Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/15/02

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/15/02

By Katie

Belle and Shawn go home to the pent house where they check in with John and Marlena after being stuck on the island.  John and Marlena ask who was with them and they say Mimi and Kevin and their new friends Rex and Cassie.  After Belle and Shawn leave John and Marlena worry over weather it was okay that Belle and Shawn spent the night together.

Phillip and Chloe are sitting at the Java Cafe talking about their future together. Phillip asks Chloe if she is will be his girlfriend and she tells him she can't worry about having a boyfriend right now.  She talks about how she can't think about having a future with anyone when she doesn’t know if she will have a future. Phillip tells her not to talk that way. 

Brady’s at home when Isabella shows up and he screams at her telling her to go away and stop giving him advice. She starts to disappear and he begs her to come back. She tells him she is sorry for not being around when he was younger as she knows he needed her.  Brady says he should have been nicer to Marlena all those times and he should have not pushed her away. 

Nancy and Craig are at the movies when Nancy starts to worry about Craig. Craig tells her not to worry, as he is sure Chloe is fine and she is with Phillip. Nancy has her doubts.  

Belle and Shawn arrive at Salem Place as Belle checks her messages on her cell phone and gets one from Chloe saying she is home.  Belle and Shawn spot Mimi and get angry with her for leaving the aliens alone when she was supposed to be watching them. Mimi tries to explain but they storm off.  Mimi catches up with them and tells them that Kevin is watching them and she had to go grocery shopping since the aliens had eaten all the food.  Mimi jokes about ET and what they are going to do with them as Craig and Nancy come over.   They talk about how happy they are that Chloe is out of the hospital.  They see her sitting at the Java Cafe and Shawn asks Belle if she wants to go see them but she says they have to do something first and they hurry off.   Chloe tells them that she wants to meet Cassie and Rex and Phillip suggests a party but Belle says the aliens wouldn’t like that very much.

Brady Returns home and Isabella tells him that she saw his talk with Marlena and she is proud, and that she thinks he should call Chloe.

As Chloe is talking with the others her cell phone rings. She answers and asks Brady what he wants.  Brady tells her he’s felt distant and invites her over for dinner. She agrees and hangs up as Phillip returns to the table with another cup of coffee and tells Chloe he's going to take her shopping and buy her a new dress so they can go to Tuscany for dinner together that evening.

Mimi goes to get the twins their food when Kevin calls Belle explaining that Rex has been giving out strange messages on the ships radio.

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