Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/30/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/30/02

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Today: Tony offers to make a deal with John as Sami is interrogated by half of the hospital. Brady and Chloe return home while heartbreak occurs at "Heartbreak House."

Cast: Tony, John, Sami, Colin, Jack, Jen, Nancy, Craig, Brenda, Spector, Lucas, Brady, Chloe, Isabella, Belle, Shawn, Philip, Mimi, Cynthia, Woman, reporter, man #1, man #2.

At the DiMera Mansion

Colin and Tony discuss the Intruder cover. Tony is furious that it came out so quickly as he wants the twins under his control. Jack walks in and asks "what's up" as they leave and go out into the entrance. Colin and Tony head to the hospital as Jack finds the paper and rushes off. At Brady's loft

At Brady's Loft

Brady and Chloe return from Dry Creek as she has flashbacks of their kiss. Craig arrives after being called by them. Craig wants her to go to the hospital, but she doesn't want to. Craig wants the whole truth, so they tell him about finding Dr. Sikes and he got scared off. They fear that he'll be in danger and the drug ring could kill him. Chloe wonders why Craig doesn't want Nancy to find out the truth as he tells her that he doesn't want to worry her. Craig gets beeped, so he hugs Chloe and thanks Brady. Craig leaves as Chloe wonders what is going on with Nancy. Brady gets Chloe tea as Isabella appears and urges Brady to tell Chloe how he feels. He tells Chloe that he has something to tell her but changes his mind. Later, Brady and Chloe discuss their kiss. Brady & Chloe agree it felt right. They almost get into another kiss, but Brady pulls away. He states, as they hug, that their top priority is her getting better. Isabella watches, smiling.

At Hartley House

Cynthia runs into Shawn on his way to see Belle. Shawn knocks and Philip answers half naked. He attacks Philip and almost punches him, but Mimi and Belle rush in and overhear Shawn asking Philip if he slept with Belle. Belle, Mimi, and Philip try to explain the truth, but Shawn won't listen, so Mimi and Philip leave the two of them alone. Belle and Shawn argue as Shawn accuses her of sleeping with Philip.

In Shawn's room, Mimi and Philip talk about what happened. Mimi comforts Philip, when she learns that Chloe broke up with him.

Meanwhile, Philip feels bad. He doesn’t want Belle and Shawn to break up because of him. He tries to go back in, but Mimi stops him. Mimi leaves for her classes and runs into Cynthia, calling her "the Whore of Hartley House." They argue about Homecoming Heartbreaker as Mimi leaves. Cynthia vows not to let Belle win. Cynthia joins Philip and lets him in on the fact that she knows about him and Chloe. She accuses him of going after Belle, but he denies it and storms out. Cynthia says his payback is just beginning.

Back in Belle's room, Cynthia is upset that Shawn won't trust her as they argue. Shawn claims he loves her, but she won't listen. He asks if it's over. Later, Mimi rushes in with a copy of the Intruder. Belle rushes out to help Rex and Cassie. Shawn, of course follows her.

In the underground facility

John meets with Spector and they discuss the security breech and overview the tapes. Sami shows up and Spector wants to have her arrested, but John chases her.

Up in University Hospital

In Craig's office, Nancy is looking at her necklace wishing that Chloe would return home. She hopes the news will make Chloe happy. A woman secretary comes in and shows Nancy the Intruder. Nancy rushes off, vowing to get to the bottom of it.

Sami rushes onto the terrace and meets with the reporter. Sami gets her money, shoves it in her purse and leaves. She can't believe that everyone believes everything about the aliens as she runs into Jennifer. Jen questions Sami about the Will and Abby park incident, but she is clueless. Jen fills her in as Sami defends her son. John arrives, breaks up Sami and Jen and then drags his step daughter off. He questions her about the alien story. Sami lies, claiming she just got lost, delivering papers. Tony and Colin arrive as John wonders why he is there. Sami sneaks off as John questions Tony. Tony lies about the tests as John walks off.Elsewhere, Jen sees Lucas has arrived and is now arguing with Sami. Lucas and Sami go onto the terrace as Jack arrives and tells her about the Intruder article. They decide to follow Tony and Colin. Tony spots Jack and is glad he took the bait to follow them. Tony heads for the basement as Jack follows him and Jen works on Colin. Colin claims to know the truth and if she is nice to him, she'll get the scoop. Later, two men in black drag Nancy and Jack into the lobby. Nancy orders Brenda to call the police as there is a whole crowd surrounding them. Craig arrives, telling everyone that the people in the basement are. not alien, but human. After Craig explains, Brenda walks up to Jen, handing her an envelope from Harold. She tells Jack that it has GT information. From afar, Colin is pleased that Tony's plan is working. Meanwhile, Craig tells Nancy that Chloe is back, wanting to throw a big party.

Back on the terrace, Sami and Lucas argue whether or not Will intentionally hit Abby. Lucas thinks he did as Will lied straight out to him about it. Lucas blames her, claiming the sooner Will is away from her the better, as Sami gets angry. She goes to leave, but the money falls out and Lucas wonders where she got it. Sami claims it's a paycheck.

Back in the basement

John returns and discusses with Spector the happenings. They spot Tony on the tape, so John chases after him. John catches him and Tony wants to know the truth. He asks about the connection between the Gemini Twins, Stefano, and Marlena's pillow. Tony suggests they team up to learn what key unlocks this mystery. Freeze frame on John as the credits roll.

The End

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