Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/10/02

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/10/02

By Justin
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Today: Sami makes a plan, Salem celebrates, Brady gets his day, Philip lies again to Chloe. 

Cast: Sami, Tony, Lexie, Salem Mayor Arthur Sheffield, Billie, Bo, Mysterious Man, Kyle Stokes, Heroes of 9/11, Alice, Abby, Jack, Jen, Colin, Brandon, Roman, Lucas, Will, Nicole, Kate, Roman, Abe, Maggie, Mickey, Victor, Virgil Dawson, Brady, Sheriff, Philip, Chloe, Nurse Brenda, Woman, Dr. Jasper.  

In Salem 

At the police station

We find Billie reading her letter, in her uniform. Many cops are milling around, all in uniform to be awarded at the ceremony. Bo comes in, also in uniform, and makes his way to Abe's office. Bo begs Abe not to make him work with Billie, but Abe claims his hands are tied and he will not break the rules and he and Abe leave, rushing past Billie. After everyone is gone, Billie calls her "friend" and asks him what she is to do, since everyone will be suspicious if she doesn't go. She then, decides to go while talking about her award she is to be given.  

In Nicole's hospital room

Brandon is talking to Nicole about how Sami can change her attitude when she is in public and when she is alone with him. Brandon wonders what the old "b*stard" Victor has on poor Sami as Victor says "ahem" and Brandon turns around, shocked. Victor isn't angry, but states that he loves Nicole. Colin comes in and shows them Nicole's latest lab results which are very good, but they need to do more blood work. They decide to leave for the ceremony. Later, Nurse Brenda checks Nicole and turns to leave, but turns back around and exclaims "Oh, my gosh!"   

In Dry Creek, North Dakota 

At the motel

Chloe wakes up and spots a flower in Philip's hand. She tells him that he shouldn't be looking for flowers, but looking for Brady. Chloe goes to get dressed, so Philip calls the manager and tells him not to inform Chloe about the note and offers to pay him $50. After Chloe is dressed, they go to the clinic.  

At the clinic

Philip and Chloe find a new nurse on duty. They ask about Dr. Thompson, so the nurse gets Dr. Jasper, who tells them that Mr. and Mrs. Thompson took off out of town (After that, a special news report came on with Tom Brokaw talking about terrorist threats and it was on for about 25 minutes, leaving at Philip and Chloe packing). Later, Philip and Chloe pack and decide to go home.  


At the prison

Brady wakes up from a nightmare where he was yelling at Dr.Sikes. Brady gets up and yanks on the bars, screaming and yelling. The sheriff arrives and yells at Brady, bragging about the phone not working and his cell phone is confiscated. Brady wonders why Philip wasn't arrested when the attorney, Virgil Dawson, arrives, talking about him wanting to run to daddy for help. Brady trashes the judge, and then Virgil says that judge is my brother-in-law. Later, Brady and Virgil go before the judge and the strategy is for Brady to plead guilty and throw himself on the mercy of the court.

 Back in Salem 

                                      The Celebration of Heroes begins.....

The park is filled with people as Sami, Will, and Roman, who is in uniform arrive. Roman talks about Will donating to the celebration and Will says that he and his fourth grade class donated money as Lucas and Kate walk up. Will asks for ice cream, so Lucas agrees and Sami gets angry, but Lucas says that if you don't eat dessert first, you might not have room for it. Lucas and Will leave as Sami talks about Lucas being a bad father. Kate tells her that she is a bad mother as Sami says she is the worst mom on earth and Kate leaves. Roman walks off. 

Meanwhile, Mickey and Maggie are greeting people as we see a whole bunch of firemen, police officers, and EMT squad members. Mayor Sheffield introduces Kyle Stokes to Mickey and Maggie and Kyle was the one who saved Nicole's life. Kyle walks off as the mayor wonders where Bo Brady is and the Horton's don't know where he is.  

Elsewhere, Tony and Lexie arrive and she doesn't know about coming there as Tony states that he has a surprise. All of Salem will love it. Tony sees Colin arrive and asks him if he talked with Marlena yet. Colin tells him about the government agent posing as a doctor.  

Jack and Jen arrive with Abby, swinging her as they move along. Jack tells Abby that he will be working while they are there, but she doesn't care as long as they are together. Jack sees his
big story, Tony DiMera just arrived.  

Later, Will returns to Sami with carmel apple which doesn't please her as Lucas reminds her about seeing her and Brandon kiss which won't please Victor. Lucas pulls Mickey aside and asks for him to draw up joint-custody papers for him and Sami. 

The news interrupted the ceremony, so I don't know what happened. 

After the news report, the ceremony was almost over as Bo stepped down from the podium and we saw those feet and the knuckle cracker cracked his knuckles. Colin recieves a phone call and gets excited as Sami over hears him tell Victor and Brandon that Nicole's waking up and they leave. Panicky, Sami informs Tony, who makes her promise to get the key. She walks off, angry and upset as the credits roll. The End.

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