Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/1/02

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/1/02

By Rebecca
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            Today’s Cast:  Kate, Nicole, Victor, Harold, Jack, Philip, Colin, Sami, Belle, Shawn, Bo, Cynthia and Dozer (Shawn’s roommate)

At the hospital, Nicole is getting ready to go home.  Kate overhears Victor talking about going by Nicole’s apartment to get some things.  Nicole assumed she would be staying at her apartment, but Victor convinces her that she shouldn’t be alone right now.  She needs someone to take care of her while she recuperates.  After Victor leaves, Kate enters and tells Nicole she’ll need a lot more than a personal nurse when she gets through with her.  She insinuates that Nicole has been stealing clients from Basic Black by sleeping with them.  Kate assures her that Victor will do anything for Titan, but he won’t go for that once they’re married.  Nicole is yelling at her to leave when Colin arrives with bad news for Nicole.

Meanwhile, Harold arrives at the hospital to find out what Jack thought of the material he sent over.  Jack says it turned out to be a gold mine.  He talked to an orderly that remembers seeing a young man and woman ushered into the basement.  Harold tells him that Jennifer is waiting to talk to Dr. Wesley and she’s got a line on Agent Spector. Jack asks Harold if he remembers something about teenagers shoplifting on the police blotter a little while ago.  Maybe these are the same teenagers.  Jack sends Harold to the Salem Place to investigate.

Down in the cafeteria, Victor meets with Philip who doesn’t seem very excited to see him.  Victor wants to let Philip know the job at Dot Com is still available.  Philip again refuses, assuring his father that he’s got things under control.  Victor asked where he spent the night.  Philip tells him what a terrible night and morning he had at the dorm at Salem U in an accusatory tone.  Victor also told Philip that Nicole is moving back in.  Philip accuses his father of kicking him out to make room for his mistress.  Victor reminds him that she is his fiancée, not his mistress and he kicked Philip out to keep him from self-destructing.  Philip tells Victor the more he pushes and threatens him; the less he wants to go to school.  In fact, he’s thinking of blowing off college altogether.

Dr. Murphy drops off a file at the nurse’s station.  A curious Sami notices it is Nicole Walker’s file.  Whatever it contained gave Sami quite a shock plus put a satisfied grin on her face.  Jack approaches Sami to see what’s got her in such a good mood.  Jack thinks Sami knows who leaked the alien story to the Intruder.  She denies knowing anything.  Sami relays her plans for a lavish vacation for her and Brandon. After discussing that and how Nicole lured her to the morgue, Jack figures out Sami is the inside source.  She tries to deny it, but Jack knows she is lying.  Jack agrees to keep it a secret in exchange for information.

Belle and Shawn arrive at the hospital hoping to seeing the twins, but are sent to talk to Bo.  Out on the balcony, Belle practically explodes at Bo.  She is tired of being kept in the dark and can’t even talk to her mom.  Bo assures them the twins are fine, but Belle and Shawn still can’t see them.  Bo asks if they know who might have leaked the story to the Intruder.  Realizing her mom or dad would never have done it, Belle looks at Shawn asking who else knew where the twins were.  He assumes she is thinking that he was the source of the leak so they begin to argue.  Bo asks what is going on with them.  Bo learns about their fight and that Philip is currently homeless.  Shawn suggests that Philip could stay with them in the extra room.  Having heard only the end of the conversation, Philip accuses Shawn of trying to get rid of him.  Shawn and Bo explain they were talking about helping him and Philip apologizes saying he’s had a rough day.  Victor comes out onto the balcony looking for Philip, but Philip leaves, telling Victor that he has nothing else to say to him.  Belle and Shawn excuse themselves to follow Philip.  Bo asks Victor how Philip is handling his engagement to Nicole – which is not well.  Victor asks the same of Bo since he hasn’t congratulated him yet.  Bo says he’s all for it if Nicole makes him happy, but after Victor leaves wonders how Nicole could make any man happy for very long.

Victor returns to Nicole’s room to find her crying and Colin with her.  He demands to know what Colin is doing there; he is not her doctor anymore.  Colin explains that he was called in to consult on Nicole’s case.  Today’s tests showed adhesions where the bullet grazed one of Nicole’s fallopian tubes.  Due to a previous injury to the other tube, it is doubtful she will ever be able to naturally conceive a child.  Victor immediately assumes Colin botched the surgery, but Colin assures him the surgery went fine –some sort of physical strain caused the adhesions.  Victor doesn’t understand this because Nicole has been in bed for weeks.  Meanwhile Nicole thinks about yesterday’s altercation with Sami.  Before Colin leaves, he tells Nicole that she’ll have to stay in the hospital for another day or so for observation.  Nicole tells Victor she never realized how much she wanted a family until now.  She feels like she’s lost a part of herself and Victor.  She will understand if he changes his mind about marrying her now.  Victor reassures her that she hasn’t lost him –he wants to marry her because he loves her.  He assures her that her condition isn’t her fault.  He then leaves the room so she can rest.  Nicole agrees this isn’t her fault, but instead blames Sami.

Sami has just finished giving Jack the scoop when Belle and Shawn approach.  Belle is shocked to find out Sami is the inside source!  Jack covers for Sami. Sami explains she has been contacted by a couple of reporters, but replied with “No comment” and laughing at the idea of aliens in the hospital.  Everyone laughs except for Belle. Jack notices she’s upset.  Sami and Belle talk about how Marlena hasn’t been around much at all.  Sami seems curious about why she is so busy with work.  Belle and Shawn go back to the dorm to study.  Sami tells Jack it’s a good thing he covered for her.  Yet, Jack starts to think Belle is the one really covering something.

            Jack runs into Bo and tries to get information from him.  Bo tells him to give it up. This just reassures Jack there really is something to the story.  Later, Jack overhears Bo talking to Colin about a security breech.  Colin is told Tony got past security into the basement, suggesting that maybe Colin helped him.  Colin warns Bo to keep an eye on Sami (the hospital spy).

            Kate comes across Nicole’s medical file at the nurse’s station.  She is just as pleasantly surprised as Sami was.  She brings flowers to Nicole’s room, so she can gloat about her condition.  She assures Nicole that her engagement to Victor won’t last long now, but he will see it’s for the best since Nicole is not fit to raise children.  Nicole reminds Kate that Vivian Alamain had to carry Philip and suggests he may have been better off had Vivian raised him.  She tells Kate that Victor only wants another child because she couldn’t give him one to be proud of.  Nicole assures Kate she has won, but Kate tells her to just wait until she’s married to Victor to see just what it is she’s won. 

            Kate is upset by Nicole’s attack on her children and goes out to the balcony to vent.  Jack surprises her there, but continues to vent anyway, not knowing why.  They end up talking about their children. Jack mentions that Abby is heartbroken over the divorce and unhappy with who Jack and Jennifer are dating.  Kate asks who Jennifer is seeing and Jack spills his true feelings about Colin.  Kate suspects jealousy, but Jack says it goes beyond just jealousy.  Speaking of Colin, Jack gets an idea when he remembers Colin kissing Nicole at Salem Place recently.  He senses some problems between Nicole and Victor, due to Colin.  Jack suggests Kate find something out about that if she wants to help herself.

            Back at the dorm, Philip gets Belle and Shawn to make up, reminding them of how miserable they were when apart.  Philip then decides he needs to go find a place to stay so he can start getting his life together.  Belle suggests that he go to the football game with them tomorrow night.  Cynthia interrupts to invite him to the house party after the game.  She is not overjoyed to learn that Belle and Shawn have made up. She was the one trying to break them up in the first place.  She offers them cookies that say “Vote Cynthia” for house heartbreaker.  Belle tells her not to get her hopes up.  Belle and Shawn go up to Belle’s room to study (but it turns out Belle is not interested in studying) leaving Philip alone downstairs.  Cynthia tells Philip that Chloe isn’t worth worrying about, reminding him of having this same conversation at her house.  Philip doesn’t want her help and walks to the other side of the room.  Cynthia tells Dozer (Shawn’s roommate) to offer Philip one of the beers he brought in.  Philip refuses at first, but gives in after a little coaxing from Cynthia and Dozer.

At the hospital, Bo finds Jack again and tells him to forget about the aliens.  He should be focusing on Colin and Tony.  Bo tells Jack to go back to the mansion, uncover some information and get back to him.  He tells Jack to keep an eye on Sami, also.  Jack hurries off to call Jennifer.  He tells her everything is starting to make sense and they should go ahead with the alien story.

            Kate spies Victor enter Nicole’s room but assures herself that Victor doesn’t hold on to damaged goods.  Victor sits next to a sleeping Nicole, holding and kissing her hand.  He tells her he’s sorry, so sorry.

            Credits Roll.

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