Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/4/02

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/4/02

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Today: Tony kicks Jack out of the mansion and later, shocks John and Marlena with some news. The Wesley's share their news with Chloe as Brady has another visit from Isabella... and from Bo.

Cast: Tony, John, Marlena, Spector, Cassie, Rex, Bart, Colin, Eliana, Jack, Bo, Hope, Philip, Chloe, Brady, Isabella, Craig, Nancy, Man.

At the Wesley's

We find Chloe, Nancy, and Craig chumming up and catching up with each other as the Wesley's prepare to tell Chloe about the baby. They tell her about Nancy 's pregnancy as Chloe looks wide-eyed, asking if it's a joke. She then calms down. She gets excited as they talk about prenatal appointments and the bone marrow match. Chloe wants to tell Brady, but Craig and Nancy suggest she wait. Chloe rushes off to tell Brady that she has a new hope. Later, Craig brings Nancy her peppermint ice cream and sauerkraut (eww...). She asks if he wants some. He looks like he is ready to barf as she suggests they order Chinese.

At Brady's loft

Isabella appears and asks Brady why he is so angry. He tells her about not finding Chloe's biological father. Brady starts remembering the kiss as Isabella reassures him that the journey was not a waste of time. Bo walks in, asking who he was talking to. Brady talks about being lonely as Bo suggests everyone in Salem talks to themselves. Bo remembers him and Hope as the ones who remade this apartment from an old warehouse. Bo explains he is there because Pete LeGrand called and told him about Brady ruining the investigation. Brady talks about it being his little brother's fault. Later, we to find out Brady told his Uncle Bo everything. Brady talks about wanting to be the one to save Chloe. Bo suggests that is being as immature as Philip. Brady talks about his mother, as she passes through Bo, and he agrees with Brady. Bo tells him to call him if he needs help, and as he goes to leave; he walks through his sister, Isabella, and notes the place has good vibes. After Bo is gone, Brady asks Lizzie if she changed Bo's mind. She tells him that she helped him listen to his heart.

At the DiMera Mansion

Jack is questioning Eliana about Tony, but she walks off. He decides to check out Tony's computer. Outside, Tony and Colin discuss the article (front page) about the Twins in the Spector. Tony has a plan and wants to discuss it inside, but first goes in alone. He comes across Jack, snooping on the computer. Tony questions him, but Jack claims to be sending an email. He asks about the article on the front page as Jack vows not to reveal his sources. Tony tells Jack that he wants to uncover some big DiMera secret, so suggests he pack up and get out of there. Jack leaves and runs into Bart on his way out. Bart tells him that he saw Murphy with his cell phone the other day, as Colin lurks outside. Jack thanks him and leaves. After Jack is gone, Tony and Colin discuss the plan, but Tony won't reveal it and leaves.

Back at Brady's loft

Brady hears a knock at the door and opens it to find a very happy Chloe. She tells him the good news about her hope and faith. Chloe says "where there is love, there is hope." Brady realizes his mom said the same thing. Brady opens up about his mother. Chloe apologizes for treating him the way she did at first. Chloe goes to leave, and Brady kisses her on the cheek, as Philip lurks outside eavesdropping. Chloe leaves and at the elevator, hopes she and Brady might have a future together as Philip overhears her.

At the police station

Jack arrives to visit Bo and steals a doughnut, while talking about Tony kicking him out. Bo chews Jack out for the story he wrote. Jack still thinks Colin is evil and talks about him stealing his cell phone. A man walks in and tells Bo that Hope is on line three, so Jack leaves. Hope tells Bo that she is coming home with Zack.

Back at the DiMera Mansion

Colin warns Bart not to mess with him. Bart tells him that he is no DiMera, but Colin suggests he is worse. Jack arrives. Eliana gives him his stuff and kicks him out.

In the underground facility

Marlena argues with John about letting the twins stay with them, but he is against it as they look in at Spector with them. Spector leaves as John continues arguing. Rex and Cassie are happy to go home as they want to go shopping. Later, Spector brings Tony into the facility. Tony asks for custody of Rex and Cassie as the credits roll.

The End.