Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/20/02

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/20/02

By Justin
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Today: Brady and Chloe "sleep" together, as Salem prepares for the Light the Night Walk. Before the show is over, Philip causes Nancy to pass out.

Cast: Chloe, Brady, Nancy, Philip, Craig, Kate, Victor, Jen, Jack, Jo, Abby, Alice, Maggie, Colin, Kate, Roman, Belle, Shawn, Caprice, Cynthia, Dozer, Mimi, Kyle Stokes, Real Life victims of Leukemia and Lymphonia, Hartley House students, Caroline.

In Salem

At Kate's apartment

Kate is getting ready until Roman knocks at the door. They argue about him questioning her, when he barges in, and they continue arguing. Roman promises not to question her about Stefano anymore as they also talk about Billie's new assignment, thanks to him and Bo. Kate tells him about the Light the Night Walk, so they decide to leave together.

At the Spectator

Jack opens Jen's door, happy to see her not there, but she arrives, ordering him in her office. She questions him about the DiMera's, as he questions her about Colin. Jen seems to have a change of heart about Colin as Jack wonders what set her to change "direction." Suddenly. Jen notices everyone at the Light the Night Walk, and they rush out.

Light the Night Walk For Leukemia and Lymphomia

At Salem Place

Salem Place is very crowded, as Maggie just finishes signing someone up, when Victor arrives. They talk about Chloe, as he says that unfortunately, Philip and Chloe are back together. Nancy and Craig walk up and are shocked at what they hear. Meanwhile, Colin is on the phone with Tony, when Caroline walks up and overhears Colin talking about their plans. Colin hangs up and covers, talking about finally being accepted at the hospital (as a citizen). Caroline walks off as Colin calls the hospital to check on Nicole. Back at the sign up desk, Victor talks about Philip being irresponsible, and Nancy agrees as her and Craig thank Victor and walk off. Victor walks up to Colin and bashes him, telling him to stay away from Nicole. Elsewhere, Belle and Shawn have arrived worried about Philip, Chloe, and Brady.  As she tries his cell, he doesn't answer. The teens ask Craig and Nancy, but they haven't heard anything. Caprice arrives with Mimi, Cynthia, Dozer, and a few other students.

 Dozer sees Kyle Stokes from the 9/11 tribute, and talks to him about football. Kyle and Caprice introduce themselves as they are both interested in each other. Cynthia butts in, and flirts with Kyle, asking if he wants to study sometime.

 After Kyle leaves, Mimi says, "He is hot!" as she wonders why Belle is upset. She talks about not knowing where Brady, Chloe, or Philip are. Later, Jo (Finally) and Abby arrive with Jo having on a beautiful hat.

 Craig steps up, making an announcement about the drive. He thanks everyone for coming and turns it over to Nancy, who introduces Abby as a leukemia survivor. She talks about Abigail Deveraux, Belle Black, and Shawn Brady carrying the banner. The walk finally begins as various people begin walking beside Belle, Shawn, and Abby.


Later, we see various shots of leukemia survivors joining the walk (At the end of the summary, I posted some pics of them). They are singing "This little light of mine.....I'm going to let it shine." Lots of clowns, people, and Salemites are shown. The walk ends as Belle and Shawn get bottles of water. Abby and Maggie rush up to Alice, who is handing out refreshments. Abby comments on Grandpa Tom seeing the lights from heaven as she hugs Alice.

 Nancy thanks Alice for donating her winnings to the Leukemia Foundation. Alice talks about Addie, who had leukemia, but she was cured, and so will Chloe. Kate and Roman walk through and Kate argues about Sami not being there. Roman talks about her having to work as Kate spots Victor and goes over to him. Victor makes fun of Kate as Roman defends her, and Victor is appalled. Elsewhere, Belle continues trying to contact Brady. Jack and Jen have also walked through the entrance, talking of Colin. They spot him as Jen goes over, and tries to smoothen things.

Later, Jack insults Colin, but Jen gets him to leave. He talks with Maggie and Abby about his latest assignment. Jack spots Jen and Colin, as Colin asks Jen to dinner, but she has to work. Maybe another time. Kate runs into Nancy as they talk about finding a match, and Roman leaves for work. No one can get a hold of the three teens as Nancy and Kate worry (Earlier, Dozer had made a comment about the juice being a refreshment). Everyone overhears Victor on the phone, talking to Marrie as he hangs up, angry at Philip for missing his first day of school. He blames Chloe as he and Nancy argue. Belle spots Philip as everyone rushes to him. Nancy asks where Chloe is, and he tells them that she didn't come home, causing Nancy to faint.


Dry Creek, North Dakota

At the motel

Brady and Chloe walk through the door as they complain about Sikes. Chloe thinks she is going to die, but Brady encourages her not to give up. Chloe blame herself, wishing she would have told Philip the truth from the beginning. Brady tells her that the plan is for them to hide out until Sikes returns, but Chloe wants to go, so he agrees.

At the campsite

Brady and Chloe find a good spot to camp, but he only has one tent. Brady gets tired, so he says he will sleep in the jeep, but a wolf howls, and he sleeps in the tent with Chloe. Later, another wolf howls, causing Chloe to jump into Brady's arms as he is shocked as the credits roll. The End.



Leukemia Survivors

 There are lots more, but I only added these.

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