Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/2/02

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/2/02

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Today: Philip gets drunk and ruins Chloe's birthday party as many Salemites have hospital encounters.

Cast: Brady, Chloe, Nancy, Craig, Belle, Shawn, Philip, Cynthia, Dozer, Nicole, Brandon, Lexie, Abe, Fay, Celeste, Mimi, Caprice.

At Brady's loft

Brady gets off the phone with somebody.  He  lies to Chloe about checking his messages at Basic Black. She catches him lying. He tells her it was Craig and Nancy is very anxious to see her. They rush off to the Wesley's.

At Salem University

We find Philip sleeping on the couch as Mimi, Shawn, and Belle come downstairs. Caprice arrives. She tells them Mrs. Wesley called, saying that Chloe's birthday party is about to begin. Philip overhears so he learns Chloe is back. Cynthia is handing out flyers for the big game tomorrow, asking everyone to vote for her. Mimi walks up and tells her a freshman has never won the Heartbreaker contest. Mimi, Belle, Shawn, and Caprice leave as Cynthia gets an idea.  She whispers it to Dozer, who offers his vote. Dozer walks up to Philip to offer him a beer and tequila shot. Philip accepts and goes upstairs with Dozer.

At University Hospital

Fay runs into Abe at the hospital and tells him that their date might have to be cancelled (she's lucky anyone wants to date her; LOL). They sit down as she tells Abe about Nicole's test results; she can't have children. She smiles as they set up a date after her visit with her daughter. Lexie, watching them, makes her way over as Celeste stops her.  She convinces her daughter not to ruin their "date". Lexie obliges as  she rushes off to find Brandon. Back at their table, Abe and Fay discuss Lexie stalling the divorce.

In Nicole's room, Brandon apologizes about her test results. Nicole claims not to want snot nosed kids running around. She will use her infertility to get what she wants. Brandon wonders what happened, suggesting it was the struggle with Sami. He suggests she will be unhappy, and leaves.

Later, Nicole is in a wheelchair as she wheels past the nursery, running into Celeste. Nicole tells her that she can't have children and Celeste feels bad for her. Celeste gives Nicole advice on marrying the rich and powerful; you always get hurt.

Meanwhile, Lexie finds Brandon. She drags him off to the balcony. There, they discuss their regrets about having sex. Lexie makes Brandon promise not to tell Abe or anyone else the truth. Lexie and Brandon hug as Abe watches from inside.

Later, back in Nicole's room, she is in her bed when Fay comes in, apologetic for her infertility. Nicole yells at her for loving Paul Mendez. Brandon comes in as Fay leaves.

In the cafeteria, Lexie runs into Abe. He asks why she doesn't answer his attorney's calls, so she claims no messages were left. Abe tells her that stalling won't work.  Earlier, Brandon arrived and told Abe not to yell in the hospital. Brandon is now in Nicole's room.  Fay returns, then she and Abe leave for their date.

Back in Nicole's room, Brandon yells at Nicole for being mean to their mother. He leaves as he vows to keep Abe away from Fay. Nicole vows to keep Sami away from Brandon.

At the Wesley's

Nancy and Craig are preparing for Chloe's birthday party. Nancy blows up a balloon as she talks with her husband about the party. Brady and Chloe arrive, as do Belle, Shawn and Mimi. Craig flings open the door and surprises Chloe as she thanks them all. Later, Chloe is opening her presents. She gets a cookbook from Shawn and Belle; a broccoli bunch from Mimi; and a Carmen CD from Nancy and Craig. Chloe thanks everyone for just being there. Suddenly, Philip bursts open the door with a bundle of flowers from the Wesley garden. He is singing "Happy Birthday". He speaks about not being invited and apologizes to Craig for pulling the flowers out of his garden. Chloe explains to all that she and Philip are broken up. However, if he wants to apologize, she will accept his apology. Philip begins tearing up as he drops to his knees, grabbing Chloe around the waist. Brady has had enough and rips him off of her. Philip sees Nancy with the birthday cake.  He snatches it away as he starts singing "Take Me Back".  He blows out the candles as Belle and Shawn drag him out the door.

Later back at Salem University...

Belle and Shawn arrive with Philip. Cynthia tells them Dozer is sleeping up in the room. Shawn tells Philip to join Dozer. He does this as Belle and Shawn head upstairs. Philip comes down, complaining.  First, about Dozer's snoring but then complains about Chloe to Cynthia. She tells him to blame himself. Cynthia never thought that Philip Kiriakis would turn out to be a loser. He talks about Belle being a nice girl.  When Cynthia what she is and he replies "you're a b*tch".  LOL.

Upstairs, Shawn and Belle have a make out session and finally decide to go to bed. Shawn crashes in the other bed as they say "I love you".  Shawn kisses Belle one more time.

Back at the Wesley's

Finally, Mimi leaves too, as the cake is still there. Chloe opens up to Nancy and Craig.  She talks about Brady and Philip and Brady’s help to her.  Chloe thanks Brady as they relight the candles. They make a wish as she blows out her candles. Later, we see empty plates with just crumbs. Brady leaves with Chloe following him. Nancy decides to tell Chloe about the baby in the morning. Outside, Chloe asks Brady if he waited to kiss her until she was 18.  He says that it just happened that way. Brady puts his hand on her cheek and leaves as Chloe watches.

The End.