Days Of Our Lives Update Monday 7/29/02

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/29/02

By Justin

Today: Brady quarrels with Craig as Philip makes a promise to Chloe, who makes her first appearence since 2 weeks ago. Hope prepares for Iowa as Bo says good-bye. Belle and Shawn hide the aliens. Sami welcomes Billie back home as Brandon and Kate watch. Philip/Chloe fans will love this show, but I say "Broe Forever."

Cast: Philip, Chloe, Brady, Craig, Nancy, Hope, Bo, Zack, Rex, Cassie, Belle, Shawn, Joey, MacRae, boy, girl, Brandon, Kate, Billie, Sami.

At the Brady's
Hope is packing her and Zack's stuff when she finds a box of chocolate, asking Bo why he's hiding it. Hope thinks it's for Billie, but Bo says that it was a surprise. He tells her that it was for her as he is deeply hurt. Hope trusts him, but not Billie. Bo swears that no one will ever come between them as they kiss.

Aliens vs. The Aliens
In the alley, Joey and his gang have cornered the aliens as Belle and Shawn are arguing back at Salem Place. Belle says that she wants to help as she runs off. Shawn gets an idea and they push a dumpster to distract the gang. Joey and his gang run off as Belle and Shawn search for the twins.

Later in the park, Belle and Shawn find the aliens, scared as they were hiding. Belle wants to hide them as she gets an idea and Belle and Shawn leave as the aliens follow them.

The Apartment Duo.....Again?
In the hallway, Brandon knocks on the door and Sami opens as he demands his wallet. They argue as Billie and Kate walk through with a big box. Brandon offers his help as Kate agrees (Sami is inside). Billie and Brandon are chatting away as Sami returns with his wallet. Sami gets jealous as Kate tells her to leave them alone as Brandon and Billie get aquainted with each other (Perfect couple; only one problem: Billie's Austin's sister). Billie, Brandon, and Kate are having fun and laughing as Sami looks disgusted. Sami gives Brandon his wallet as Kate calls Sami a thief. Billie tells Sami and Brandon about joining the Salem PD as Sami accuses her of going after "Uncle Bo." Billie talks about when her and Carrie shared the apartment that Sami is living in now. Billie tells Sami that they would never have given it up if they new she was going to be living there. Kate and Billie go inside Kate/Lucas' apartment as Brandon berates Sami for acting that way. Sami asks if they can be friends again, but he tells her taht she has no clue as to how to be someone's friend. He also tells her that she needs help and leaves.

In Austin/Kate/Lucas' apartment, Kate questions Billie as to the real reason she is back in Salem. Billie tells her that there are other men besides Bo as they talk about her going after Brandon and making Sami flip out. Billie gets a phone call as Kate leaves the room. Billie's call confirms Hope's flight is scheduled as she grabs her purse and leaves.

Back at the Brady's
Belle and Shawn arrive, followed by the aliens. Belle wants to teach them to trust them and hide them there. Shawn finally gives in as he believes it's wrong, thinking they're runaways. He agrees, but only for a couple days. Belle says that she feels connected to the aliens. Meanwhile, the twins are exploring the garage (That's where they are hiding them) as Shawn leaves, saying "I'll be right back."

Inside, Shawn walks in to find Bo packing some things in Hope's bag. Bo tells him about Iowa and J.T., wondering if he wants to go, but Shawn declines. Bo tells Shawn the news about Billie on the police force as Shawn wonders if she is back to cause trouble (Same here Shawn). Bo reassures him. Shawn goes up to see Hope and Zack as Bo promises that nothing will come between him and Hope.

Back in the garage, the twins prepare to leave as Shawn returns with Zack. LOL as Shawn says " the aliens." Zack is talking as he points at the aliens. Shawn gives Zack some pretzels as they also give some to the alien twins. Belle notices a resemblence between the twins as she asks if they are brother and sister. She decides that they are twins and since they came from the "Gemini Meteor Shower", they will be called the "Gemini Twins."

At the hospital
Brady walks into Chloe's room and exclaims "Oh my god...Chloe." Chloe asks if she looks that bad as he goes to kiss her, but she stops him, saying that no one can touch her. Philip, Craig, and Nancy arrive as Chloe informs them all that she is to have no contact with anyone until her immune system rebuilds. Brady tells her that they made her a tape as Craig says her immune system is rebuilding. Chloe wants a shower, so Brady, Craig, and Philip have to leave. After the guys leave, Nancy helps Chloe into the shower, but Chloe wants to shower on her own. As Chloe is taking a shower and washing her hair, she ends up with a handful of her hair. She gets upset as she gets out and Nancy asks what's wrong. Chloe remains silent as she brushes her hair. Nancy sees hair on the brush and tells Chloe that it's normal, due to the chemotherapy and it is expected. Philip comes in and also notices it, comforting Chloe. She breaks down in his arms.

In Craig's office, Brady arrives, questioning him on whether they had any progress on finding Chloe's father. Craig recieves a call and learns that someone else got a match, but Chloe didn't.

Back in Chloe's room, Chloe apologizes to Philip (Barf bag...please!) as he tells her that even if she loses all of her hair, she will still be beautiful to him. She continues to go down on herself as he tells her that she is brave and that makes her more beautiful everyday. Philip promises her that she will beat this. Nice performances from Jay and Nadia. Philip pulls out the P&C4ever tree necklace (Which is phony) as Chloe asks him to put it on her.

Back in Craig's office, Craig tells Brady that no one has matched Chloe yet as Brady screams at him. He blames Craig for not seeing the symptoms sooner. Craig finally begins screaming as Nancy arrives, berating them both, especially Brady. They both apologize as Nancy berates Brady. Craig tells her about the other match with the little boy which gives her hope as Brady apologizes again. He explains that he is upset and they accept his apology as he leaves. In the hallway, Brady vows not to let Chloe die.

Back in Chloe's room, Philip helps Chloe to the balcony as he has a surprise for her. Outside, we see a tree with a wooden heart hanging. It says P&C 4 Ever. Philip promises her that they will be together forever as the credits roll. The End.

Chloe's taking a nice, hot, relaxing shower, until....
She loses her hair.
Philip and Chloe at the end of today's show.

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