Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/09/02


Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/9/02

By Justin

Today: A thunderstorm hits as Abe begs Lexie to reveal all of her secrets. Bo rescues Billie from almost being shot by a drug dealer. Kate and Roman get stuck in an elevator. Barb reveals the truth to Hope. Brandon kisses Sami on the roof during a storm. Tamara Clatterbuck returns.  

Cast: Abe, Lexie, Bo, Billie, Magic Mike, Cop, Hope, Barb, Caroline, Roman, Kate, Sami, Brandon, Frank, Cop #2, Man, Man #2, waiter, Man #3, Cop (Marie).  

At the police station

Bo and Frank head to a warehouse where Magic Mike has been spotted as Billie sits at her desk.  After the two are gone, Billie switches places with a woman, who's name is Marie. Billie leaves.

At the Carver's

Abe is talking to Lexie, when he gets a call about the drug bust. He takes into the kitchen as Lexie waits. There is a knock on the door as Lexie answers to find Brandon. Brandon tries to talk her into staying away from Abe, but she won't listen. Lexiem orders him to leave as he gets angry and storms out. Abe returns and asks Lexie who was here.  

At the Penthouse Grill

Kate is sitting at a table, waiting to be someone as Roman is sitting at the table across from her. She spots him as he flirts with her. They argue as a waiter brings champagne and Kate spots a man, who she thinks gave her the champagne. Kate returns the favor by sending champagne over to the guy as Roman smiles. The waiter brings the champagne back and Roman says "For me. How thoughtful of you." Kate is shocked to learn that Roman gave her the champagne as he continues flirting with her telling him "Stop!" He toasts her, but she tells him that she is ignoring him. Roman calls Sami as he was supposed to meet her and leaves a message, wondering where she is. Roman talks about the date he was going to ask Kate on as Kate states that she'd never go out with the likes of him. He wonders if he should have sent her a jar of kippers, asking if she and Stefano were involved. LOL as Kate jokingly tells Roman that she had plastic surgery and she is Stefano (Wouldn't put it past her).

At the hospital

Sami searches for Brandon until she runs into Caroline. Sami thanks her for the advice and says that she will be Brandon's secret admirer. Caroline shakes her head as Sami walks away.  

On the rooftop, Sami arrives. She leaves him a note as she fantasizes about him walking up ad they eat dinner. Sami snaps out of it as Brandon storms up, ranting about "letting her get away." Sami comes out, thinking she is her as Brandon orders her to leave, then she realizes he was talking about Lexie. They argue as it begins pouring. Sami heads to the door, but it is locked as Brandon tells her that she didn't try. Sami tells "muscle man" to prove her wrong as he realizes it is locked and he begins beating it.

Back at the Carver's

Lexie lies and says that it was a neighbor at the door. Abe professes his love for her, wishing that they could start over. Lexie wishes they could and goes to leave, but Abe stops her.                                                            They go back in as he tells her to be honest, no more lies. She talks about being lied to and betrayed by Stefano which made her do the same as Abe believes her.  

In Iowa

Hope wraps her call to Bo up as he has to leave. She hangs up as Barb (Who is pregnant in real life) joins her and sits down. Hope tells her about Stefano being responsible for the babyswitch as they remember different times while having coffee.                                                                                                                                                        


At the warehouse

Bo and Frank arrive as we see Billie in disguise as Marie, arrive. Bo figures it out and yells at her. Frank tells him that there isn't time and allows her to go in. Bo agrees as Billie goes inside, to find Mike and a couple of friends talking. Mike takes the money from her, telling his goons to count it while telling Billie that he wants more. He begins making a move on her as Bo and Frank bust in and everyone yells. Mike holds a gun to Bille as other cops arrive and point guns at him.                        Mike tells the cops to put their guns down as Billie prepares to escape. While Mike is yelling at the cops, Billie, in slow-mo, takes him down. Frank arrests Magic Mike and his goons as Bo tells Frank that him and Officer Reed are going to stay behind and talk.

The storm takes its tool.......

Back at Penthouse Grill, Kate decides to leave and does so as Roman tells the waiter to put both bills on him. Roman rushes to the elevator as Kate tells him to leave her alone. Thunder strikes as the electricity goes out and the elevator stops. Kate asks "What did I do to deserve this" as Roman tells her that they are stuck. Serves ya right, Kate.  

Back on the hospital rooftop, Sami and Brandon realize that they are trapped as Sami yells at him, telling him that she hates him. To shut her up, he pulls her into a passionate kiss.                                                                    

Back at the Carver's, Abe pulls Lexie into a kiss as she tells him that after everything she's been through, she doesn't think she'll ever be the same again. Abe thinks they should move forward as they head upstairs.                                           

Back in Iowa, Barb has flashbacks of Lexie. Hope senses something as Barb finally confesses to knowing the whole truth and finding the DNA results. She then, says that Lexie also knew.                                                                                            Hope is shocked as she tries to call Bo, but only gets his voicemail. She leaves a message for him.

Back in the warehouse, Bo yells at Billie, telling her that he's taking her badge away. As they argue, his beeper goes off and he goes to answer it, but Billie takes it and throws it. He yells at her as we hear a crash and Bo and Billie turn, shocked at what they see as the credits roll. The End.

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