Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/01/02


Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/01/02

By Justin

Today: John informs Tony that he will never get what he wants. Kate visits Marlena as Victor and Nicole taunt Sami. Brady meets with Pete and later, gets another visit. Chloe and Philip enjoy "four seasons." 

Cast: Tony, John, Marlena, Kate, Colin, Nicole, Victor, Brady, Isabella, Pete, Sami, Brandon, Chloe, Philip, Lexie, nurse 

At Brady's loft

Isabella visits Brady again as she tells him what he needs to do for Chloe. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. Brady answers as Pete LeGrand walks in as Brady had called him, saying he had a lead. Pete explains that most cases are about finding the daddy and usually for money as Brady assures him that in this case, it's not true, it's for a bone marrow transplant. Brady realizes that the investigator is a fraud, a fake, and is only out for the money. Pete finally figures out that Brady lied and leaves. Isabella returns and informs Brady to be with Chloe and then, he will know he can help her.

At the hospital

Philip arrives in Chloe's room, to find Chloe wearing a turban. Philip brings a bag with things from all for seasons, including daisies for the summertime. Later, we find Philip and Chloe in a lawn chair with an umbrella behind them. They are sipping drinks and have shades on as Philip pretends someone is splashing them and he yells at them. Next, is fall as the umbrella collapses and he sprinkles leaves on her. Winter comes next as he wraps something around her.  Philip tells her about his plans for a hayride as well as a horseback ride. He wheels her to the terrace as they see trees and pretend it's cold.  Philip rubs his hands on her face as he says that they are alive and happy. He asks her to hold onto that feeling as they hug. Brady walks in as he orders Philip to let go of Chloe as she is to have no physical contact. Philip realizes that it's true as he pulls away. Chloe begins telling Brady about all the four seasons. Brady asks to talk to her alone as Philip agrees and steps outside. Brady tells Chloe about his mom telling him that they should work together. Brady explains about how Isabella appears to him while he's alone as Chloe encourages him to open up. He tells her about his mother dying young as Chloe thinks she is going to die. Philip hears them arguing and rushes in, urging Brady to leave. Philip holds Chloe in his arms as Brady leaves, mad at himself for upsetting Chloe. Later, Philip puts Chloe to bed as she wants him to lay with her. She pulls him into a kiss, but snuggles up against his shoulder.


Later back at Brady's loft

Brady returns, yelling for his mom. Isabella reappears as he tells her that it didn't work. She explains that Chloe wasn't ready yet as they need to go on a journey together. Brady yells at her, asking her to leave him alone and she leaves. Brady remembers what she said.


Back at the hospital

On the terrace, Victor tells Sami to stay away from Brandon or he will play the tape for him. Sami has a frightened look on her face.


Meanwhile, Nicole talks to Brandon. After she's done, she's asks a nurse where Victor is. Kate walks up, telling her that she should hold onto Victor more tightly. Lexie walks up to Brandon and they begin talking. Back at the nurse's station, Nicole suggests Kate join an internet dating service, since they except anyone. Victor and Sami walk  in as Sami figures out that Nicole is behind this after watching the looks they exchange. Victor adds Nicole to Sami's list as he and Nicole exchange glances.


Elsewhere, Lexie hugs Brandon and tells him she loves him. She loves everyone right now as she talks about the note she recieved. Stefano promised her that she'd get everything she lost back. Sami watches as Lexie and Brandon continue to talk. Lexie wants to celebrate him standing by her through all of her troubled times. Later, Lexie and Brandon are in his office as Lexie can see that he's upste, due to Abe. They tell each other that they need each other.




In Colin's office, Tony had Colin called away from work. Colin thinks that Tony had another attack and needed him, but Tony reveals that he needs help tracking the key. Colin wonders how a Murphy can do something a DiMera can't. Tony tells Colin that he wouldn't be suspected like he is. Colin asks him to be patient as Tony shows him a the Geiger tracking device used to track keys. When he turns it on, it starts beeping, meaning that the key is in the hospital.

In Marlena's office, she is recording patient records when someone grabs it out of her hand as she turns to find John. John asks why she is afraid of the key, laying it on her desk. Marlena says that she is afraid of someone, but not herself. He picks the key up as she warns him to be careful.

In the lobby, Tony and Colin are tracking the key when Sami arrives, asking what it's for. Colin is paged, so he has to leave. Tony tells her that it's for tracking things.


Back in Marlena's office, Marlena and John kiss as Tony watches through the cracked door. John walks out to find Sami's id badge on the floor.


Meanwhile, Tony has pulled Sami into Colin's office as he didn't want to talk out in the open. Sami tells Tony about Victor making her not see Brandon as Tony assures her that he'll take car of it. They hug as Colin walks in. Colin wants to finish Tony's exam, so Sami has to leave. Colin informs Tony of John Black being in the hospital, so he must have the blue cobalt key on him. Tony tells Colin about Sami's dilemma with Brandon and then, asks about his relationship with Nicole. Colin tells him that it was hot and heavy for awhile, but it's over now as Tony tells him to get the relationship back on track.

Back in the hall, John finds Sami and gives her the id badge, knowing she was with Tony. John warns her that Tony isn't someone to be friends with. Sami barges into Colin's office, asking Colin how he's doing. Colin says "He's fine" and then, leaves. Sami hugs Tony.

Later at Nicole's apartment

Nicole and Victor return as she wonders how he will deal with Kate. He tells her that she can take care of Kate herself. She agrees. Later, her cellphone rings and she picks it up. It's Colin, asking her to meet him somewhere, so he can explain why he broke up with her. She agrees to meet him.


Back at the hospital

In Marlena's office, Marlena is standing there as Kate walks in. Kate apologizes for interrupting as Marlena tells her that she has to try decaf. Marlena asks if she needs a session as Kate says she does. Kate explains the jar of kippers (Just a picture of Kate with the kippers for those of you who didn't see that episode). Kate confesses to knowing Stefano closely. Kate leaves after realizing that she can't open up about it now. Marlena promises not to tell anyone. John arrives as Marlena says that she and Kate were catching up.  John asks if Kate's okay and then, he tells Marlena about seeing Tony and Sami together. Marlena wishes she could ground Sami, but she can't. John has a plan.


Back in Colin's office, Tony asks Sami if she will help him later as she agrees. She rushes off to work as Tony walks outside.


Back in the hall, John walks out to see Tony. Tony is shocked to see him (See?). John says "I know what you want DiMera.....But your not going to get it" as the credits roll.  


The End.



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