and is dying inside as Belle hugs him. Downstairs, Shawn, Mimi, and Penelope (the girl from the trip) walk down the stairs, chatting away. Cynthia gives Dozer instructions as he heads upstairs. Penny, Shawn, and Mimi are very rude to Cynthia.

Meanwhile, Dozer walks in on Belle and Philip hugging and talks about them getting it on. Philip kicks Dozer out and shuts the door as Shawn arrives upstairs. Dozer tells Shawn that he has to wait in line as Philip is in there with Belle, getting it on. By now, Cynthia is watching as Shawn punches Dozer in the face and Dozer gets back up, hugging Shawn, talking about Belle being his bed buddy (BTW, Dozer is DRUNK), so Shawn decks him again. Philip rushes out and breaks up the fight as Shawn goes into Belle's room. Shawn wants an explanation as Belle tries to explain and Philip comes in, also trying to explain. Out in the hall, Cynthia thanks Dozer as he vows revenge against Shawn.

Later, the party is going on as Cynthia spreads gossip about Belle and Philip having sex upstairs, with Mimi and Penny defending her. Cynthia goes on about Belle "getting it on" with every guy as Belle walks down, suggesting they continue partying. She suggests Mimi and Philip dance as Shawn wants to leave, but Belle doesn't want Cynthia to win. Cynthia talks about the best way to get revenge on Shawn is to get reveng on Belle also. Later, Belle looks for Shawn as we see him lying on the sofa. She goes upstairs and lies down on her bed, only to discover Dozer hovering over her. Elsewhere, Mimi and Penny encorage Shawn to find Belle, so he does, but he finds her on the bed with Dozer.

At the Wesley's

Craig comes down to find Chloe singing opera. She is embarrassed as Craig asks why she is in such a good mood, wondering if it is because of Brady. She swears that she didn't tell him, but he okays it. Chloe thanks him as they bond and talk about her relationship with Brady. She claims to be just friends, but he doesn't buy it.

Later, Brady arrives and Chloe tells him the news about Nancy's pregnancy. He is happy for her as they kiss as the credits roll.

The End.