Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/25/02

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/25/02

By Justin
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Today: Sami and Nicole catfight, as Victor throws Philip out and after a fight with Shawn, Belle runs into her friend. Craig and Nancy get a call from Brady.

Cast: Sami, John, Agent Spector, Nicole, Victor, Kate, Philip, Belle, Shawn, Caprice, Henderson, Brady, Chloe, Nancy, Craig, Patty.

In Salem

At Salem University

While Belle and Shawn are studying, she becomes worried about not hearing from her parents. Just then, John arrives, and he and Belle argue.

 John thinks the twins are dangerous and Shawn sides with him. John leaves to see his wife, as Shawn and Belle argue about her obsession. She brings up the Jan matter (Oh, wait until Belle finds out that Jan is her roommate; I bet that's who she's waiting for), and how he lied to her and they lost trust; one of the most important parts of a relationship. Shawn becomes upset, and packs his books and storms out, leaving Belle in tears. Later, Belle runs into Caprice, and gives her the sob story about Shawn. Caprice comforts her, telling her that she may have forgave Shawn, but no one expects her to forget what happened.

 Caprice convinces her to work this out on her own.

At the Wesley House

 We get a beautiful shot of Nancy and Craig's house as inside, Nancy comes upon Craig talking to Brady. Brady tells them that Chloe is fine, as Nancy jumps for joy.

 Brady apologizes for not calling as they need to charge their phones. Chloe takes over, talking about how they are still in NYC. Craig goes to tell her about the baby, but Nancy stops him. They hang up. Later, Nancy talks about the chances of them having a baby.

At the Kiriakis Mansion

Victor arrives, and asks Henderson if Philip is up yet. Henderson assures him that Philip knows to come down as Kate arrives, confronting him about stealing her account for Basic Black. Philip comes down, but Victor sends him right up. Kate won't stand for this, but he just says "It's just business." Finally, Kate leaves, and Philip comes back down with them arguing about him missing first semester. Victor tells him that his bags are packed, and he has until noon to move out. Philip is apalled, but Victor tells him that he's on his own. Philip suggests he work for Titan, but Victor refuses. Later, Philip has his bags packed as Victor says good-bye to him.

 Philip leaves as the hospital calls, claiming not to be able to find Nicole.

Later at Salem Place

Kate arrives, and runs into Philip. Philip tells her about Victor throwing him out as Kate agrees and won't let him live with her. Angry, Philip rushes off to his friends.

Back in Dry Creek, North Dakota

At the campsite

Brady and Chloe return, complaining about not being able to find Sikes. We learn that the Thompson house is up for sale. They learned that Mrs. Thompson had a son. Chloe is discouraged as Brady comforts her.

Back in Salem

Back at Salem University

Shawn is trying to study, but Philip barges in, complaining to him. Shawn confesses to his fight with Belle, as Philip rushes off to find Belle.

Back in Belle's dorm, Philip arrives to find a depressed Belle. Belle comforts him, as he talks about no one wanting to help him.

At Salem University Hospital

John returns, running into Spector, and asking when he can see Marlena. Spector talks about her meetings, but John could care less. Spector hands John a note and he reads it, brushing past him.

At the morgue, Sami arrives, wondering why Brandon would want to meet in a creepy place like this. She turns to leave, but a hand reaches out, making her scream.

 Tis Nicole, appearing from her white sheet. Nicole greets Sami with a "Welcome to the morgue."

 She gets off of the gurney, and pushes Sami. Sami picks up a bottle of formaldehyde, as she and Nicole argue about Brandon, the tape, and mostly everything else. They begin fighting, rolling around on the floor.

 As they fight, Sami's "Sex-sational Story" falls out of her purse, and Nicole is amused by it. Sami takes no time in running, as Nicole chases her, running into Victor. She went for a walk, and got lost is what she says. Later, Victor tells Nicole about stealing Kate's account. Meanwhile, Kate is lurking outside, hearing every word of it.

Back in the underground facility

Sami wanders around, until she comes across John and Spector. They talk of the Gemini Twins and aliens in Salem, as Sami overhears. John hopes another spaceship doesn't land as Sami gets an idea to give the Intruder this story. Sami grins in the dark as the credits roll.




The End.

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