Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/9/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/9/02

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Today: John learns the shocking truth as the teens go to college and the rest of Salem prepares for the Celebration of Heroes. Philip feels guilty about scaring off Dr. Sikes.

Cast: John, Marlena, Agent Spector, Rex, Cassie, Mimi, Cynthia, Belle, Shawn, Henry/Dozer, Caprice, Philip, Chloe, Bo, Jack, Jen, Billie, Hope, Woman, Nurse Brenda.

In Salem

In the underground facility

Agent Spector tells John and Marlena that the twin's DNA is nothing like he's ever seen before. They are human, but they have been genetically egineered. John replies "Courtesy of Stefano DiMera" as Marlena looks worried. John talks about them being weapons, but Marlena thinks they are innocent. John wants her to find out the answers as we see the twins sleeping. Marlena is in no hurry and rushes off to help Belle pack with John staying there.

At the police station

Jen arrived to find Bo at his desk. Jen wants to ask questions about the Celebration of Heroes tomorrow as Bo had not known about it. He is rewarded for saving Victor's life as Jack and Billie arrive, talking about pillows and Jen looks shocked. Billie congratulates Bo as Jen tells her that she is rewarded, too. Billie doesn't want it, but Jack, Jen, and Bo convince her to accept it. Bo leaves to help Shawn. Billie goes to leave, but Jen stops her.

Jen talks about her and Jack "moving on" and gives Billie permission to date her ex, but Billie can't deal with it and rushes off. Later, Billie calls her mystery friend.

At the penthouse

Shawn and Belle are packing and talking about the twins as Belle goes on and on about them, leading to a huge argument with Shawn regretting staying in Salem. They argue and Shawn rushes out, slamming the door. Later, Marlena arrives to find a distraught Belle. Marlena thinks she is worried about the twins and shares the news that they are human. They talk about Stefano controlling lives as Belle is mad at John. Belle tells Marlena about her fight with Shawn. Marlena thinks that Belle should concentrate on school.

In Dry Creek, North Dakota

At Brady and Chloe's motel room

Chloe worries about Brady as Philip tries to convince her to leave with him. She worries about her father and that may have been the last chance to meet him. Philip assures her that they will find him as Nico is on the job. Chloe asks if Nico can find Brady and he lies and says "yes." Philip talks about her not trusting him and going off with Brady as Chloe gets angry. Brady understands her and it helped being away from him (Philip). Philip asks if she doesn't love him as she says she does, but he has college to concentrate on. He talks about if he left she would be with Brady. Later, Philip gives her the hairclip and he talks about things being different when she gets well. She becomes frustrated and lies on the bed as Philip lies next to her.

 Chloe has flash backs of the barn and we see the note "Brady" left her as she lies by Philip.

Back in Salem

At Salem University/Hartly House

Bo and Shawn arrive with bags in their hands and Bo goes outside to move the truck. Hope calls and tells Shawn that J.T. will be better in a few days as she talks about her "little" boy being off to college. They chat as Hope tells him to eat properly and says that she'll call Bo later and Hope hangs up. Bo returns and learns about Hope calling. Later in Shawn's dorm, Bo and Shawn put the stuff away. Shawn tells him about the fight with Belle and then they talk about Billie and the kiss. Bo explains it was an assignment and he will tell his mother and steer clear of Billie. Later back in the lobby, Marlena and Belle arrive with bags with Shawn and Bo helping them. While Bo and Marlena get the bags, Belle and Shawn reconcile. Caprice walks up and hints to Shawn about getting him and Belle into the same house.

 Belle hopes she is not there to spy on her as Marlena is upset when she says that she isn't. Mimi arrives, talking about fixing her schedule. Belle talks about Mimi sleeping over as Shawn's roommate arrives and Caprice introduces him as "Henry." Henry walks up to Shawn and says "Call me Dozer" as he punches Shawn and says see ya around. LOL.

 Mimi and Belle get a kick out of this.

Belle and Shawn realize that this is it and they hug their parents. Bo and Marlena leave as Dozer returns and tells Shawn to come the party tonight. Shawn and Belle talk about the dorms as Belle says "You can sleep with me" and then, says "Sleep in my dorm with Mimi" as Mimi returns. Belle tells Shawn about Rex and Cassie. Mimi runs into Cynthia, who calls it "Heartbreak House."

 Cynthia claims that to be a bad omen for "Romeo and Juliet" (AKA Shawn and Belle) as we see the two tickling each other.

Later back at the police station

Bo is working when a woman brings him two envelopes. Billie arrives and opens hers as Bo opens his and he says "Oh, no."

Back at the hospital

Jack and Jen arrive to find Nurse Brenda, who refuses to give them any info as "Dr. Frank" walks by. They all think it's strange, but Jack and Jen smell a story and rush off.

Back underground, John visits Rex and Cassie and tells them his name atleast that's the one Stefano gave him. Rex has memories of John at the warf. Rex says "hello" and shakes his hand as John notices the bracelets and pulls out the key, causing them to freak. John convinces Rex to trust him and unlocks the bracelet. He does Cassie and notices that they both have a strange tatoo. John puts their hand together and it's the phoenix.

 Marlena returns as John shows her and tells her that it's the beginning of the end as the credits roll. The End.


The End.

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