Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/29/02

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/29/02

By Justin

Today: Nicole fears Sami will kill her. Brady searches for a fled Dr. Thompson and then, lands in court with Philip. Colin claims he only loves Jen as Jack runs into Vern at Com.  

Cast: Nicole, Sami, Victor, Brandon, Brady, Chloe, Philip, Judge Broe, Colin, Jen, Jack, Vern, Baliff, Fay, Nancy, Craig, nurse, sheriff, motel manager.

North Carolina.....

At the clinic

Replay of Brady and Chloe finding Dr. Sikes/Thompson gone and the nurse questioning as to why. They hear sirens as the nurse says she called the sheriff. Philip looks out the window as Brady and Chloe rush out. The sheriff arrives and Philip is busted.

   The sheriff handcuffs Philip, talking about him trying to steal drugs. The nurse mentions the other guy and girl as Philip puts the blame on Brady, talking about him being into drugs and they are related, but Victor, his dad tried to turn him the other way.

 Philip offers to pay for damage as he says that nothing was stolen and mentions Victor Kiriakis and the sheriff agrees to let him go, but Philip wants him to arrest Brady.


In Salem......


At the hospital

Nancy is disappointed that both of the pregnancy tests she took came back negative. She asks Craig to get her two more just in case the others were wrong. Craig tells her that they have the whole house to themselves and they should take advantage of it. Nancy smiles and calls Chloe.


At the motel in Dry Creek

Brady and Chloe return, wondering why nobody saw Dr. Sikes. Brady promises an upset Chloe that he will go door to door if he has to as he comforts her. He leaves to do something as Chloe gets a call from Nancy. She is short with Nancy and tells her that they are at a fancy restaurant and hangs up.


Back in Salem.....


Back at the hospital

Nancy gets worried as she wonders why it was so quiet on the phone as New York is usually bustling with people, but it wasn't.



At .Com

Jen arrives and runs into Jack, telling him about the hospital and he suggests Colin is involved in the hit on Victor. They begin arguing.

 Jen claims Colin had nothing to do with it as Jack says that Colin would "never lie." Jen begins talking about his date with Billie as he wonders how she knew and she claims her sources told her. Jack talks about his date to make sure Jen is jealous. They talk about moving on as Jack pulls out the psychology book, ready to return it, because he read it. Jen tells him that you can't read a book that you bought and then, return it. They talk about how the book didn't help them with Tony. Next, they talk about the missing years of John, Marlena, and Tony as Jen spots Colin across the room. Jen joins him and has coffee with him, talking about the campfire and flirting. Elsewhere, Jack has headphones on, watching Jen and Colin, drinking his coffee, when all of the sudden, a hand reaches on Jack's shoulder, causing him to spit out his coffee. It's just Vern, who has came for special coffee beans Jo likes. Vern talks about serving Jo breakfast in bed and needing Jack out of the house early, so he can--, but Jack doesn't want details.

 Vern asks Jack when he is moving out and he replies "When I get back together with Jen" and Vern replies "When h*ll freezes over." Vern suggests he check in the newspaper for apartments. Back at the counter, Jen questions Colin about Nicole as he claims to only love her (Jen). Jen has flashbacks of Nicole and Colin at Salem Place as he leaves. Jen wonders if Jack was right as he joins her, when Vern leaves. Jen assures him that Colin didn't see them together.


Back at the hospital

Earlier at the hospital, Sami had her hand on the plug, when Nicole opened her eyes and saw Sami. The monitor went off and Colin rushed in, followed by Victor, Brandon, and Roman, who want to know what Sami is doing there.

 As everyone questions Sami, Colin tells them to take it outside as he tends to Nicole. Outside, Victor wants to know why Sami was in there as she claims that she wanted to make peace with Nicole. Brandon tells Victor that Sami didn't know what would happen to Nicole. He talks about how Nicole might have been agitated by Sami's presence. Later, Victor and Brandon talk alone. Victor tells Brandon about Sami's problems with Carrie, Lucas, and now, Austin. Brandon voices his opinion about him putting the ring on Nicole's finger before she awakens, because she might feel differently. Elsewhere, Roman approaches Sami and tells her that she only cares about herself. Sami tells him that if she had a choice, she wouldn't have let Lucas take Will away to Africa for the summer. He tries to tell her that her plots are evil, but she won't listen. She tells him about him never approving of men she dates, but he says that she chases, she doesn't date. Then, he warns her to stay away from Victor, Nicole, and Brandon.


Later in the waiting room, Brandon finds Sami alone and warns her to stay away from Victor and Nicole. Sami tells him about Nicole opening her eyes as she lies about the reason she was at the Salem Inn.



Outside Nicole's room, Fay returns from the cafeteria and runs into Victor, who reassures her that Nicole will be okay. He says that she will have the best care and rehab.

 Much later, Fay meets up with Brandon and they talk about Nicole's engagement to Victor.


Later back in North Dakota.....


Back at the motel

The sheriff calls the motel manager and pre-warns him to stall Brady from leaving. Brady comes down and is stopped by the manager, who makes up a lame excuse. Outside, the sheriff arrives with Philip, who claims that is Brady inside the motel. Philip is unlocked from the handcuffs and hides, while the sheriff arrests Brady and they leave. Philip goes up to Chloe's room. He knocks on the door and she opens it.

 Philip questions her as she tells him about her father and how he got scared away and that may have been her only chance. Philip offers to help her in her search, but she hopes Brady has.


At the court

Brady is brought in and the plaque on the judge's desk, clearly says Judge Broe (LOL).

 Judge Broe asks Brady if he is representing himself as Brady asks for a lawyer. Brady asks for a phone call, but the phone is broken and his cell phone was confiscated. The judge says that he'll have to spend the night in jail. The bailiff walks him off as Brady stares coldly at the judge as the credits roll. The End.

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