Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/27/02

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/27/02

By Justin

Today: Brady and Chloe share their first kiss as Nancy attends her first prenatel appointment. Sami's story hits the stands as Rex and Cassie plan to escape the hospital. Today's summary is shorter than usual. Sorry....

Cast: Brady, Chloe, Nancy, Craig, Colin, Tony, Bart, reporter, Sami, Brandon, Spector, Rex, Cassie.

In Salem

Inside the hospital

Sami is on the phone with a reporter as Brandon walks up and she hangs up. She lies about planning a surprise for him. He wants more info, but Sami shuts her mouth. The reporter arrives and Brandon grabs him, asking why he is there. Sami lies about an x-ray, so Brandon leaves. Craig and Nancy spot the reporter and Sami lies again about an x-ray, so they leave too. Sami asks about the money, so he says she will get it later. Later, Brandon and Sami meet up. They go on the roof as he tries to guess what the secret is. Sami hugs Brandon, seeing the Intruder over that the repoter is holding up and gives him a thumbs up.

At the DiMera Mansion

Colin arrives again as Bart interrogates him and Colin asks Tony to call off his dog. Colin tells Tony about the teenager twins ad shows him the pictures. They wonder what the Gemini Twins are as Tony asks Colin for more info on the twins. Colin tries to take his mind off it, but Tony will not be discouraged. Later, Bart comes in with a copy of the Intruder as Tony wonders how the story got out.

In the underground facility

Spector arrives and Rex and Cassie tell him about seeing a man in here last night. Belle's father. Spector knows that John was in there. They want to know when they can leave as he says "after we find out yor secrets." Spector leaves. Later, Rex is surfing the net, talking to Cassie. He finds the declaration of independance and they read it, wondering why they don't have those rights. They think Belle and Shawn will help them get out.

The prenatal appointment

Craig and Nancy are excited about having a baby. Later after encountering Sami, we see Craig and Nancy returning from their appointment. They hope the baby matches Chloe. Craig gives Nancy a necklace that can fit two pictures in it, Chloe and the new baby. They talk about saving Chloe's life.

In Dry Creek, North Dakota

The first kiss

At the campsite, Chloe awakens to the sound of Brady's voice, singing happy birthday. She walks out of the tent to find Brady with a twinkie and two candles.

 He tells her about Craig mentioning her birthday as Chloe hopes they don't have something huge planned. He tells her to enjoy this birthday as she keeps thinking this may be her last. They share the twinkie and talk a little bit about Philip. Later, Brady presents Chloe with tickets for Metrapolitan Opera for this year and three years from now. She thanks him with a kiss, which turns into a hot and heavy, passionate kiss as the credits roll.



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