Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/02/02


Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/02/02

By Justin

Today: Bo, Craig, and Abe check over the tapes. Rex and Cassie escape to the pier. Belle and Shawn search for the aliens. Lexie taunts many people. Later, Nancy and Craig make love. Tony asks Bart about the satellite. Marlena and John continue wondering about the key.  

Cast: Bo, Abe, Cop, Craig, Lexie, Nancy, Tony, Bart, Man, Rex, Cassie, Belle, Shawn, fisherman #1, fisherman #2, John, Marlena, nurse, Brenda 

At the Brady's

Shawn and Belle wonder why Rex and Cassie are afraid of keys. Belle wants to teach them to communicate, so she goes up and gets flashcards while Bo calls Shawn, wanting him to drop off a check. While Belle and Shawn are gone, Rex and Cassie sneak out the door.  

At the hospital

In the lobby, Lexie runs into Nancy and begins taunting her. Earlier, Nancy was checking her ovulation as she searches for Craig. She runs into Lexie and she says that once the lawsuit is done, her and Craig will be drove out of town. Nancy gives Lexie her dirty look as she walks into Craig's office and is followed by Lexie. Lexie tells her that once Craig is fired, she hopes Mike returns and applies for the job (Me too!) or maybe she will. Nancy informs Lexie that Stefano even threatened her the night of the baby switch. Lexie tells Nancy never to mess with a DiMera as she mentions the fact that Tony made a donation to the Leukemia foundation to help Chloe. Nancy tells her never to mention her daughter again as Lexie tells "Missy" that someone WILL pay and with that, she walks off. Nancy calls all over the hospital for Craig, but Brenda tells her that all she knows is that he is out somewhere (Yeah!).                                                       


We get a replay of John running into Tony and him telling Tony that he knows what he wants, but he's not getting it. Marlena walks out and breaks up the argument. Tony plays dumb as he asks what they are hiding from him. John tells Tony that he is keeping secrets from them as he warns him to stay away from Sami. Tony tells them that he has no romance with Samantha, he only invited her to dinner and the memorial service, because Brandon was going to be there. Tony leaves as John almost goes after him, but Marlena stops him. He tells her that he is afraid that she or someone he cares about will get hurt. They are afraid that it is Sami who will get hurt as John leaves to "clear his head." Marlena returns to her office.

Back in the lobby, John runs into Tony as they talk about letting the past go. John makes him a business proposition as Tony will think about it and John is thinking about investing in a new metal. John mentions that the metal was developed in outer space. John hands him an envelope, telling him to think it over as he leaves. After John leaves, Tony's detector goes off, indicating that John has the key as Lexie walks up, yelling at him, thinking he is using his cell phone. He asks why she is there as she talks about tormenting people and how Craig Wesley will pay. Tony wonders if Stefano was responsible, but Lexie defends him, believing that their father told the truth. Tony believes that it isn't what Stefano said that matters, it's what he didn't say. Tony rushes off in a hurry. 

Back at the Brady's

Belle comes back downstairs to find the door opened and Rex and Cassie gone. Shawn and Belle search the whole house, but come up empty handed. They leave to search elsewhere. 

At the police station

Craig and Bo decide to check the tapes again. Abe walks in as he and Craig exchange glances. They go into Abe's office as Craig apologizes. They watch the tapes, but see nothing. Craig talks about the id bracelets being the key to the situation as Bo thinks they missed something. Craig leaves as Bo remembers what he said as it echoes through his head while watching the tapes. Bo and Abe decide to have the tapes enhanced. 

Back at the hospital

Craig returns as Brenda and another nurse cover him from being hounded by Lexie. Craig heads to his door as Nancy meets him there and she gives him a look. He asks "Now?" as she says "Right, now!" and they move into his office, closing the door. Later after making love, Craig gets a call and has to leave as he kisses Nancy goodbye.                                                                                              

Down on the pier

Rex and Cassie show up, looking around the Fancy Face II boat. A man approaches as Rex and Cassie run and hide. The man asks "Who's there" and when there is no answer, he leaves. Right after the man leaves, John arrives and sits on the boat, looking at the key. Rex and Cassie see it and freak as Rex holds out three fingers.  John hears a noise and investigates, but doesn't see anything. The man returns as John says hi to him and leaves. The man leaves as Shawn and Belle arrive, running into two fishermen. Shawn asks how the fishing's going and they chat a bit. The fishermen leave as Shawn and Belle search for the twins. Belle and Shawn find the twins as they have to play charades with Rex holding up three fingers. They give up as they all board the Fancy Face II boat.


Later at the DiMera Mansion

Tony returns and mumbles about John and wonders how to get the key back. He summons Bart, with him wondering why he didn't bellow. Tony asks about Stefano or his thugs having any interest in outer space as Bart says that's Rolfski's field, but he disappeared. Tony wants information as he thinks about John's offer.

Back at the hospital

Back in Marlena's office, she remembers the key situation from Tuesday as John calls from an outer office, making an appointment. He arrives and pretends to be a patient as Marlena tells him to stop and he whips out the key. John tells her that the space info meant nothing to DiMera as they think that he doesn't know about it. They talk about if it has anything to do with the meteor showers. Marlena isn't sure as she says that their future depends on this key. John wonders how she is sure as she can't explain. It's just that when she touched the key, it was like someone was walking over her grave. They talk about Stefano as John vows to protect her. 

Later, Lexie runs into Craig and taunts him. She tells him that she will win the lawsuit and he will have to leave. She will get her revenge and prove the hospital's mistake as Craig isn't to sure. 

Later back at the police station

A cop returns with an enhanced version of the tape and tells Bo and Abe to take a look. They could have a lead. Bo pops the tape in as he and Abe sit back and watch as the credits roll.


The End.                                       

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