Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/12/02

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/12/02

By Justin
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Today: Billie has an encounter with the mysterious knuckle cracker while Bo begs the Commisioner, Abe, and Roman to get him out of the partnership with Billie. Belle and Shawn plan their future as Brady accuses Philip of setting him up. Jack remembers Jen's birthday. 

Cast: Mysterious Man, Billie, Bo, Roman, Abe, Man, Jack, Jen, Philip, Brady, Chloe, Sheriff, Virgil, Judge Broe, Belle, Shawn, Commisioner Samuels, Mayor Sheffield.  

In Salem 

At the park

The ceremony is winding down as mostly everyone is gone. Belle and Shawn show up, angry for missing the ceremony (I would be too). Meanwhile, Jack and Jen are interviewing the mayor about the 9/11 ceremony as he tells them to interview the real heroes, Captain Brady, Officer Brady, and Officer Reed. The mayor tells Jack about how they want the town to be criminal free as Jack mumbles something about Tony DiMera. Commisioner Samuels is talking to Bo and Billie about their new assignment. Belle and Shawn rush up and he asks "What the h*ll is going on here?" Later, the Commisioner asks Shawn if he has a problem and Bo introduces his son to Samuels. Samuels asks if Shawn is planning on becoming a cop like Bo, but Shawn doesn't know. Bo offers to buy Belle and Shawn lunch as they agree, but Shawn pulls Bo aside. Belle leaves to get the food. Shawn asks how he could do this as Bo explains the assignment, promising to get out of it. Shawn trusts Bo, but not Billie. Belle returns, talking about the vender being closed down and she couldn't find food, so Shawn suggests the Brady Pub. Bo has to work, so Belle and Shawn "leave."  

Later, Bo is with Billie and Jack is interviewing the mayor and Samuels. Arthur tells Billie how great she looks in uniform as he openly flirts with her. Jack interviews Billie and they laugh as Jen and Bo stand back and watch. Bo asks Jen if Billie and Jack bother her and she denies it. Jen asks if Hope knows about the assignment and he says "no."  

Elsewhere, Jack invites Billie to dinner as Jen and Bo approach and she tells Jack it's time to leave, so they do. Commisioner Samuels and Arthur Sheffield approach and offer Billie a position as his personal guard. She is flattered, but turns him down. Samuels and Sheffield walk off as Bo asks "What the h*ll is wrong with you?" She says that she will not leave him as the mysterious knuckle cracker is spying on them. Billie thinks Bo wants to get rid of her, but he denies it. He just wants what's best for her as Billie leaves. Bo is worried about the assignment, vowing to get out of it. The mysterious man follows Billie out of the park.  

At the police station

Abe and Roman return and take off their uniforms, just having white vests on. They talk of Bo's partnership with Billie as Roman recieves Kate's bank records and is questioned by Abe. He tells Abe about the note Kate had, from Stefano and suspects a check was attached to it. When he runs it and nothing shows up, they wonder what Kate's connection to the DiMera's is. Roman wants to keep looking as Abe wonders if he is involved with Kate. Roman denies it as a man drops off flowers for the Captain. Roman reads the note from Kate, explaining to Abe that she sent them back to him. Abe tells him "strike out."  

Back at the park

Belle and Shawn lay on the ground talking about different things (Mainly Cassie, Rex, Mimi, Brady, Philip, Chloe, themselves, Dozer, Caprice, etc.). Shawn talks about Dozer's party and how he was tired last night, because "Snorer" was snoring. They talk studying, but with or without Mimi, they wouldn't get much studying done and they roll around on the ground kissing. Later, Shawn proclaims his love to Belle. 

In Dry Creek, North Dakota 

At the motel

Chloe is finishing up her letter while Philip is packing. She asks to drop it off at the Sheriff's office, but Philip says "no" and she questions him, but he makes lame excuses. She wants to go, with or without him, so he finally agrees to go, not wanting to be away from her (b*stard).

At Judge Broe's courtroom

Brady asks for the plan and Virgil says "Plead guilty and throw yourself on the mercy of the court."

 Brady disagrees as Judge Broe arrives and court begins with Brady yelling at the judge. The judge charges him with damages, stealing drugs, and goes to charge him with contempt when he moves toward the judge's desk, which again says Judge Broe. Brady complains about being violated as Virgil tells him not to go there and Brady asks why he is being railroaded. Brady asks for a trial date and the date is in November. Brady is p*ssed and asks about bail, but the judge gives him no chances. The sheriff arrests Brady and leads him off as he fights with him.  

In the sheriff's office, Philip and Chloe arrive to find no one there, so Philip wants to leave, but Chloe bursts into the doors and hears commotion. 

Back in the courtroom, Brady is glad to see Chloe as the judge questions her about knowing him. Chloe says that Brady is innocent as she explains about her "broken" ankle and Philip and Brady got in a fight and the drug cabinet opened, etc, etc. Nat, the sheriff, checks Chloe's ankle and it's fine. Finally, Philip offers to pay for the damages, but Judge Broe declines and leaves with Nat for lunch. Philip and Chloe head off as Brady follows. 

Later back at the motel

Chloe, Brady, and Philip arrive as Chloe talks about them going back to Salem, but Brady wants to stay. She can go with Philip or stay with him. Chloe shows Brady the letter as Philip is nervous and Brady accuses Philip of forging his signature, calling him a "b*stard." He says that Philip set him up. 

Back in Salem 

At Salem Place

Jack and Jen have lunch, while talking about the ceremony, Bo, Billie, etc. He notices her unhappiness and asks  if it is Billie and she warns him that Billie better not screw up her cousin, Hope's, life. Jack brings up Colin as they argue over him. They quit arguing as Jack brings her a surprise pastry. She is shocked that he remembered. She closes her eyes and blows out the candle, hoping the wish will come true. 

Back at the police department, Bo arrives and asks Abe to get him out of this partner ship with Billie...Now. 

Meanwhile back at Salem Place, Billie is walking back to the police station and stops to get something, when the mysterious man runs into her and grabs her by the arm. She says "My God, what are you doing here?" as the credits roll. The End.

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