Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/20/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/20/02

By Justin

Today: Roman gives Bo bad news while Jen sees Billie and Jack hug. Colin and Nicole make love and after, he is confronted by Sami. Victor calls Nicole after she makes love to Colin.

Cast: Roman, Bo, Billie, Jack, Jen, Sami, Colin, Victor, Patty, Nicole, Brandon, Salem Inn clerk.  

At the police station

Billie eavesdrops on Roman, who is on the phone with the commissioner. It seems like the commissioner is not happy about the protocal being broken during the drug bust. Roman argues with his boss, but he tells him that he will do what he has to do. Billie rushes back to her desk as Bo arrives and Roman tells him that he needs to talk to him and Billie when he returns. Roman leaves as Bo asks Billie what's going on and she tells him that she thinks she is being fired. She tells him about Roman's call as they talk about the protocal. Bo offers to defend her to the commissioner, but Billie tells him that he doesn't need to defend her.   Billie tells him that she's glad he thinks she's a good cop. He leaves as she makes a phone call to her mystery buddy and tells them that she will not leave Bo or the precinct.  

At Sami's apartment

Sami has flashbacks of the previous day as she thinks of a plan to win Brandon back. Someone pounds on the door as she opens it to find, Brandon. He is angry and upset as he asks why she cancelled on him. She tells him that she loves him and starts crying. Brandon won't leave until he has an answer as she hears Victor's many warnings running through her head. He assumes it's Austin as he throws something. Brandon admits being with Lexie the other night and when questioned, tells Samantha that it's none of her business. He has many flashbacks of his erotic sex with Lexie and refuses to give Sami the details. He tells Sami that he will never believe her again and opens the door to find Billie. Billie tells Sami that a neighbor called in a disturbance as she asks if Sami is okay. Sami begs Billie not to file a report as Billie and Brandon move in on her. Sami feels threatened and orders them out of her house and out of her life, including Nicole. Later, Sami vows not to let Nicole and Victor win.

Meanwhile, Brandon wonders why Sami brought up Nicole while talking to him and Billie.  

At Nicole's apartment

Nicole and Victor are celebrating their victory as Nicole is happy to here that Titan brought down another one of Basic Black/Kate's clients. She tells Victor that she's got something for him, but he doesn't want it to be for the power he is holding over Sami. Nicole suggests giving it to him at the Penthouse Grill tonight and he agrees. Nicole shows Victor to the door.

 After he is gone, she opens her box and we find that it is a huge diamond ring as she says that she may not love Victor, but he can give her the life she wants.  

At Salem Place

Jen orders a cup of coffee from Patty while reading the book she bought yesterday. Jen sits down as Jack arrives and she tells him that she has paronoia. He tells her that she needs a break from work and he flashes three tickets for the touring of Annie. Jen gets excited as she explains Abby has been singing "Tomorrow" ever since she came home from camp. Jen hugs him, telling him that he is such a good dad. Colin arrives and watches the hug. Jen pulls away, claiming they can't hug in public as Colin walks away. Jack is hurt by Jen's words and leaves. Colin knows Jen still loves Jack. 

At Salem Inn

We find Roman checking in with the clerk as he walks away. Victor arrives and books the honeymoon suite as the clerk congratulates him. Roman confronts Victor and goes to tell him congrats, but tells him good luck as Nicole is trouble.

 The clerk hands Roman his key as Victor asks if he and Kate are spending the evening together, reminding him of the elevator incident. Roman tells him that they were trapped in an elevator, but Victor mentions Kate's lipstick being on him. Roman suggests he tail Nicole too as he is Kate.

Back at Nicole's apartment

A knock on the door leads Nicole to find Victor there as he had come back to remind her that once they are married, she's all his. He pulls out a pair on cuffs and cuffs him and Nicole together as she wakes up, panicky from her nightmare. Another knock scares her as she fears it's Victor, but no, it's Colin. She yells at him as he walks in and explains that she is the only woman who has ever been honest with him. Colin urges her to give in as he kisses her, but she pulls away, remembering Victor's warning. She shows him the $1, 000, 000 engagement ring as Colin suggests that Victor is just using her. He tries to convince her to make love to him, so she kisses him and the ring falls as they drop onto the couch. Later, Nicole puts on a robe, while Colin gets dressed and he tells Nicole that they both needed that. Nicole asks him to keep it secret as she shows him out and Sami arrives and hides while seeing Colin leave. Much later, Nicole looks at her engagement ring after finding it. Victor calls her, but a knock on the door, makes her rush him off the phone. She opens the door, to find a very angry Brandon, who asks her what she did to Samantha.

 Back at the police station

Jack follows Billie in and badgers her about a story about the drug bust. She doesn't want to be put in the paper, but then, asks him out. He jokingly laughs, but realizes she is serious and tells her about what happened with Greta and Jen and how they both got hurt. Billie suggests they go out as friends, who knows what could happen as he agrees.  

Back at Salem Place

After Jack leaves, Bo arrives and joins Jen, who tells him that it was a mistake by hiring Jack. She tells Bo that she thinks Jack still loves her and by hiring him, she is sending him mixed messages. She tells Bo about how smart and funny Jack is as Bo tells her that she still loves Jack. Jen thinks that she is a news story to Jack and after he's done with her, he'll move on as she says that she is envious of his and Hope's relationship. He reminds her about how he married Billie and he was lucky Hope even took him back. Jen fears that Jack will leave her and Abby again, so Bo suggests maybe Jack can help her to get over that fear. She thanks him as she promises that she is okay and he kisses her on the head and leaves. Jen calls Harold and learns that Jack isn't in as she wonders where he could be.


Meanwhile, Sami runs into Colin.

 She starts off with small talk, but then questions him about her seeing him at Nicole's apartment.

 Back at Java Cafe', Billie and Jack arrive as she orders 16 coffees for her fellow officers. She thanks Jack for helping her as Jen watches. Jack asks Billie out.

 She agrees and hugs him as Jen watches, secretly from around the corner.


Later back at the police station

Bo arrives as Roman follows him in, apologizing for not being able to win the commissioner over. He thinks it's about Billie, but Roman says that he got him a key for the Salem Inn. Bo asks why and Roman says that he will be spending the night there.....with Billie. Cue to Bo's shocked face as the credits roll. The End.


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