Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/23/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/23/02

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Today: Nancy and Craig receive life altering news as Sami and Brandon try to hide their relationship. Philip explains where Chloe is, as Brady and Chloe continue their camping trip.

Cast: Craig, Nancy, Philip, Chloe, Brady, Belle, Shawn, Victor, Kate, Sami, Brandon, Colin, Kyle Stokes, Paramedic woman, Nurse Brenda.

In Salem

Light the Night Walk Ends.....

At Salem Place, Philip arrives, and Nancy demands he tell her where Chloe is. He tells them that Chloe didn't come back with him.

 Nancy passes out, and Craig yells for someone to call an ambulance. Kyle calls an ambulance and gives them her condition. The ambulance arrives and takes Nancy to the hospital as Victor questions Philip. Belle and Shawn watch as Philip ignores the questions and Victor, Kate, and him go to the limo.

At the hospital

Nancy wakes up and Craig rushes to her, as she is asking where Chloe is. She demands to talk to Philip as Colin comes in. Nancy wants Philip as Colin promises to watch her, and Craig leaves.

In the waiting room, Victor and Kate are grilling Philip for info, as Craig walks up and demands to know where Chloe is. Philip shocks everyone when he states that Chloe is with Brady and rushes off, followed by Belle and Shawn. Craig gets Brady's number and Nancy tries calling him, but there is no answer. Nurse Brenda arrives, and begins checking Nancy's pulse.

Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn chase Philip into a separate room and question him. Philip admits that Chloe broke up with him for Brady and blames Belle. Belle questions him about Columbia as he calls them hypocrites, because they went to Salem U. together. He suggests they are sided with Brady and rushes off. After Philip leaves, Belle wishes she knew what happened, but Shawn suggests they stay out of it.

On the terrace, Brandon arrives to find Sami, and he questions her about what Victor has on her. Sami suggests they break up, since he is siding with Nicole, like always. They argue as she admits Victor has a tape on her. He wants to know what's on the tape, as Sami tries to change the subject. Brandon talks about the tape she has on Kate about her admitting to framing Roberto for Franco's murder. Sami wants a new start, talking about Nicole telling him everything and if there were more, Nicole would have used the ammo as she hates her. Brandon claims they have to be open and honest, but figure out they can't be, and they suggest they need to trust each other. Kate walks in and exclaims "You have got to be kidding!" Kate talks about Victor ordering Sami away from Brandon, but learns that Victor gave them his blessing and asks where Sami got that shiner. They fight as Brandon breaks them up and Kate leaves. Brandon leaves to get Sami an icepack. Later, he returns with one and they talk about starting over. Brandon and Sami introduce themselves, and talk about calling each other the next day. Brandon leaves as Sami is in heaven.

Later back inside, Belle and Shawn are sitting on a bench, talking about Philip and then, the twins. Colin walks by and overhears. Later, we hear Colin talking to Tony on the phone. Belle talks about the worst being over.

Elsewhwere, Philip wonders around as Kate walks out of the elevator, claiming to be looking for him everywhere. She questions him as Victor approaches, telling him that they'll discuss the matters tomorrow morning if his "Ivy League brain" is working.

Dry Creek, North Dakota

At the campsite

Brady is outside by the campfire when Chloe joins him. He jokingly tells her that he couldn't sleep as she was snoring Madame Butterfly in her sleep. She talks about missing the 'Light the Night Walk' as Brady brings up Philip. Later, Chloe wonders if she is out of place as they joke around and Brady offers to make S'mores. She asks "S'mores what?" as she has no clue what he means. Brady explains the ingredients: roasted marshmallows, Hershey's bar, and a graham cracker.  She thinks it sounds good as they recite lines from Romeo and Juliet. Chloe holds his arm as she talks about reading a book when she was younger, and Brady opens up about Isabella (Where is Izzy B?). He tells her about his dad naming a star after his mom and points it out to her. As Brady talks about Isabella, Chloe tilts her head down, saying that when she was young, she thought no one cared whether she lived or died, but now she has people who care for her and she doesn't want to lose that. Later, Brady returns from doing something and then, talks of the necessities of life: family, friends, and love. Brady wonders if Philip is a necessity of her life as she talks about his jealous and how she thought Philip was the love of her life while Brady defends him. Chloe thinks Philip was an illusion as she takes Brady's hand, now knowing what was meant to be. Brady smells something and they yell "Skunk!" Later, we find that Brady is showering as Chloe jokes with him while he is in the shower (pond). Chloe hears a wolf, and rushes by where the showering thing is. Brady comes out naked and Chloe turns away, handing him a towel. They sit by the fire as he makes her a S'more. She takes a bite of it and gets marshmallow on her face. He pretends to be stuck to her, but pulls his finger off of her face. Later, Chloe has fallen asleep on Brady's shoulder as he talks about her belonging there.....with him.

Back in Salem

Back in the ER

Colin arrives with Nancy's results outside and Craig sees them, looking shocked. Later, Craig returns to Nancy with her results and Nurse Brenda leaves. Nancy wants to know what it is and Craig says "It's not indigestion. We just have to wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl." Nancy says "I'm pregnant." She throws her arms around Craig, and they hug as the credits roll. The End.

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