Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/3/02

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/3/02

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Salem University

Shawn wakes Belle with a kiss, just before a hung-over Philip bursts in and collapses on the spare bed. Philip decides he's going to quit drinking - and Chloe - cold turkey. Later, they go to find out who the new House Heartbreaker is. Cynthia gets excited when it is announced that for the first time ever a freshman is named House Heartbreaker. When she learns that it is Belle, she vows this is the last time she will lose to Belle and her friends. Margo reminds her that she's not in high school anymore and tells her to grow up. Belle has trouble tearing the paper heart in half (as is the Heartbreaker tradition) when it reminds her of the time she tore Shawn's paper heart in half. Finally, she gets the job done and leads the dorm to the football game. When Dozer tries to ask Cynthia out, she tells him if he wants to date her, he better make sure that Belle lives up to her title and breaks a heart.

Basic Black

After Kate tries unsuccessfully to re-sign a client, John enters and asks for an explanation as to why they are losing clients. Kate assures him that she'll have them all back within a month. She promises to keep John better informed in the future. Kate asks about the twins. John makes it clear that he is not happy about Marlena working so closely with them. Just then, Marlena calls with good news and John is off to the hospital to find out what it is.

University Hospital - Basement

Rex beats Agent Spector in a game of chess after learning how to play just the day before. Agent Spector thinks he must have known how to play before the amnesia. (Could he have played with the chess set Stefano left John in the Will?) Marlena promises the twins they will get their wish. When John arrives, Marlena tells him she is finally coming home. Still no one knows where the twins came from, but they are able to communicate now. They also are comfortable with strangers, so intensive therapy is no longer needed. The twins ask John and Agent Spector to set them free. When Agent Spector stalls, Marlena threatens to call a civil rights attorney, insisting they will never recover from their amnesia if they are kept at the lab. When John tries to stall, Marlena accuses him of using the twins to pay for Stefano's sins. The twins re-enter, packed and ready to go. They sense that John doesn't trust them. They beg to have their tattoos removed, so John will know they are good. Agent Spector returns to announce the twins will be released, but they need to find court-appointed guardians for them. When Marlena suggests they stay with her and John, John explodes and says, "Over my dead body!"

University Hospital

Sami tells Brandon her plans for a romantic weekend get-away, but Brandon doesn't think he should take off until he's sure Nicole is feeling better. Nicole overhears and insists that he go, saying she'll feel worse if he doesn't go. Nicole asks for a moment alone with Sami, saying she wants to apologize. Once alone on the terrace, Nicole blames Sami for her infertility. She threatens to tell Victor that Sami pushed her in front of the bullet, tried to pull the plug on her and that she is the reason Nicole can't have children. It is Nicole 's word against Sami's. But Nicole is convinced she is more credible. Nicole promises to leave Sami alone for good, if Sami gives her the pictures of her and Colin. Victor and Brandon are surprised when both women return very upset, but don't get any answers from them. Lucas and Brandon have a little tiff after Sami leaves. Kate arrives at the hospital to warn Victor and Nicole to leave her accounts alone. Kate threatens Nicole . Yet, as Victor wheels her away, he promises Nicole that Kate will pay dearly if she hurts her. Nicole sends Victor to the gift shop so he won't be there when Sami returns. Sami gives her everything and promises that there are no copies. Nicole trashes the evidence and again promises to leave Sami alone. However, once Sami walks out of the room, Nicole uncrosses her fingers and declares she's just getting started.

When Victor gets back, Nicole tells him Kate warned her yesterday that Victor would be leaving her now that she can't have children. He assures her that he won't leave her and asks again what happened on the terrace. Nicole tells him that she tried to apologize to Sami, but Sami wouldn't accept her apology.

At the nurse's station, Kate and Sami have a bonding moment when they talk about why they hate Nicole . They sit together outside Nicole 's room and overhear Victor vow to destroy them both as a wedding gift to Nicole .


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