Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/26/02

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/26/02

By Rebecca

Salem University – Hartley House

             Philip is thanking Belle for paying for his meal as they enter Belle’s room, but he refuses to let her loan him money.  Philip asks where her roommate is and teases her about her and Shawn putting the room to good use.  Belle yells at him saying that she didn’t come to Salem U to shack up with Shawn Brady!  Philip apologizes; saying that he only meant they could use the room to study.  He didn’t realize how serious the fight between Belle and Shawn was.  He asks if she wants to talk about it, but she thinks his problems are more serious than her own.  He tells her what really happened with him, Chloe and Brady and Belle gets upset that Philip screwed things up for them.  Philip explained that he couldn’t stand it if Brady was the one to save Chloe.  Belle reminds him that what matters is saving her life, not who saves it.  Philip realizes that Chloe could die because of his mistake, but Belle reassures him that they will find a marrow donor for Chloe.  She also tells him he needs to get his act together and figure out what he’s going to do.  While Belle goes to look for her history book, Philip tries to call Maria and Nico for help, but Victor has forbidden them to help him, either.  When Belle returns, she offers to let him stay the night in her room.  Cynthia overhears and can’t wait to find out what Shawn will think of this.

             Downstairs, Shawn and Mimi are studying…well, Mimi is complaining about how hard calculus is and she realizes Shawn isn’t paying attention to anything she’s saying.  He tells her about the fight with Belle.  Mimi reassures him that Belle will be fine once she finds out that the twins are ok.  Then Shawn tells her that they fought about Jan again, also.  He says that he’s tired of the guilt and that Belle just needs to get over it, but Mimi suggests he put himself in Belle’s shoes.  Cynthia overhears and offers a sympathetic ear to Shawn.  When Cynthia goes back to her new “coven”, as Mimi calls it, she vows to get even with Mimi.  When Belle comes down to look for her history book, Mimi suggests that she go talk to Shawn.  Belle says she needs to go study and tells her that Philip is up in her room.  She tells Mimi she’ll fill her in later about Philip, but not to tell Shawn anything. 

Jennifer’s House

             Jack shows up wanting to know what happened to Abby and how she is.  Jennifer explodes, asking why he can never be found when something important comes up.  Jack says he can’t find his cell phone.  He apologizes for not being there and Jennifer apologizes for snapping at him.  She was just so shaken up with what happened to Abby.  They are just getting calmed down when Jennifer tells Jack that Colin was the one that treated Abby.  Jack agrees that, like Lexie, Colin is a good doctor, but that doesn’t mean that either of them can be trusted.  Jennifer tells him that Colin gave her reason to trust him and mentions that Jack is living in the same house with Lexie.  Jack seems surprised that Jennifer is worried about him and explains that that’s how he feels when Jennifer is around Colin.  After he checks in on Abby, Jack is leaving and asks Jennifer to please be careful with Colin. 

DiMera Mansion

             Colin arrives and replaces Jack’s cell phone.  He goes in to talk with Tony and sees that he is very agitated.  It seems that Tony is getting information before Colin is, when Colin is the one that is supposed to be getting the info for Tony.  Colin tries to explain that he can’t get any straight answers at the hospital, but Tony accuses him of wasting valuable time chasing after Jennifer and Nicole.  Colin tries to calm Tony and promises to get on things first thing in the morning, but Tony has a mission for him tonight!   

University Hospital – Basement 

            Cassie and Rex are being examined by Dr. Mathis when John arrives to see Marlena.  Dr. Mathis goes off to verify that Marlena is in a conference, leaving John alone with the twins.  Just as John starts to question them about Stefano, the doctor comes back and John starts to leave.  Cassie and Rex remember John taking off their bracelets, promising them freedom and they ask John not to go.  John explains that their bracelets are a clue to their past as are their tattoos.  He shows them his tattoo and they recognize the Phoenix and wonder if this means that they are all family.  John tells them that they are not.  He asks them if they remember anything before their arrival in Salem, but the doctor comes in saying that it is their bedtime.  It seems that John is beginning to realize that the twins are just innocent victims and wonders what Stefano was planning for them. 

Back at the DiMera Mansion 

Tony calls John to get him and Marlena away from the hospital.  He says he wants to talk about the Gemini project and John comes over right away.  Tony tries to get John to talk about what Marlena is up to – why she couldn’t come – but John wants to talk about the Gemini project.  Tony talks about how Zeus used the Gemini twins to create a balance between darkness and the light.  He thinks that this relates to him in that his father brought on the darkness for Salem and now he wants to bring on the light.  He asks if there are any new projects that John and Marlena are working on that he might help to underwrite.  John says that there is, but decides he needs to discuss it more with Marlena before he gives Tony any information. 

John is leaving as Jack returns to the mansion.  Jack explains that he’s writing a series of articles on the “New House of DiMera”.  John warns him that everything old is new again.  Jack ponders John’s warning as he enters the house and finds that his cell phone is mysteriously back on the entrance table. 

Back at University Hospital 

            While John is at the DiMera mansion, Colin sneaks into the basement.  He overhears a guard tell Dr. Mathis to make sure he’s got his access card because no one is monitoring the door to the lab.  Colin sets a trap on the stairs to trip Dr. Mathis when returns, then hides the unconscious doctor and steels his access card.  Colin gets into the lab and begins snapping pictures of everything he sees.  Then he notices the window and peers through the blinds and finds the twins.  Colin enters their room and takes more pictures, as the twins dream of Belle and Shawn rushing them out of the lab and an ominous-looking lab coat.  Rex wakes up and yells at Colin to get away from Cassie.  Rex turns over and Colin sees that they both have tattoos that together form the Phoenix.  Tony calls Colin to warn him that John is on his away and Colin assures him that he’s got everything he needs. 

Back at the DiMera Mansion 

            Tony declares that once he discovers the truth, not even John will be able to stop him.  He makes a toast to the “New House of DiMera” and the credits role as Tony laughs.

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