Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/6/02


Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/6/02

By Justin

Today: Lexie arrives on Abe's doorstep as Tony and Bart discuss his father. Brandon and Billie help an abused teen as Roman recieves a call about Magic Mike. Nicole has a lot of encounters today. Note: This is not about days, but I just wanted to say; Josh Ryan Evans who plays Timmy on Passions has died this morning.

Cast: Abe, Lexie, Brandon, Tony, Bart, Billie, Roman, Bo, Kate, Nicole, Victor, Tia, Eliana, Patty, Sami, Caroline.  

At University Hospital

Billie arrives as Brandon had called her yesterday. She asks Brandon what he wants as he tells her about a 14 year old girl, who was brought in and he thinks she was abused. Cue stunned look on Billie's face. Brandon says that he couldn't get the girl to talk, being she os the only female cop he knew, he thought she could get the girl to open up.  

Later, Billie offers the abused teen a piece of cinnamon flavored gum as she accepts. Brandon tells Billie that the girl has a dislocated shoulder. Billie offers the girl help as she assures her she's safe. The teen cries as Billie gives her a tissue, talking about how her dad, Curtis used to beat up her and her brother like punching bags and says that she just wants to help. The girl smiles, saying her name is Tia Vincent. Billie questions Tia about if her father has been hurting her for a long time as Tia says that he has.  

At the police station

We get a replay of Lexie's reaction to seeing the tapes as Abe and Bo tell about thinking Stefano's involved, since he is                                                                 the only one powerful enough to do it. Lexie is in tears as they talk about Stefano being the only one who could have did it. Lexie leaves, fed up as Abe takes the tape out of the vcr. Abe puts the tape on his desk as he and Abe leave.


Later back at the hospital

Billie finishes a call to the police station as she tells Brandon that they have already arrested Tia's father and his girlfriend and they have found 1/2 lb. cocaine in his apartment and they realized he was a drug dealer. Bradnon explains that he had called her, because he knew they had similar childhoods, being beaten. She is surprised as she tells him that she needs to get back to the station as Commander Carver is having problems with his wife. Brandon asks what she knows about Lexie as she says that Abe showed her the tapes as Brandon rushes off. 

At the Carver home

Abe and Bo arrive as they need to have the bracelets studied. Bo remembers how they used to visit each other all the time as he looks through the photo album at the table with Isaac and Lexie in them. Abe returns with the bracelet as he talks about how he still loves Isaac and Lexie. He also says that he is going to file a divorce, so he can move on. Bo leaves. 

At Salem Place

Nicole is at Java Cafe, looking at something, when Kate walks up, saying "he's mine and your not having him" as we see Roman arrive, looking through a bush at them. Nicole figures she meant Victor, but Kate informs her that she meant a client from RCS that Basic Black was going to get. Nicole worries that John might fire Kate and says that waitress jobs shouldn't be hard to find as Kate grabs her, ready to attack. Roman walks up and breaks up the fight. Nicole threatens to file charges as she leaves, blowing a kiss to Kate as she says that it would be a waste of time. Kate talks to Roman about what she'd like to do to Nicole as Roman tells her that those words are dangerous. They talk as Kate denies every killing anyone or even committing a crime. He asks about her being in Stefano's will as she lies. Roman tells her that he knows she's lying as he wonders if Stefano did something bad to her. He knows that she doesn't trust anyone as she bottles it up inside. Kate changes the subject to Marlena as she thinks he should leave the shrink act to his ex. Kate sees Roman's reaction as she realizes that he is still in love with her while he denies it. Roman asks her out as he wants to see what makes her "tick." She doesn't want to go, but he assures her that once he does ask her out, she'll want to go. 

Meanwhile, Nicole meets with Victor as she tells him about Kate. He gives her a box as she asks what's in it. He tells her that she'll want it as Nicole opens the box to find it empty. Victor tells her that he loves her and she loves him, but she will not get the ring, until she wants to becomes Mrs. Kiriakis. She hands him the box as she tells him that she doesn't need another ring today. Victor asks what other rings she recieved as she informs him that she was just joking. He asks if he is the only man in her life as she assures him.  

At the DiMera Mansion

Bart shows Tony some pictures of a satellite he found in the secret room while he was trying to figure out where Rolf went. Tony is happy that he has the photos, but needs to know the exact location if they are of any help to find out about the key. Sami bursts in as Eliana tries to stop her. Tony hides the photos, ordering her out as Eliana apologizes for not stoppin her. Bart grabs Sami and takes her out to the foyer as Tony follows. In the foyer, Tony apologizes, stating that he's very busy with the DiMera foundation about helping the town. Sami understands him, not being able to help her as she needs Brandon. Sami leaves. Outside, Sami calls someone, asking them to meet her.  

Later back inside, Lexie rushes in, grabbing Bart as she demands to know if Rolf used chemicals on the baby's bracelets. Lexie shakes Bart and slaps him as Tony watches. Bart decides not to tell her as Rolf swore him to silence and Tony orders him out as Lexie figures out that Abe was right. She tells Tony about how she begged him to tell her the truth, but he denied it. Tony uses excuses as Lexie breaks down, explaining how she defended Stefano DiMera to everyone and now she's lost everyone because of it. She d*mns Stefano as she looks at his urn. Tony claims she still has Abe as she says that she's a DiMera now. She leaves. 

Later back at the police station

Bo tells Roman, who is now there about how disappointed Abe is at Lexie after she saw the tapes. Roman gets a phone call and after he hangs up, asks Bo if he wants some action now that Hope's gone and he agrees. He tells Bo that he needs to put together a group to bust Magic Mike as Roman and Bo leave. Billie overhears, vowing to be in Bo's group.  

Back at Salem Place

Sami and Caroline meet up in Salem Place. Sami tells her about how Victor told her to stay away from Brandon, but she can't as she needs him. Sami asks Caroline to talk to Victor for her as Caroline says that if she does talk to him, she'll thank him as she's still getting over Austin. Sami says that Brandon is the man she wants as Caroline tells her to prove it. She asks Sami to close her eyes and picture herself waiting for Brandon. Sami does as we see Brandon walk up to her and she tells Caroline that in her dream she asks Brandon if he loves her.Caroline makes her ask Brandon what he wants. She does as he tells her that he just wants her to love him. Sami is stunned in silence as Caroline asks her about it. She tells her that she needs to realize what his needs are as Sami smiles, thanking her grandma for great advice and walks off.  

Back to Victor and Nicole, she hugs him as she flashes back to kissing Colin and Victor looks satisfied. Nicole pulls Victor in for a kiss.                                                                                                                   

Later back at the DiMera Mansion

When Lexie is gone, Bart brings Tony an envelope.                                                                                      Tony opens the envelope.   Tony looks at pictures of Nicole and Colin which were taken yesterday by the photographer.  There is a knock at the door as Bart leaves and Tony answers it, to find Brandon. Brandon asks where Lexie is as Tony tells him to leave. Brandon leaves as Bart returns. Outside, Brandon hopes that Lexie's not with Abe. Back inside, Tony wonders how to get Brandon out of the picture. 

Later back at the Carver home

Abe walks in with coffee as he looks at the photo album. There is a knock at the door as he opens it to find Lexie as the credits roll.

The End.

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