Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/28/02

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/28/02

By Justin

Today: Sami fights with her dreams and her conscious as Nicole fights for her life with several people holding vigil. Roman searches for his daughter as Brandon and Victor talk about Nicole. Marlena is amazed by the other key as Philip ruins Chloe's chance to meet her father.  

Cast: Sami, Nicole, Victor, Shawn, Brandon, Belle, Rex, Cassie, Marlena, Motel manager, Woman, Frederick Sikes, Roman, Sarah, Fred, Nurse, Philip, Chloe, Brady.  

In North Dakota..... 

At the Dry Creek Motel

Philip bursts into an empty room, yelling for Chloe as he searches everywhere. The motel manager asks for the cash, so Philip pays him off for letting him in. He asks where Brady and Chloe went, so he pays off the man again for the info. 

At the Dry Creek Clinic

 Chloe, who is on crutches supposed to a broken ankle arrives with Brady and they asks the nurse where Dr. Thompson is. A man arrives with a package for the nurse and she signs for it as she says "Thank you, Fred." Fred leaves as the nurse tells them that Dr. Ben Thompson just got done delivering a baby, so he should be here any minute. Chloe changes her mind and wants to leave, but decides to stay as Ben returns and we see his shadow behind the door as he talks to the nurse. The nurse tells him about the young lady that has a broken ankle and he tells her that he needs to wash up first. The nurse takes Brady and Chloe to a room where they talk while waiting for Sikes/Thompson. Back in the lobby, Philip bursts in, asking about Chloe Lane. The nurse says that there is no Chloe Lane here. Philip shouts "Chloe!" as Brady and Chloe hear. Philip has saw Brady's car and rushes into the hall where Brady walks out. Brady tries to stop him, but he rushes into the exam room where Chloe is and they argue. Brady interferes and gets a punch in the jaw.

Brady jumps and throws Philip against the wall as the nurse hears and we see Ben/Frederick walk out. Ben and the nurse hear Chloe yelling at Philip and Brady as they fight. Ben goes to go in, but the nurse doesn't want him to get punched, so she leaves to call the sheriff.

Chloe yells that they are hear to find "Dr. Sikes" as Ben hears and panics. Brady berates Chloe as he opens the door to find the nurse, but Sikes is gone and the nurse finds that strange. They all hear sirens, panic, and Chloe moves toward Brady. The nurse says that she called the sheriff.


At the Brady's

Belle meets Marlena out front as Shawn returns and they go in, so she can meet Rex and Cassie. Marlena sees the twins and looks strangely at them, but introduces herself as Marlena, but Rex says "No you're not." He then, says "Mom--Belle's mom."

Marlena says that she is Belle's mother, asking where they live as Rex says "You tell" which leads Marlena to think that Belle told them she knew where they live. Belle talks about the hamster cage and the key as Marlena asks Rex and Cassie to give her the key, but Cassie is frightened. Rex hands her the key as she stares at it. She remembers her talks with John and tells Belle and Shawn not to tell anyone about this key. 

At Salem University Hospital

Victor and Brandon worry about Nicole as Roman rushes in, looking for Sami and offers his condolences to Victor. Victor talks about how Nicole mentioned Sami's name before she passed out. Roman protests as Brandon watches and Roman leaves. Brandon and Victor talk about how much they love Nicole.

In Nicole's room, Sami eyes the plug and is about to pull it, when her conscious urges her not to. Sami's conscience tells her that she is not a killer. Sami talks about her family and fantasizes about pilgrim life and punishment. Roman with a pilgrim style attire, puts Sami in one of those chamber things with wholes for the arms and the head, a stockade. 

Caroline yells "You lied in court and told everyone that Lucas hit Will" as Shawn Sr. pours a bucket of something on her head. Brady and Belle call her a liar as they continue bombing her with food and trash. 

Back in reality, Sami argues with her conscience. Sami talks about how she loves Brandon and with Nicole out of the way she can be with him, but Victor would launch an investigation as she has a dream of a black and white sceenary. Victor walks into a garden and sits down as two goons bring Sami to him. Victor uses the godfather's voice as he talks to Sami. Sami begs him not to punish her. Victor tells her that she will get a new pair of shoes, cement ones. He tells his goons to take Sami on his yaught and then, drop her.The goons drag Sami off as she screams. Sami comes back to reality as she puts her hand on the plug and we see Brandon's hand on the door handle. A nurse comes by and tells him that the doctor does not allow visitors, but he convinces Sarah to let him visit Niki. Sami hides as Brandon walks in and talks to Nicole about how he loves Sami.

Brandon begins crying as he begs Nicole not to leave him as Sami listens and cries as well. Brandon leaves as Sami calls Nicole a b*tch, saying that Brandon does love her. Sami's conscience returns as she argues about how her parents want her to be perfect, but Brandon loves her for who she is as she has another fantasy of Brandon sitting beside Nicole bedside. Sami walks in and Brandon yells at her for lying. He begins strangling her as she snaps out of it and has her own hands around her neck. Sami pulls the plug and Nicole turns her head as Sami's conscience taunts her. It's just a dream as Sami comes out of it and checks to make sure the plug's secure.  

Later back in the lobby, Roman returns, still looking for Sami as Victor threatens her and Roman threatens him.

Brandon tells Victor to back off as Roman leaves. Victor and Brandon talk about Sami and her wrong doings. 

Back in Nicole's room, the plug is secure and Sami is "glad" that Nicole is alive. Sami goes to leave, but checks once again to make sure it's in. Nicole opens her eyes and spots Sami.

Sami sees and is frozen in fear as the credits roll. Fade to black.



The End.

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