Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/31/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/31/02

By Justin

Today: Hope and Zack bid farewell to Bo and Shawn for four months as they won't be back until October. Many Salemites anjoy breakfast as Billie follows the Brady's and Belle and Shawn name the aliens. Victor warns Sami. Nicole and Brandon chat.

Cast: Hope, Bo, Zack, Billie, Kate, Philip, Belle, Shawn, Rex, Cassie, Victor, Sami, Nicole, Brandon, Brenda.

At  Nicole's apartment
Victor and Nicole are eating breakfast, in the robes as they talk about Sami. Victor assures Nicole that he will take care of her as he wonders why she hates Sami, so much. Nicole worries about Brandon as they talk about Austin and Vegas (Hint: Patrick Muldoon is supposed to be returning as Austin in the fall). Victor says that he'll take care of Sami, now, but Nicole leads him into the bedroom.

At Billie's apartment
Billie is putting her things away, moaning about Lucas not leaving much room. There is a knock on the door as Kate and Philip arrive with breakfast bags. They sit down and eat as Kate and Philip question her as to why she is hiding when she arrived in town. Billie talks about the importance of being a cop as Philip asks about Bo and how things must have gone for her before. She insists that she just wants to work with Roman. Billie questions Philip about Chloe. He fills her in and leaves.

At the hospital
Sami heads towards Brandon's office, but Nurse Brenda stops her. Brenda tells her that she is on duty now and the nurse's station is the other way. Sami agrees.

In his office, Brandon remembers his conversation with Sami about Abe and Fay as Sami barges in. Brandon is not pleased to see her at all. She wants to talk as she asks Brandon "Let me help" as she talks about understanding and finding her mom and John on the Titan conferrence table when she was 15. Sami says that Brandon only saw his mom and Abe kissing, but what she saw was more. Sami talks about failing in relationships ever since, but Brandon just tells her to leave, so she goes to work.

At the nurse's station, Sami arrives and before she can get to work, Victor arrives and approaches her, wanting to talk, now.

Back in Brandon's office, Nicole arrives and Brandon let's her in. Brandon apologizes for comparing Victor to their father. They talk about relationships as Nicole says with Sami "what you see is what you get." Nicole talks about how Sami pretends to want to help him. Nicole says that she may not love Victor, but she admires him and perhaps she isn't meant to love. Brandon talks about brother-sister relationships with Nicole calling him "naive." Brandon calls the other more intense.

Back at the nurse's station, the phone rings, but Victor doesn't let Sami answer it as he pulls her out of the station. He makes threats about revealing the truth to Brandon about the tape, if she doesn't stay away from him.

Good-bye Hope&Zack
At the Brady's, Shawn is hanging a "We will miss you" as Bo helps. Shawn goes outside as Hope comes down worried about Billie.

In the garage, Belle and Shawn return to find the aliens talking about space. They freak. They figure out that they were watching tv all night. The aliens talk about commercials as Belle suggests names. Belle suggests Cassie and Rex. Shawn agrees. Rex begins his baseball announcing mode and talks of homeruns. He knocks things over as Shawn goes outside. Bo investigates, but Shawn claims it was him. Hope comes out and Shawn says bye.

Later, Belle, Shawn, Rex, and Cassie eat breafkast. Rex and Cassie are making a mess as they eat the melons by hand and pour syrupp into their milk. Shawn takes Rex for a shower as Belle does Cassie. Later, they come down with Rex and Cassie changed as Shawn wonders why the bracelets won't come off. Philip arrives as  Rex and Cassie hide. Shawn assures them that Philip is a friend. Shawn shows Rex how to shake hands as he goes on the laptop and looks up something about the bracelets. Rex takes over and begins typing as Belle, Shawn, and Philip watch. Philip comments that the aliens are human. On the screen we see a picture of a beach as Shawn wonders how he can type, but not eat. Philip has to go see Chloe as he pulls out his keys, saying goodbye. Of corse, the aliens freak and Shawn gets Philip to leave.

Back at Billie's
Billie and Kate talk and Billie eventually has to go to work as Kate volunteers to finish unpacking. Later when Billie is gone, Kate finds the blonde wig and wonders what Billie is up to.

Later at the airport
Bo, Zack, and Hope arrive. Hope goes to the desk while Bo talks to Zack. Bo tells Zack to take care of mommy. Hope returns as they hug. Hope and Zack wave goodbye as we will not see them again until October. Bo stands there watching as Billie pops up behind a wall and watches as the credits roll. The End.

 Kristian Alfonso's last sceen until October.
 The aliens finally have names, Rex and Cassie.
 Last sceen with Bo and Billie.

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