Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/7/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/7/02

By Justin

Today: Belle and Shawn teach the aliens to communicate while Tony and John both have encounters with Sami. Chloe comes home and orders Brady away from her. 

Cast: Rex, Cassie, Belle, Shawn, Tony, Bart, Sami, John, Brady, Chloe, Philip, Nancy, Craig.  

At the hospital

Brady arrives, hearing voices as Nancy laughs. Brady walks in as Craig tells him that he was telling them one of his bad jokes. Brady tells them that he'll come back later as Chloe tells him not to bother (Philip is also there). She tells him that she is going home as Nancy and Craig pack her stuff. Brady asks to speak with her, but Chloe tells him now is not a good time as he leaves. 

At the Penthouse

John is looking at the key as Sami arrives and he puts it away. Sami begins chattering away about how Marlena loves him and stuff. Sami says that she wants people to see her as good and John tells her that she must BE good. She claims to be honest as John tells her about how he used to take her to Baldwin park after her birthday, so she knew she was special  and he tells her that he loves her unconditionally. He asks her about Tony as she defends him with John stating that Stefano DiMera took her mother away years ago. He talks about how DiMera put her mom to sleep and asks if she wants to help the DiMera's take control of her mother again. Sami says that Tony is a philanthropist as John says that he's faking it. Sami talks about Tony wanting to help the world as the satellite must have cost a lot of money. He questions her as she says that she only saw the pictures of an island. There is a knock on the door as John opens it to find Brady. Sami goes to leave as she makes a comment about Brady. She leaves. John says something as Brady turns his back to him, angry.  

At the DiMera Mansion

Tony is yelling at Bart for not keeping a good eye on the cameras the night the key was stolen. They look at the pictures again as Bart puts them away, telling Tony that he'll find out everything he can about the satellite and the key. Sami arrives and tells Tony that everyone telling her not to trust him. She talks about not telling John anything about the satellite as he screams at her, saying that he and John are competiters in philanthropy                                                         Tony delights Sami with the news that Lexie is with Abe. She kisses Tony on the cheek as she says that if she wasn't so in love with Brandon, she'd fall for him. After she leaves, Tony puts his hand on his face. He wonders why Stefano is still controling their life as he can't figure out what to do. 

At the Carver home

Replay of Abe walking into the living room with coffee and looking through his photo album as their is a knock on the door. Abe opens it to find a heart broken Lexie, who falls into his arms. They go inside as Lexie says that she should leave as she knows Stefano was responsible, but she still blames herself for not listening. Abe had told her repeatedly, but she had not listened. She makes excuses for herslef as he talks about Brandon. She turned away from him and went to Brandon instead. Abe says that even when she saw the video, she didn't go to him, she probably went to Brandon. Lexie says that Brandon is just a friend and says that she saw Tony, who told her to see him (Abe). Abe doesn't like the idea of her turning to him, because someone told her to as he sits her down, asking for a divorce.                                         Lexie tells him that if that is what he wants, she'll give him a divorce. She dissolves into tears as she strokes his face and eventually, they move into a passionate kiss.                     Abe pushes her away as Lexie asks him to give her another chance, but Abe tells her that it took years to destroy their marriage and it will take years to rebuild it. He says that lack of honesty destroyed their marraige and if they have any chance of reuniting, she needs to tell him the truth. NOW! Not six years from now. LOL.


Later at the Wesley's

The Wesley's and Philip arrive home as Chloe is happy to be there, but she wants to rest on the porch. Inside, Craig and Nancy go to go upstairs, but the phone rings and it's Bo. Craig thanks him as he tells Nancy about the tapes. He says "Guess who just lost her lawsuit?" Back on the porch, Chloe tells Philip that she'll never take anything for granted again as he gives her flowers, which was at the top of her most missed list. Chloe says that there is something she missed more as she pulls him into a passionate kiss.                        


Back at the Penthouse

Brady tells John about how Chloe treated him as he tells him that it's likely Chloe was afraid, but Brady says that he was just trying to help. Brady mentions seeing Isabella as John tells him that it's just his heart and mind. Brady is not sure what Isabella meant as he tells John about Pete LeGrand, the PI, the Wesley's hired. He thinks Pete is a fake as John says that he'll get his connections on it, but tells his son that he doubts Isabella would suggest he find Chloe father. She would suggest he show Chloe his love. Brady remembers her talking about a journey, thanks his dad, and leaves. In the hall, Brady wonders about Isabella not telling him if Chloe is going to die. Back inside, John picks up Marlena's pillow and talks about it not happening again. He throws the pillow and it lands, stars up. 

Meanwhile back at the DiMera's, Tony wonders what Stefano did and why he did. He also wonders where the island is and what it is.  

On Smith Island/At the Horton Cabin

Shawn opens the door as Belle, Rex, and Cassie walk in behind him. Rex and Cassie both fall to the floor, pointing to their stomaches, with Shawn figuring out that they're seasick as he says he's taken longer showers. The aliens fall asleep as Belle and Shawn go outside, with him saying that he can't keep it a secret anymore. Belle pleads with him, but he says that if Rex and Cassie don't tell them who they are, by the end of the day, he's turning them in. Belle and Shawn, who are now in their bathing suits, decide to go for a swim. When they return, Belle comments on leaving the suit she is wearing on the boat years ago. Shawn thinks it looks good as he wishes all of her clothes fit like that (Me too). They move in for a kiss, but pull away as they find Rex and Cassie standing by them. Rex and Cassie have bathing suits on, but Cassie is topless. When we return to them, Belle puts a towel around Cassie, asking if Shawn got whiplash. Belle tells Cassie "keep." Cassie points to the towel, saying "keep." Belle straightens her words out. Belle thinks it's gross as she wonders how they knew to change. They watched them change clothes as Belle and Shawn think that's gross. Shawn tells them no more peeking as Rex and Cassie cover their eyes. Rex turns and points to Belle's chest, asking what are those. Shawn chuckles, thinking he meant her chest area, but he meant the goosebumps. Belle shivers as Rex gets her a towel and wraps it around her, saying "Belle cold." Belle thinks they're beginning to understand.  

Later back inside the cabin, Belle makes the aliens realize who each other is. "I'm Belle. He's Shawn. He's my friend." Cassie approaches Shawn, saying "My friend." Rex says "Belle. Girl" as Cassie says "Shawn. Boy." Belle says that they are humans as Belle asks "Who are you." Rex and Cassie go into a private meeting, pointing to the bracelets and shaking their heads. Belle gets excited as it looks like they might actually reveal who they are as the credits roll. The End.  

In memory of Josh Ryan Evans (Timmy, Passions)......1982-2002.

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