Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/19/02

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/19/02

By Mimi
Proofread by Nicole

Marlena didn't go home the night before, but she called John that morning to tell him she arranged for Shawn and Belle to visit Cassie and  Rex. Of course, John wasn't too thrilled about his daughter going to see the twins, but he didn't try to talk her out of it. The twins are located in the basement of University Hospital. Marlena made them an awesome room with TV, posters, rugs, beanbag chairs, everything a teenager's room would have in it. Cassie and Rex were very excited to see Shawn and Belle. The twins can talk better, and know more things, but they are still very confused about who they are, where they came from, who and where their family is, and worried about what will happen to them after they get out of the basement of the hospital.

     Jack wants Bo to bust into Colin's place to get Jennifer out of there, and away from Colin. Colin tells Jennifer he loves her, and Jen tells him that love is when you trust the other person. So, Colin tells her he has kept the truth from her and says Bill, Jennifer's dad, asked him to keep her company. Jen gets upset, and starts to leave Colin's place  Colin tells her to call her father, so she does, and now thinks she has had the wrong impression of Colin.

Jack fills Bo in on him moving into the DiMera mansion to dig up dirt on Tony, and see what the connection is with Colin and the DiMera's.

     Abe and Lexie argue because Lexie is planning on contesting the divorce. Celeste tells Lexie that she will not help her plot to get her husband back because Lexie has hurt Abe enough.

Lexie gets upset because Jack is going to be staying in the mansion, but at the end feels Jack can help her get her husband back.

Great show, hope you all enjoyed it, or if you missed it, hope my summary of the show helped you!

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