Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/08/02


Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/8/02

By Justin

Today: Cassie draws a picture of the blue key while John and Tony wonder how much the other knows. Victor drowns Nicole in fantasies of them being married as Jen goes on a date with Dr. Murphy.  

Cast: Cassie, Rex, Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Kevin, Tony, John, Nicole, Victor, Colin, Jen, Jack.  

At the hospital

Jen looks for Colin as she runs into Jack, who is working on a story. Meanwhile, Colin is on a payphone, talking to Tony about Nicole. Colin informs Tony that Nicole is not his type as he is interested in someone else. Tony asks if Jen can be trusted as Colin spots Jack and Jen across the hall.  

Elsewhere, Jack gives Jen a brooch, which has a listening device in it. Jack informs her that he can hear what Colin and her talk about. She spots Colin and begins yelling at Jack. She hands him the box of "earrings" and leaves. Jen meets up with Colin as Jack is happy. Later, Jack opens up the box to find it emptied, realizing that Jen must be worried. 

Somewhere on a beach

Colin surprises Jen with a campfire by the beach as Jen talks into her brooch. Later, Colin pours them champagne as she notes about a thunderstorm when a flash of lightning hits. She asks about Nicole as she has a flashback of Mondays show when she saw him and Nicole kissing. She puts the brooch in her purse as he talks as if it was an accidental meeting and talks about how beautiful she is.  

At a restaurant

Nicole and Victor are eating as he talks about competition. No, he's not talking about Titan vs. Basic Black. He's talking about the competition for love while asking Nicole if she's seeing anybody else. She teases, but Victor confirms that he's serious as he asks about Colin. Nicole denies it as she has a flashback of Colin giving her the ring. Nicole wonders if Victor put Colin up to that stint earlier in the day (At Salem Place). He's clueless as he questions her. She tells him about meeting Colin and telling him that she wasn't interested. Victor passes Nicole in the first part of his test. He tells her about what he's offering. Victor tells her that she'd be set for life, but she claims that she already is. He tells her that she'd be one of the richest woman in the world. All her dreams would come true and she'd be mentioned, highly in his will, being he's a couple years older than her (Yeah, try 30). She doesn't want to go there, but he wants to be realistic.

At the Penthouse

John looks at the front and back of Marlena's pillow. As John looks at the constellation, he figures out that it's the Gemini. He quickly reads up on it. John holds the key up as he wonders what it has to do with DiMera and space.  John remembers stealing the key on July 1. He also has a memory of Marlena warning him. With that, he's out the door. 

Back at the DiMera Mansion

Tony ponders the blue key as the door bell rings. Tony finds John there as they stare at each other. John talks about the Gemini twins as Tony is clueless. John also mentions the satellite as Tony claims to have not know Stefano had planted it in orbit. John talks about joining the project and they can call it the "Gemini Project."                                                    John leaves. 

On Smith Island

The twins continue their charade as Shawn mentions Gemini. Rex and Cassie look up at the very mention of that word. Belle gives them paper as they draw a constellation of the Gemini stars as it flashes into the back of Marlena's pillow. Rex says "Belle, Shawn. Rex, Cassie. No more" as we hear a knock on the door. Shawn opens it to find Mimi and Kevin as they explain why they are there (They had trouble with skis). Mimi and Kevin introduce themselves to Rex and Cassie as Belle tells Mimi that they are aliens. Mimi faints. When she regains consciousness, she welcomes them to planet earth. Shawn says "Friends." Rex replies: "Friends. Must see TV. Airing tonight on NBC." Mimi begins laughing.  

The Storm begins

Back on the beach, Colin leans in for a kiss as thunder begins booming. Jen wants to leave as Colin takes her to a safer place. They go inside a cabin as Colin hopes they are stuck in there all night.

Back at the restaurant, Victor warns Nicole that if she ever cheats or has an affair with another man, she will face the consequences. No one is unfaithful to VICTOR KIRIAKIS.                                                       


Back at DiMera Mansion, thunder crashes as Tony wonders how much John knows.  

Back at the penthouse,  John looks at the pillow again, wondering how much Tony knows.                              


Back on Smith Island, thunder begins crashing as the twins get scared. Kevin explains the phenomenon to the aliens, but Shawn thinks they don't understand. Rex pulls out a cantaloupe, saying "planet." Mimi thinks they come from Planet Cantaloupe (Good one, Meems). Kevin and Shawn leave to check out the storm as Belle tells Mimi not to say key. Mimi says it aloud as Belle scolds her. Belle says that they will never mention the K word again. Belle asks why they are afraid as Rex draws something. Later, Kevin and Shawn return, informing the gals that they will have to stay. Cassie and Rex argue as Kevin and Mimi get cleaned up. Rex hands Belle the picture. Belle looks at it as Shawn and her wonder what it is as the credits roll. The key fades into a light/shady blue. The End.                                                     


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