Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/21/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/21/02

By Justin

Today: The mysterious man spies on a happy Billie while Roman talks to an unhappy Bo. The Carver marriage goes down the tubes while Sami confronts both Nicole and Colin. Brandon comforts a distraught Lexie. 

Cast: Mysterious Man, Billie, Bo, Roman, Hope, Abe, Colin, Nicole, Sami, Brandon, Lexie, Cop.   

At the Carver house

Outside, Lexie is fiddling with her keys, until she finally opens the door and rushes into the living room. Abe walks out, asking "What are you doing here?" Lexie asks for reconciliation while having flashbacks of her making love with Brandon (And I mean the whole disgusting matter).

 Abe asks where she was last night as she lies and states she went to Salem Inn (Couldn't have, because Roman and Victor were there). She changes her mind when he doesn't believe her and says that she went for a walk, then to the health club, the sauna, and then, the phone locker, ect. Abe pulls out the scarf, admitting he found it at Brandon's as she claims to have only stopped by there for just a few minutes, because he was expecting Sami. Abe talks about Stefano and how many lies she is covering up. Lexie tells him to respect her father as he is dead while he talks about her lying and blaming everything on everyone else. Lexie talks about Abe sleeping with Fay and then, talks about her friendship with Brandon and defends him. Lexie claims she is fully a DiMera as Abe talks about his wife being sweet and generous, but now she is gone. He tells Lexie to leave as he is suing for divorce. She leaves as he quietly says "Good bye, Lexie." 

At Salem Place

Replay of Sami and Colin having a run in. Sami confronts him about being at Nicole's as she is still convinced that they were sleeping together. As Colin has flashbacks of yesterday, they insult each other about Elizabeth and Austin dumping them in Vegas. Sami asks if they were sleeping together, but Colin denies it, but then confirms it. Colin claims that it was a "business affair" as Sami doesn't believe him. Colin brings up Sami spending time with Tony, but guesses she is using him to get Brandon. After some major arguing, Colin leaves. 

At Nicole's apartment

Brandon arrives and corners Nicole into telling him what she said to Sami. Nicole begins revealing the truth, but covers as he tells her about Sami canceling their date and Nicole begins feeling sorry for him. Nicole calls Sami a liar and a cheat as Brandon says that it was for the best. He goes out on the balcony as she brings two glasses of iced tea. Brandon suggests that they shouldn't keep secrets from one another as it's the two of them against the world. Nicole tells him about her engagement to Victor Kiriakis as Brandon refers to him as a bankroll version of Paul, abusive and controlling. Then, he talks about the 5 million she has in the bank (Remember in summer 2000 when she was using that against Rex Rollins and Victor Kiriakis; wonder if she forgot). He thinks she doesn't need Victor as Nicole says that she wants more and with Victor, she'll be rich beyond her wildest dreams. Nicole says that she is accepting the proposal as they agree to disagree on their private and personal lives. Brandon leaves while Nicole thinks to herself, "Finally, Sami is history." 

Later back at Salem Place

Brandon arrives, angry as he runs into a distraught Lexie, telling him about Abe filing for a divorce. Lexie tells him about how Abe found the scarf while Brandon remembers picking it up and placing it there as he tells her that it's for the best. Brandon promises not to tell anyone about the other night, assuring her that he'll be there for her while she goes through the divorce. Brandon and Lexie hug. 

Back at Nicole's apartment

Sami arrives and talks about being ready to tell Victor about her fling with Colin. Nicole tries slamming the door in her face, but the phone rings and it's Colin. Colin tells her about Sami knowing and explains his coverup. Nicole says bye to "Victor" as she also tells Sami the business affair excuse, but Sami doesn't believe her.  

At the police station

Roman hands Bo the keys, telling him that he is staying with Billie tonight when Billie walks in, shocked to here the news. Bo says that he is not staying anywhere with anyone except his wife as Roman explains about the hitman, who resurfaced and he is a master of disguise. Roman tells them that the CIA, the interpool, and the ISA have given word that a hit is out on someone. The orders are from the boss. Roman tells them that they need a couple to supposedly stay at the Salem Inn and lure the hitman out of hiding. Billie agrees, but Bo disagrees and refuses as Roman leaves to speak with the commissioner. Billie begs Bo, but he says that he is commited to his family and won't betray Hope. Later when Roman returns, he explains that the hit is out on Victor Kiriakis. Stefano hired a hitman to take out Victor when he revealed the hidden airstrip to them when Lexie tried fleeing the country with Zack. Bo agrees, only because Victor is his father and he has helped them as Roman promises not to tell Hope, because this is top secret. Bo finally agrees as he leaves to call Hope and Billie calls Jack to cancel their date. Meanwhile, Hope calls Bo and tells him about Barb going into labor while waiting for J.T. to get out of surgery and she had a boy. J.T. went through surgery quite well and she was just wondering if she could stay in Iowa for awhile, since Barb had the baby and J.T. feels comfortable with her. Bo agrees, telling her that he is staying at work late anyways. Much later, Abe returns, looking gloom as Bo and Roman look concerned. Abe tells them the news and then, goes into his office. Abe calls Mickey and tells him to file for the divorce as Bo and Roman talk. 

Meanwhile back at Salem Place

Billie walks out of the store with bags and looks in the bags, with a smile, saying "This hitman came along just at the right time." We see the mysterious knuckle cracking man watching from far away as he cracks his knuckles, once again as the credits roll.

The End.

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