Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/22/02

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/22/02

By Justin

Today: John talks to Roman about the DiMera's while Brady searches for Dr. Sikes and Philip and Chloe prepare for their trip. Also, Belle and Shawn find a clue!  

Cast: John, Roman, Brady, Isabella, Female Cop, Male Cop, Vendor, Belle, Shawn, Rex, Cassie, Patty, Philip, Chloe, Nancy, Craig, Pete.  

At Brady's loft

Brady is remembering the other day at the copshop when Roman told him that he can't reveal any info about the witness protection program as it may cost Dr. Frederick Sikes his life.  Isabella appears and convinces him to go back to Roman, but Brady refuses. He tries to explain why he can't talk to Roman, but she tells him to go on a journey with Chloe. He asks where as Isabella tells him to go see Roman and he leaves, frustrated. 

At the Wesley's

Philip arrives to find Chloe reading on the front porch. He asks her to guess where they're going, but she doesn't want to. She guesses Paris or Rome, but he says that his dad didn't want them leaving the country, so she'll need her walking shoes.....'Cause they're going to New York. There, they can see broadway shows and sceenary as he doesn't have to be in Columbia for another week (Guess what Philip, you don't know yet, but you're going to Salem U.). Chloe agrees to go as she smiles, but Nancy walks onto the porch, saying "No." Philip and Chloe try to convince Nancy as Chloe talks about her missing the trip to Julliard. They move into the living room as Craig walks in and surprises them all and says that the trip would be best for Chloe. Philip tells them that he booked 2 first class rooms in a Mannhatten hotel as Chloe says that it would give her a chance to see Julliard. Craig says that he can send Chloe's file to New York. Chloe promises Nancy that she will check in every hour as that would make Nancy happy. Nancy is all smiley as she agrees and makes Chloe promise to stick with the hourly check in. They need 10 minutes alone with their daugter, so Philip agrees to meet Chloe at Java Cafe'. Craig and Nancy give Chloe a present...a wig made from her own hair. Chloe is happy as she asks Nancy to help her put it on. She does and she looks beautiful. As Nancy looks at Chloe, she remembers the first time she saw her at the orphanage. Ms. Rush introduced Nancy and Chloe to each other. She tells Chloe about what she was thinking and Chloe says "thank you, Mom." Chloe and Nancy hug as her eyes have tears of happiness. Later, Pete arrives. Pete tells Craig and Nancy about Dr. Sikes testifying against a drug lord and after that, he disappeared. Nancy panics. Pete leaves as Craig tells her that they will help Chloe and they hug.  

At the police station

John arrives and goes into Abe's office to find Roman. John is worried about something going down with the DiMera's. Roman tells him that something is going down as he tells him about the hit on Victor and Stefano may be responsible. John asks what he wants him to do as Roman tells him "nothing." John pulls out the blue key and says that it is the tip of the iceberg and he'll do what he has to do as he leaves. 

At Salem Place

Belle and Shawn escort the alien twins around town. They turn to talk and the next thing you know, Rex and Cassie are fooling around near the window at Ballistix. Belle and Shawn wonder when to turn the aliens over to the cops. Rex and Cassie steal food from a vendor as two cops spot them. Shawn sees and tries to convince the cops not to arrest Rex and Cassie. Belle says that Rex and Cassie are exchange students as they repeat silly lines. The female figures out that Shawn is Bo Brady's son and goes along with Shawn's lie. The cops tell them not to let it happen again and leave. Later at Java Cafe', Belle and Shawn feed the twins. Belle wonders what the drawing means as Shawn says they might have to catch a space shuttle to another planet, but they aren't that rich.  

Later at Lookout Point

Belle and Shawn take Rex and Cassie back to the spot where they found them. Belle and Shawn turn their heads and the next minute, Rex and Cassie are lying on the ground. Shawn and Belle hear a loud noise and think it's another space capsule, but it's just a airplane. Belle has flashbacks of the whole rescuing sceen, from finding the space craft, to giving the aliens CPR. Back in the present, Rex and Cassie get up. Later, Belle thinks the key might still be there, so Rex and Shawn go over the cliff to look. Rex slips, but Shawn saves the day. Rex and Shawn climb down as Belle looks at the drawing and Cassie gets scared. The guys return as Belle sees something in the tree. Shawn goes to investigate. He finds something and tosses it to Rex and he catches it. It's a blue key like the one John has as the twins stare at it and Belle and Shawn realize it's the one in the picture.  

Back at Salem Place

Brady and John run into each other. John tells Brady to live each day as it is as he feels Isabella is watching over them every day. John walks off as Brady runs into Philip and Chloe. Brady comments her on the wig as she begins telling him where they are going, but Philip cuts her off. THey go off, shopping. Later, Philip tells Chloe that they are going to have fun as they look for clothes. He fingers her necklace. 

Back at the police station

Brady arrives again to see Roman as Isabella appears, watching them talk. Roman apologizes, saying he can't help him as he pulls out a folder and taps it when Brady storms off. Roman brings Brady back in, saying he can't help him, but he'll have to find the answers himself as he taps the folder again. Roman leaves Brady alone, telling him that nothing better be wrong when he returns. Brady sits down and opens the file, writing down information as Isabella smiles and disappears. Later when Roman returns, he finds Brady still there and he puts the paper in his pocket and leaves as Roman tells him to be careful. 

Back at Salem Place

John remembers stealing the key and his talk about the Gemini Project with Tony. He wonders about a connection between the Gemini and the key. John feels that the only way to protect his family is to find out about what the key means as the credits roll.

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