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Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/13/02

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Today: Nicole tells Brandon that she has to tell him about Sami while Victor and Fay hold vigil. Colin has a run in with Spector as Sami searches for the key and later, turns to Tony for help. John questions Belle as Mimi loses the blue key. We get a hint as to who Billie calls.  

Cast: Nicole, Brandon, Victor, Fay, Colin, Tony, Sami, Agent Spector, Nurse Brenda, Eliana, John, Belle, Mimi, Caprice, Patty, Abe, Bo, Roman, Billie, Hope.  

At Hartley House

Mimi arrives to visit Belle as they realize that it's Friday the 13th. Mimi tells Belle all about Cynthia telling her about "Heart Break House" as Belle claims it to be a legend, saying she and Shawn won't be broken up.

 Belle thinks Mimi should quit listening to Cynthia as there is a knock at the door. Belle tells them that they can only come in if they have food. Caprice opens the door and says she would have brought them cookies, but--. Caprice notes about the kitten background in her "house" as Mimi and Caprice think she should have hunks on her wall. Belle promises to get "hunk posters" instead of kittens. Belle asks about her roommate, but learns that she isn't due for a few weeks, so Belle suggests Mimi stay there. Mimi and Belle question Caprice about her secrets, so Caprice leaves as the two decide to go shopping. Belle goes to get ready as Mimi shuffles through her keys and drops the blue key, and it goes under the bed as she and Belle leave. 

At the police station

Billie returns after her disturbing conversation with her buddy (whom she later, calls). She has flashbacks of telling the mysterious man that she will call him. Bo begs Abe to get him out of the assignment as Billie overhears the three of them discussing her career. Abe blasts her for not excepting the mayor's offer, but Billie calls them "The Old Boys Club," saying it's the three of them against her.

Abe sends Roman and Bo out as he has to talk to Billie. Outside, Roman and Bo talk about Abe and Billie. Bo thinks Billie is going to be sent to a different precinct as Roman questions as to if he is over Billie.

 Bo claims he loves Hope, as Bo thinks Billie isn't over him. 

Back inside, Abe yells at Billie for turning down the mayor, saying that most cops work their whole lives to get a position with the mayor's team. Billie claims she wants to catch criminals, but Abe asks "Are you really over Bo?"  

Later, Billie storms out, asking Bo if he is happy for ruining her future. Roman walks off as Billie chastises Bo for interfering in her life and storms off as Bo smiles. 

At the hospital

Sami is reading a love novel when Tony walks up and takes it from her. He asks her about the key as she claims to be going to the penthouse now, so she leaves.

 John runs into Tony, questioning him about his involvement with Samantha, but Tony brushes him off. John tells Agent Spector to meet him in 15 minutes, as Colin spots them and reports to Tony. They go onto the balcony as Tony bashes him for not having more info about Spector and John.

 Tony walks off as Colin wonders what John has in common with Spector.  

At the penthouse

Sami arrives and tears the place apart looking for the key. She doesn't find it, so she figures John has it, but she doesn't want to frisk him. Suddenly, she hears noises at the door and John walks in asking "What the hell are you doing here?"


 Sami talks about her mom living there, and Will left his jacket there, and Lucas would be mad, and then she lost her glasses, blah, blah. John tells her to go to work, so she leaves. In the hallway, she wonders what she is going to do.


At Java Cafe'

Belle and Mimi return after getting coffee from Patty, (She needs a bigger role) and talk about Rex and Cassie. Belle talks about Marlena being in charge of the twins as Mimi refers to it as "The X Files." Later, Sami comes by, with a headache (After leaving the penthouse), and asks Belle for asprin. Belle tells her to look in her purse, as her and Mimi go to Ballistix. Sami searches for asprin, but finds the key picture instead. Mimi and Belle return, so Sami steals the picture and rushes off.  

Back at the Penthouse

Spector arrives as he and John discuss the key's purposes and how it unlocked the twin's bracelets. They talk of the Phoenix. Spector tells him that the bracelets monitor vital signals, as John rushes off to question Belle.  

Later back in Salem Place

Elsewhere in Salem Place, Billie rushes in, angry. She calls the mysterious knuckle cracker man and tells him about her dilemma. She makes him know that Bo can't get rid of her.

Back at the police station

Bo is now talking to Hope as he tells her about Billie being reassigned. They talk about how Lexie wasn't charged with anything, as she says that Zack and J.T. get along great.


 Later back at the hospital

Colin runs into Agent Spector and recognizes him from an event last year as Nurse Brenda goes to her desk. Spector brushes him off as Colin wonders why he is being mysterious.  

Back at Java Cafe'

John arrives to find Belle by herself as he sits down, wanting to talk. Mimi returns as Belle informs him that Mimi knows about the twins. John questions her knowledge about the key, but she doesn't know anymore than what she told Marlena, as they talk of the Phoenix. John only wants to protect his family, as she goes to pull out the drawing and it is gone.  

At the DiMera Mansion

Tony is at his desk, when Eliana announces Ms. Brady. Sami walks in, telling him about the lab being sealed off as he is disappointed that she doesn't have the key. She shows him the drawing as he asks where she found it.

She tells him, Belle's purse as he gives it to her. She asks for something as he gives her the envelope, and she is intrigued. Quickly, he snatches the envelope away, telling her that he wants the key first.  

In Nicole's hospital room

Nicole wakes up and has flashbacks of Sami trying to pull the plug as Brandon, Victor, and Fay are all there.

Colin, also there, suggests they visit Nicole one at a time. Nicole mumbles "don't kill me" as Victor suggests to Brandon that he (Victor) visit Nicole first. He talks with her about how he slipped on the ring while she was sleeping. Victor tells her how she got shot, because of the hit and she whimpers. Victor asks her about Sami as she mumbles "Don't let her get away with it" and Victor promises not to let Sami get away with it. Victor joins Fay and Brandon outside as he warns Brandon about Sami. Brandon goes in to visit Nicole as he talks about Sami. Nicole tells him she will tell him all about Sami as the credits roll.


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