Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/16/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/16/02

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Today: Brady gets a few punches at old Phil, as he and Chloe finally learn the truth while Maggie offers her support to a distraught Nancy. Sami blackmails Nicole while Tony wonders how to get the key.

Cast: Philip, Chloe, Brady, Sheriff, Nancy, Craig, Maggie, Sami, Nicole, Brandon, Victor, Tony, Colin.

In Salem

At University Hospital

Nancy is in Craig's office, trying to call Chloe (Chloe turns her phone off, so she can hear Philip's explanation) as Craig reassures her, Chloe's fine. Colin walks in and informs the Wesley's of Nicole's coming out of the coma, and Craig leaves to check on her. Later, Nancy is trying to do paper work at the front desk, when Maggie yells her name and the papers go flying everywhere. Maggie helps Nancy pick up the papers, as Nancy yells at her, and they argue/talk about Chloe. Maggie calls her "special" for staying at the hospital everyday as she is back for more sign up sheets (Light the Night Walk for Leukemia and Lymphonia). Nancy is surprised as she talks about hoping for a bone marrow match, calling Maggie an "angel." Maggie talks about how Alice has donated all the money from the contest to the Leukemia foundation. Nancy can't believe she thought she could "whip" Alice Horton's butt.

In Nicole's room, Nicole tries to tell Brandon about Sami as he tries to listen. He agrees to as Craig walks in to check on her. She explodes as Brandon reassures Nicole, he'll be back. She makes him promise.

At the DiMera Mansion

Sami holds the pictures as she is shocked when he takes them, and can't believe she stole from her sister for nothing. He agrees on one condition, she has to spy on her parents, and find out what the lab is in use for. She refuses as he continues pulling them out and putting them in, teasing her.

 She agrees only if she can have the pictures now, and he gives them to her as she rushes off.

Back at the hospital

Later, Craig gives Brandon a good report, as he says that she can leave as soon as she can eat solid food. They talk about her agitated state as Victor walks up, asking why she's agitated. Victor wants to speak with Craig as Brandon joins Nicole. Sami arrives outside the door and flashes the pictures to Nicole as she seems frightened. Nicole makes up an excuse about being tired, so Brandon leaves. Sami walks in after Brandon leaves, flashing the pictures and tries to make a deal--if "The dogs" get off her back, Nicole can have the old man, which makes Sami "gag."

 Nicole tells Sami to think again, remembering how she tried to kill her twice, but Sami lies, saying she wanted to make sure the plug was in. Nicole lies and says that Victor won't care, so Sami leaves with the pictures, saying "I'll be back." After Sami leaves, Nicole says "D*mn you, Sami Brady."

Elsewhere, Victor pulls Brandon aside, questioning him about Samantha Brady. Victor talks about Nicole not wanting Sami to get away with "it." Annoyed, Brandon tells Victor to ask Nicole himself.

Back at the DiMera Mansion

Colin arrives, just as Tony bids a farewell to Sami. Colin wonders what that was about. Tony shows Colin the picture, as he thinks Sami doesn't fit the job description. Tony looks at the drawing and the pillow vs. what John said about the Gemini Project. Colin talks of Gemini Twins as Tony wonders what it means. Tony notes about the meeting with Mr. Grant as Colin remembers it from two weeks ago.

 Colin states it was nothing and leaves. Outside, Colin states that some assignments must not be told to anyone.

Back at the hospital

Craig joins Maggie and Nancy at the desk. Nancy talks about being passionate, remembering when she first met Chloe. She also remembers being devious when Craig got elected. She talks of how she admires Alice for what she did, not so sure she would do the same, as Craig and Maggie comfort her.

 Nancy rushes off as Craig chases after his wife. In his office, Craig and Nancy talk about what life would be with out Chloe as Nancy puts herself down, talking about how she used to wish Chloe never came to Salem. Nancy figures she is getting punished as Craig reams her out for caring only for herself. Craig comforts Nancy as she apologizes. He quickly locks the door.

In Dry Creek, North Dakota

Chloe asks Philip point blank if he forged the signature as her cell rings (Nancy), and she shuts it off, demanding he explain. He admits to forging the note, so Chloe wouldn't worry. Brady says that he'd do the same. Chloe doesn't believe it, as Brady talks about how Philip didn't know he was rotting in some cell and Philip confirms that. Chloe is angry as she might die, and Brady reams out Philip for sending Nicole out to search as Sikes wouldn't run from his own daughter. Brady suggests Philip be in school. The sheriff arrives with Brady's keys and to question Philip. Brady and Chloe leave, but end up eavesdropping.

 Philip offers to pay off the sheriff, as he asks what's going on, and Brady and Chloe ask the same. Philip says "o

Oh, man." The sheriff leaves as Brady slugs Philip in the face.

 Next, he punches him in the gut and Philip holds his stomach as Brady calls him a B*stard as the credits roll.




The End.

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