Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/30/02


Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/30/02

By Justin

Today: Tony searches for the key while Marlena warns John. The aliens freak out at the sight of key as Bo and Hope go to make love before she leaves. Brandon and Sami argue about Abe and Nicole asks Victor for a favor.

Cast: Tony, Marlena, John, Shawn D., Belle, Rex, Cassie, Mysterious Man, Bo, Hope, Nicole, Victor, Brandon, Sami, Abe.

At Nicole's apartment
Nicole receives a vase of orchids from Victor as she reads a note from him, saying that he wants to fulfill all of her hearts desires. She says that she has Victor right where she wants him. Brandon arrives and asks for Nicole's help, complaining about everything being Abe's fault. Nicole tells him that he needs a reality check. Brandon talks bad about Victor, comparing him to Paul (LOL as Paul raped Jan, I don't think Victor raped anyone). While Brandon talks bad about Victor, Nicole trashes Sami, both trying to justify their feelings for the people they love. Nicole informs him that she is back with Victor for good this time, saying he gives her the support and love she needs while Brandon compares him to their father (If you only knew, Abe is your father). He also says that she selling herself to the highest bidder. He tells her that she has a choice as she tells him that neither Lexie or Sami love him and shows him to the door, telling him to leave.

At the police station
Abe arrives in his office. Sami comes in, wanting to talk about Brandon and the other day. He warns her to stay away from Brandon as she tells him that he is the reason Brandon is so troubled. Sami says that she loves Brandon, since he's been there for her as Abe warns her to be careful. They talk about what Brandon said about him and Fay's affair. Sami says that she cares about all of them as she just wants to help. Abe says that he loves her as she's like a daughter to him, but asks her to stay out of it. He also tells her to stay away from Brandon as he could take his anger out on her. Sami talks about how she is the only one to keep Brandon away from Lexie as he tells her that he won't say anything. Right then, Brandon walks in, asking what they were talking about. Brandon asks to speak to Abe alone, but Abe doesn't want to. Sami tries to say something, but Brandon says "Shut up!" Abe is infuriated, telling Brandon not to speak to Sami like that or take his anger out on her or Lexie. Abe gets a call and leaves as Brandon and Sami continue talking. Sami thinks that Abe gave Fay the love that Paul couldn't give her. Brandon says that it was more than an affair and leaves.

Back at Nicole's apartment
Later, Nicole walks out of her room in a sexy dress, waiting for Victor. Victor arrives as he can tell she is worried about something. Nicole tells him about Sami and Brandon as Victor tells her that he will make Sami stay away from Brandon. Nicole flashes a smile.

At the Brady's
In the garage, Belle and the Gemini Twins are having fun with cowboy hats, hoola hoops, ect. as the aliens repeat phrases. LOL as the male says "Howdy partner" with Belle saying "Your a natural." Shawn walks in with sodas as the girl says "Howdy partner" too. Shawn says "Howdy" as he hands the sodas to them. The Gemini Twins shake the cans and it sprays them. Shawn asks them what city they are from as the girl says "Hollywood." Shawn asks "Are you actors" as the male alien says "Actors?" They laugh about it as Belle shows him a Hollywood sign. LOL again as the girl says "Hooray for Hollywood" and the male says "California, here we come." Shawn and Belle talk about the planets, the states, and outerspace as the male says "Planets.....In outer space. Later, Shawn says "Next state. Pennsylvania." The female repeats it as Shawn thinks they are making progress. LOL as the girl repeats everything Belle says (She tells Shawn "No wonder I love you and the girl says "No wonder I love you" and kisses Shawn too). Belle thinks they should go back to Hollywood.

Inside, Hope comes downstairs, wondering where everyone is. Bo thinks Shawn must have put Zack down for a nap. Hope tells Bo to go in the garage and get the suitcases. Bo says that he will miss her as she says "Ditto." He kisses her as she goes upstairs. Bo goes outside.

Outside, John arrives and runs into Bo. John tells him about what he found out about the key.....It was for space. He says that NASA developed it for a spacecraft. Bo and John talk about Tony as Bo says he is glad Hope and Zack are going to Iowa with John telling him that he wishes he could send Marlena. John leaves as Bo heads to the garage, knocking.

Back in the garage, Shawn and Belle are talking to the aliens as Bo knocks, telling Shawn to open up. Shawn orders Belle and the Gemini Twins to hide as he pretends that the door is stuck. Shawn finally gets it open as Bo wonders what he is doing. Shawn pretends to be searching through J.T.'s old toys as he may miss them. Bo agrees as Shawn tells him that he'll get the suitcases. Bo leaves as we see Belle, the male, and the female hiding. After Bo is gone, Shawn tells Belle that they should have hiden better. He takes the suitcases inside.

Back inside, Shawn walks in with the suitcases as he and Bo tell Hope that they will miss her. She tells him not to chase any aliens while she is gone. Shawn looks at the door and sees the girl staring at him while he motions for her to leave. She mimics everything he does as Hope wonders what's so interesting outside. Belle pulls the female away from the door as Shawn is relieved. Shawn goes back outside as they talk about him and Belle working things out. Bo and Hope turn out the lights and go upstairs. At the end of the show, we see the mysterious knuckle cracking man watching through the window. The man cracks his knuckles again as he continues looking through with his hand on the door (Hopefully he is revealed in August and we won't have to deal with his knuckles anymore).

Back in the garage, Shawn returns as he and Belle tell the alien twins that they have to stay put in the garage as they don't want to keep the under lock and key. The girl repeats it as Belle shows them her car keys. The Gemini Twins freakout and move towards the door as Belle shows them the keys again.

At the Penthouse
Marlena is on a white table with someone telling her to sleep. It's a dream as in reality, she is clutching the Queen in the woods pillow. A knock on the door, spooks Marlena as she rolls on the floor. Marlena answers the door to find Tony. He explains that he should have called first, seeing she is in a trance like he gets as we hear a man telling her to sleep. Marlena snaps out of her trance, saying that she knows he is back to do his father's bidding. Marlena gives Tony one minute to tell her what he wants as he doesn't get it with her saying she saw his face at the will reading. She tells Tony to stay away from her family, stop his so called friendship with John, and if he even hurts Sami, he will answer to her. Tony goes into a trance as Marlena tries to snap him out of it. Marlena goes to get him something as he grabs her arm, repeating her name. Marlena pulls his arm off of her as she tells him that she'll be back. When she is gone, Tony pulls out a device, saying that he's learned how to fake the trances. He searches for the key. Later, Marlena returns with a glass of water and Tony is on the couch. She asks for the real reason he is here as he pulls out the queen chess piece, giving it to her. She doesn't want it, but he gives it to her. He leaves. Later, John returns home as Marlena tells her about Tony's visit. He knows that Tony came for the key as she grabs it off of him, telling him to give it to the DiMera. Back in the Brady garage, Belle tries to show the aliens the keys as the male extends three fingers like the prongs on the key. As he holds out his three fingers, the fingers fade to the blue key back at the penthouse. Marlena gets a strange feeling as she warns John never to give the keys to the DiMera's.

Later at the DiMera Mansion
Tony arrives and looks in his mini-DiMansion. He finds a hidden note and reads it. It tells him that the key opens the door to his dreams. We see a plit screen, between Marlena holding the key and Tony holding the note as the credits roll. Freezeframe. The End.

Funny scenes here between the aliens, Belle, and Shawn.
Marlena's dream.
Split between Marlena and Tony at the end.

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