Days Of Our Lives Update Monday 8/5/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/5/02

By Justin

Today: Hope calls Bo. Lexie sees the tapes. A hidden photographer takes pictures of Nicole and Colin, kissing. Sami argues with Brandon.  

Cast: Abe, Bo, Billie, Brandon, Brenda, Colin, Cop #1, Cop #2, Hope, Jack, Jennifer, Lexie, Man, Nicole, Patty, Photographer, Roman, Sami, Victor.   

At Salem Place

We find Jen ordering coffee at the counter as Patty hands it to her. Jen sits down with Jack as they talk about upcoming Spectator stories. Jen asks Jack to do a little league story, but he tells her that he has another story at hand. They talk about Colin and wonder about the "dinner date." Jen heads back to the office as Jack follows her. She reminds him that the little league field is the other way. 

Meanwhile, Colin is reading the newspaper, wondering where Nicole is. Nicole arrives, wondering why he's reading his girlfriend's newspaper as he tells her that he was looking at his horoscope. She asks what was written in the stars as he says "us." Nicole tells him that they are over as they talk about Victor's vial threats. Nicole informs him that she is back with Victor, for good this time. Jack and Jen spot Colin and Nicole as they split up. Jack hides behind the north bush as she hides behind the south. We see Victor, walking out of the jewelry store as he looks up and sees something. He asks "what the h*ll." He's sees Jack and questions him as Jack says he's covering a story. Back on the bench, Nicole discovers Victor as she moves Colin to Java Cafe' to talk. Jen watches as Colin gives Nicole a box with Colin telling her that it's a token of his affection. In the bushes, we see a mysterious photographer with a camera. Through the camera, we see a zoom in on Colin and Nicole as he takes pictures. Nicole opens the box, to find a ring. Jack spots the photographer, in the bushes as he wonders who it is. Colin pulls Nicole into a passionate kiss as the man takes photos. Jack and Jen watch in shock as Nicole throws the ring back to Colin and rushes off with Colin being happy (The photographer was part of his plan).  

Elsewhere, Jack and Jen meet up, comparing notes. Jen calls Colin "a pig" as Jack begins telling her about the photographer when Jen's phone rings. It's Colin and he invites her to dinner as she accepts with Jack's encouragement.  

Back at Java Cafe', Nicole stops by as her phone rings and it's Victor, asking her to meet him in 10 minutes at the jewelry store. Nicole says that she is thankful that Victor didn't see her with Colin as we see the photographer, standing nearby as he says "he didn't.....but I did, in living color. 

At the hospital

Sami is by the nurses station desk when Brandon walks up. They talk for a few minutes until Lexie walks in. Brandon sees her and ditches Sami as he asks to speak with Lexie. Outside, Brandon yells at Lexie, stating that if he is called in to testify, he will. Back inside, Sami goes to eavesdrop as she sees Victor, telling her "that's a no, no, Samantha." We see that it's just Brenda as Sami ignores her. Sami continues seeing visions of Victor. Brandon and Lexie talk as he flashbacks to his and Abe's fight and tells Lexie that he understands what it's like to want revenge. They hug. Back inside, Sami is getting jumpy as she actually talks to "Victor" about Nicole. Brenda asks "Who's Nicole" as Sami tells her it's none of her business. Abe calls Lexie as she refuses to come to the station and hangs up. Brandon and Lexie hug as Sami watches and they come inside. Sami sees Victor as Brandon and tells him to leave her alone. Lexie leaves and is met at the elevator by two cops. When Lexie leaves, Sami ignores Brandon as he also leaves, with her d*mning Victor, hoping her plan will work. 

At the police station

The cop brings in an enhanced copy of the tape as Bo pops it in. Bo and Abe watch as right before their eyes and ours, the baby bracelets switch from: Brady Baby to Carver Brady and from Carver Brady to Brady Baby. The cop leaves as Abe vows to bring anyone involved to justice. 

Elsewhere, Roman brings a man in as he is brought to prison. Billie walks in as Roman yells at her for coming in. They argue about her work as she wants better assignments. Later in his office, they talk about Bo as she promises that she is not here for him. Bo walks in on them talking, asking what's going on. Billie says that she was reassuring Roman as he goes into Abe's office, also watching the tape. Abe calls Lexie and then, he, Roman, and Bo leave the office. Later, Billie wanders in, seeing the tape, when Bo comes in. He finds her sobbing as she says that it reminds her of Georgia. Bo gets a call as Billie leaves. It's Hope (We see her in the Reiber house) as she tells Bo that J.T.'s surgery was postponed. Hope talks about how good of parents Glen and Barb are. Billie, stands there as Bo promises to call her and they hang up.  

Back in Abe's office, Lexie arrives and starts her tormenting. Abe wants to show her the tape, but she doesn't want to see it. They prepare to watch as Roman tells Billie to forget about Bo as she says "Bo, who?" She continues watching Bo as she gets a call (Tomorrow, we learn that it was Brandon) and rushes off. Lexie sees the tape as she says "Oh my gosh" as the credits roll.

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