Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/24/02

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/24/02

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Today: Nicole plots against her archenemy, Sami, as Sami plans a romantic get away with Brandon. Cameron and Lexie try to silence Brandon with money, while Will gets a "little" too rough with Abby and Maggie, Jen, and Lucas rush her to the hospital. Colin keeps Jack from learning about Abby as Tony learns the real reason why Jack wanted to move in......Kate asks Roman out.

Cast: Nicole, Victor, Doctor, Sami, Lucas, Maggie, Jen, Abby, Will, Colin, Jack, Tony, Bart, Eliana, Cameron, Lexie, Brandon, Kate, Roman.

At the DiMera Mansion

Colin barges in, starting to tell Tony about what he heard Shawn and Belle discussing. Jack and Lexie come downstairs chattering about the Spectator, as she wants everyone to see her in a new light and know she still loves Abe. Cameron (Hasn't been on for two months) arrives and Lexie answers the door. Cameron starts chatting about the divorce as Lexie tries to quiet her, but she wants Abe to pay for hurting her. Lexie notes that she doesn't want a divorce as she introduces Jack and Cameron.

Meanwhile in the parlor, Colin was telling Tony about making a mistake as Jack walks in, questioning them. Colin lies about it being a medical condition. Colin is paged to get to the hospital, and asks Bart where his bag is. He finds it as Bart calls him "Matilda" on his way out. Bart brings Jack the newspaper as Jack notes that Colin doesn't want him there.

At University Hospital

Nicole's new doctor is pushing her very hard, and she doesn't like that as he tries to get her to walk. Nicole demands that he page Dr. Murphy ASAP.  He dials in, and calls a nurse named Beverly. Victor walks in, wanting to know what's going on. Victor admits to firing Colin. Later, Victor tells Nicole about how everyone thinks Colin is involved with the DiMera's. They argue about Colin as Nicole orders he be paged again. Victor leaves. Colin arrives as Nicole insists on him being reassigned, so they can figure things out. Colin threatens her, and he wishes her good luck, and she throws flowers at him. He says "so long beautiful" as Nicole orders him out.

At Sami's apartment

Sami flips through The Intruder and comes across a "Sexational Story" section and ponders about what to send in. Lucas walks in, yelling at Sami for leaving the door open as she is irresponsible as she has a nine year old boy. Then, he wonders if The Intruder would publish those tapes from Las Vegas. Lucas pulls out the joint custody papers, and insists she sign them or he won't leave.  Brandon walks up behind him, and grabs him by the shirt. Sami begs for him to let him go, so he does, but wants Lucas out.

Back at the DiMera Mansion

Colin returns and is by Eliana.  Jack and Colin are talking in the parlor. Colin hopes that Tony doesn't have an episode while with Jack.

Meanwhile, while Tony takes a call, Jack and Bart talk. Jack tells him that Colin is trying to get him fired.

 Tony overhears, and realizes that Colin must be right about Jack. They can't trust him.

In another room, Cameron and Lexie discuss the divorce. Lexie firmly states that she wants Abe back. Cameron wants to know what the problem is, so Lexie talks about her having sex with Brandon Walker. She tells her that she must make the problem go away.

Back at Sami's apartment

After Lucas begs her to sign the papers, Sami finally agrees. Brandon receives a call from Lexie, asking him to meet her at Salem Place. He agrees, and tells Sami who it was.  She asks if she wants him to get rid of Lucas. She declines, so he leaves. After Brandon is gone, Lucas asks if she is jealous of Lexie. They argue as Lucas wonders what Brandon would think about her lying that he hit Will. She finally signs the papers, as Lucas tells her to keep her father away from his mother. She is clueless as to what he means, so he asks if she wants Kate as a mother-in-law. Angry, Sami storms out.

At the park

It seems Will and Abby have a school day off as they are playing football. Will passes the ball to Abby real hard, and she yells at him as they race to the other side of the park. Jen and Maggie are watching as she talks about today being a teacher conference. They talk about the Spectator and then, Maggie asks if she is caught between Jack and Colin. Jen confesses to Colin making things good between her and Bill as he told her about what really happened in Africa. Jen tells her that she believes Colin and doesn't think he is involved with the DiMera's. Jen tells her aunt about being attracted to Colin, but she is attracted to Jack, just doesn't want him to hurt her again. Maggie opens up about a long time ago when Mickey was always working, she turned to another man, and was lucky when her Uncle Mickey took her back. Jen asks if she thinks the same will happen with her. Maggie tells Jen to follow her heart and talks of how Jack loves Abby. Jen hears Abby screaming and crying and Jen rushes over to her. Lucas arrives and sees Abby's forehead bleeding. Abby tells them of how Will purposely hit her with an empty swing. Lucas questions Will, but he denies it, so Lucas, Maggie, and Jen rush Abby to the hospital.

Later, back at the DiMera's, Colin hears Jack's phone ring and looks on it, seeing that it's Jen calling about the incident with Abby. He pockets the cell phone and is paged to the emergency room. Colin rushes out the door.

At Kate's office

We find Kate talking to someone and gloating about stealing an account while Nicole is hospitalized. Roman walks in and she asks him to help her celebrate her victory. Dinner at Tuscany. Roman wants to pick the place and promises not to bring up Stefano's name. He wants to get to know her better. Sami walks in, and asks if he is serious as Roman yells at Sami furiously. Sami and Kate argue.

 He tells Sami to leave as they'll talk about it later at home. Sami rushes out.

Back at University Hospital

Abby is rushed into the ER as she asks for her daddy. Maggie calls Jack's cell phone and leaves a message. Later, Colin arrives and examines Abby.

 He tells her that only a few stitched are needed. Maggie tells Jen that she left two messages on Jack's cell phone as Jen figures he turned it off as he always does during a story. She sees how good Colin does with Abby.



At Salem Place

Brandon arrives and Lexie greets him. She had told him that it was going to be the two of them, but she tells him that Cameron is representing her. Lexie begs him not to tell anyone about their fling. Brandon tells Cameron that this is between him and Lexie.

 Cameron leaves, and Brandon calls Lexie a fool for wanting Abe back. Lexie offers to pay him off to not tell Abe. Brandon calls Abe a b*stard, and tells Lexie to go to h*ll as he leaves.

Back at Kate's office

Roman promises Kate that Sami won't ruin their date. He won't bring up Sami or Stefano DiMera tonight. He leaves as Kate receives a call from someone, learning that Titan is getting the deal.


Later back at Sami's apartment

Sami vows to keep Kate and her dad apart, as well as Brandon and Lexie. She spots the Sexational article again, wondering how much she'd get for Kate's dirty past. She plans a great weekend with Brandon.




Later back in Nicole's room

Nicole is dragging her IV around, saying "To hell with Colin." Nicole comes up with a way to get rid of Sami--check her into the morgue. That would solve all her problems. Nicole grins as the credits roll.




The End

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