Days Of Our Lives Update Monday 8/19/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/19/02

By Justin

Today: Brandon and Lexie make love as Abe discovers them. Colin and Marlena buy books about Colin as Philip, Chloe, Jack, Jen, and Abby enjoy chats at .Com. Brady lashes out at Roman.

Cast: Brandon, Lexie, Abe, Tony, Marlena, Eliana, Jen, Jack, Abby, Colin, Chloe, Philip, Roman, Brady, Isabella, Franny, Man's voice. 

At Brady's loft

Brady is looking at his snow globe, remembering what Marlena said. Isabella appears and tells him to follow Marlena's advice. He agrees and leaves. 

At the DiMera Mansion

Tony is calling out "Marlena" as we see him in a white room (Limbo?). We hear a man's voice, telling him about Marlena and the key as he continues mumbling "Marlena." Finally, we find Colin there and he snaps him out of it. Tony asks Colin how much was said.                                                                                                                                             Eliana walks in, thanking Dr. Murphy for coming as she thought about calling him. Colin snaps Tony out of it, fully as Tony describes what he said. Colin suggests therapy as Tony tells him that Marlena turned him down. Tony asks Colin to change Marlena's mind and he leaves.

At the police station

Abe is with Roman as he tries calling Lexie, but she isn't answering. Abe gives up when Lexie doesn't answer as he explains about the big mistake he made with Lexie and how Celeste told him to give Lexie another chance. He is afraid that Lexie will do something, so he tries to call her again. Meanwhile at Brandon's loft, Lexie is comforted by Brandon as they pull into a passionate kiss while the phone rings. Lexie pulls away as the phone continues ringing. Lexie moves in for more. Back at the police station, Abe and Roman continue to talk as Brady arrives and looks through the window. Abe leaves as Franny walks in and informs Roman that Brady Black is there to see him. Brady walks in, claiming to not want to start any trouble as he asks for info on Dr. Frederick Sikes. Roman tells him no as it would jeopardize the witness protection program              

 Brady tells him that he will beg for help if he has to, but Roman refuses. Brady tells him that he thought he was wrong about him, but he guesses that he was right.  

Later back at Brady's loft, he returns home, angry with Isabella. She is gone and she doesn't respond.  

At .DotCom


We see a book shelf with several books on it. Marlena picks up a book about disassociative identity disorder. Elsewhere, the Deveraux's are enjoying ice cream as Jack and Jen joke about stealing Abby's ice cream. Marlena walks past them and talks to them. Abby questions her about the book. Marlena and Jen try to explain what the book means as Abby doesn't understand. Abby leaves to look at the magic books as the adults talk. Abby spots Philip and Chloe as do Marlena, Jen, and Jack. Jen talks about how amazing it is to see Chloe up and about.

Meanwhile, Philip is trying to convince Chloe to go on a trip with him. He names places they could go, like Boua Boua as Chloe gets interested. Philip gets an idea and tells Chloe to stay put as he leaves and Abby walks up, calling Chloe's turban "cool." Abby says that she can make wishes.                  

 Jack, Jen, and Marlena swing by while Abby is talking. Abby talks about when she had leukemia and how she found a donor. Abby, Jack, and Jen wish Chloe luck as they head back to their table. Marlena stays and talks with Chloe about Brady and Philip as she tells Chloe that the two guys care about her in different ways. Chloe feels more comfortable with Philip and guesses that she was wrong about Brady. Marlena says that he means well. Brady believes that she has a full life ahead of her as Philip returns with a cannoli. Marlena says hi and then leaves. Philip asks about what happened as Chloe explains about her visit from Abby and how she isn't so sure she'll be that lucky. Chloe feels that Philip is showing her things that she may never get the chance to see. He assures her otherwise as she talks about Rex and Cassie. She talks about how cool it would be to live out of reality. She eats her cannoli as Colin comes by. Philip asks if there is any reason Chloe can't go on the trip and Colin says no. They ask him not to tell Craig and Nancy as Philip smiles.

 Later after Chloe is done listening to music, she accepts Philip's offer.

Back at the library section, Colin picks up the same book as Marlena bought and looks through it as he spots the Deveraux's.  

Back at the Deveraux table, Jack spots Colin as he heads their way. Abby remembers Colin from Africa.               

 Jack rushes Abby over to the library section as Jen notices the identity disorder book Colin has. Colin brings up a plastic anemia as Jen gets nervous while he talks about Tract 5. Abby tells Jack that she dislikes Colin as they return to the table. Colin leaves as Jen tells Jack about how she told Colin that she holds Tract 5 against him. They talk about it as he still blames himself. Jack and Jen find the last copy of the Disassociative Identity Disorder book and they figure out what Marlena and Colin have in common......Tony DiMera. 

Later at University Hospital

Marlena is looking at her book when all of the sudden the door slams and she finds Tony DiMera there. He tells her that he paged her as he had another episode which concerns her. Tony tells her about his dream as he asks for her help, but she refuses, because of Stefano's gifts. He shares info with her and then, leaves. Later in the hall, Tony makes a phone call and Colin answers his phone outside of .Com. Tony says that he has Marlena right where he wants her. Back in her office, Marlena records several conversations, saying that she can tell John the truth.  

Back at Brandon's loft

Brandon sweeps Lexie off her feet  and carries her into the bedroom. They continue kissing, but she notices the romantic setup, asking if it was for Sami as he tells her that Sami is history. They make love as we see lots of scenes here with slow-mo action                                                                                                                                                     . They bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking as we hear Abe yelling and banging on the door. Cue to Lexie's shocked face.    Lexie grows panicky as she begs Brandon not to reveal her. He gets up and opens the door, to find a very mad Abe. Abe barges in, searching for Lexie as she panics. Brandon goes back in as Abe finds Lexie's scarf. He takes it and leaves. Later back at the copshop, Abe knows that Brandon lied. Back at his loft, Lexie emerges, fully clothed as she makes Brandon promise not to tell anyone. She leaves. Brandon vows not to let Abe win as the credits roll. The End.                          

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