Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/23/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/23/02

By Justin

Today: Someone is shot during the stakeout. Chloe chooses Brady. Philip prepares for the "trip." Shawn witnesses Billie and Bo kissing. Cassie attacks Belle.  

Cast: Hitman, Bo, Billie, Nicole, Sami, Victor, Shawn, Roman, Chloe, Brady, Philip, Garbled Voice, Belle, Rex, Cassie, Patty, Man, Clerk, Woman, Woman #2.   

At Nicole's apartment

Nicole is getting ready until there is a knock at the door. She quietly whispers "Colin." She opens the door to find Victor. Victor walks in and demands to know why she hung up on him as we see Sami stroll up to the door, listening. She remembers making love to Colin and tells Victor that she was tired as Sami continues listening. Victor gets a call from Bo as he explains about the hit put out on him. Bo asks Victor to meet him at Salem Place, so he cancels his date with Nicole and rushes out.

 Nicole stands there shocked as Sami lets herself in. Sami let's Nicole think that she told Victor about her affair with Colin.

At Salem Place

Somewhere in Salem Place, Philip is strolling around and he calls Chloe, who has all of her bags packed. He tells her that he'll meet her in a half an hour.  

At Java Cafe', Roman and Billie are talking at Java Cafe' as she says "Before tonight is over, I plan to have Bo in bed." Roman takes her seriously, telling her that tonight is not a joke as she lets him know that she was kidding. She knows that is what he is thinking though. Billie asks if he is jealous as he lets her know that he is boss and she promises not to let anything go wrong. Bo walks up and tells them that he is meeting Victor.

 Bo walks off. Later, Bo finds Victor and tells him all about the hit. The man will be here tonight, maybe even at Salem Inn. Victor tells him that he booked the honeymoon suite there as Bo suggests he cancel. Victor refuses as Bo gets angry. Philip walks up and sees Bo and Victor. Bo leaves as Philip aks Victor if everything is okay. Victor tells him nothing and tells Philip to have a good trip and hugs him.  

At the Brady's

Shawn and Belle bring Rex and Cassie inside the garage as Cassie holds the key, flipping out. Cassie says "Danger, code blue" as Shawn says that he wants to turn them in, but Belle changes his mind, by kissing him. Cassie watches, sadly. Shawn talks about protecting Jan and what happened as Cassie says "jeopardy." She has a flashback of when they were younger. They are in a white room and a garbled voice says "Goodnight.....Sleep tight....Don't let the bed bugs bite." The man locks the door with the blue key and leaves young Cassie crying. Young Rex comforts his sister.

 In real time, Rex is calming down Cassie as she is punding on doors and looking out windows and Shawn leaves, frustrated.

 Back at Nicole's apartment

Nicole orders Sami to leave, but she doesn't as she continues taunting her. Sami tries to make a deal....Brandon for Victor, but Nicole refuses. Sami tells Nicole that she won't tell Victor about the affair, if she gets Victor off her back. Sami has some rooftop flashbacks. Sami says that Nicole won't ever get another job at Titan again, Victor will freeze her accounts, and she will be slinging hash alongside Fay. Nicole has had enough and she orders Sami out as she reminds her about the tape and she has flashbacks of March, when Sami ordered Victor to transfer Austin to Hawaii. Nicole puts on her dress as she storms out and Sami follows her.  

Back at Salem Place

Shawn arrives and runs into Roman. Roman tells Shawn that his dad is undercover, so Shawn rushes off to find Philip looking at hairclips to buy Chloe. Roman gets a call and calls Bo. Back outside the store, Shawn asks if he's seen his dad and Philip says that he was headed for Salem Inn and Shawn storms off. Later, Philip walks out with the hairclip and calls Chloe, but she doesn't answer, so he tells her that he's coming over. 

Back at the Wesley's

There is a knock on the door and Chloe opens it to find Brady. She is mean to him as he asks what the suitcases are for. He asks if she is going back to the hospital as he tells her that he does care about her and does want her to get better. Chloe tells him about her trip with Philip as he tells her that she is living in denial. Brady trashes Philip as she orders him out. He leaves, but then comes back and tells her about Dr. Sikes and she faints. Later, she is shocked. She asks how he knows this, but he won't tell her and says that he is leaving town....Tonight. She tells him that he isn't. Brady leaves, but Chloe follows him, saying she is going with him. 

Back in the Brady garage

Cassie chases Shawn, but Belle stops her, telling her that Shawn will be back. Belle steals the key and asks what it opens as Cassie freaks. Rex shows her a hamster cage as Belle figures they were locked up. Cassie says "Belle is a bedbug.....Belle bites" as Belle wonders what will cheer Cassie up. Rex says "I love Salem" as he rushes outside to get the bag. Cassie turns on a power saw and moves towards Belle with it.

At the Salem Inn

Bo and Billie arrive and Roman calls him. He tells them that the hitman is in Salem and maybe even at Salem Inn. Bo hangs up as Billie "fixes" Bo's collar as the wire is showing. Victor arrives and checks in as Bo and Billie spot two guys lurking and one has a briefcase. Outside, Nicole and Sami arrive, arguing as Shawn passes them and storms in. Shawn walks in as Bo and Billie begin passionately kissing.

 Shawn takes it the wrong way and leaves. Victor is sitting in a chair as the one guy walks out and Billie follows him. Nicole and Sami storm in as Victor asks why they are here.

 Bo spots the hitman and stands up as two woman walk in front of him. The hitman pulls out a gun as Bo pulls out his.

 Bo yells "everyone down" as Sami hits the floor and throws Nicole onto Victor and the hitman fires as the credits roll. Fade to black on the hitman. The End.

 End shot of the hitman. 


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