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Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/19/02

By Justin

Today: Hope recieves bad news about J.T. as the mysterious knuckle, cracking man continues to spy on her. Billie meets with Bo as Jen plans to have breakfast with Colin. The Wesley's recieve news as the teens meet up at Salem Place. Shawn Sr. meets with Roman and has a disturbing memory. No DiMera's!

Cast: Bo, Hope, Billie, Jack, Jen, Colin, Shawn Sr., Roman, mysterious man, Brady, Brenda, Philip, Victor, Mimi Kevin, Belle, Shawn D., Rex, Cassie, boy, girl, MacRae, Joey, Nancy, Craig, Zack, store owner.  

Episode: 9356

At the Brady's

Hope is kissing Zack like crazy as she gets up and looks at her scarf/blindfold. She wonders what "keep your eyes open despite the darkness" means as she vows to protect her family. Outside, we see Mr. kunckle crunch watching Hope and Zack. Hope gets Zack and cleans up as the mysterious man continues to watch. The phone rings and Hope answers it, very upset by the call as the knuckle cruncher continues to watch.

At the police station

Roman looks at the boat and the doll as Billie walks in and he asks her to have it analyzed. She wonders what it means as they talk about the Roman Gladiator. Later, Roman chases Billie into Abe's office, questioning her about Bo, but she gets offensive. She asks if he questioned Bo.

At Salem Place

Belle and Shawn are talking about the aliens as Shawn tries to convince her that the aliens are fake (Shawn, you are just as fake as any aliens I've ever known).

Meanwhile, Philip wonders through Salem Place looking at the tree necklace he had made for Chloe a few months ago when they didn't know she had leukemia. He has flash backs of them carving their initials in the tree (After the Tuscany explosion).

Elsewhere, the aliens are watching Jack and Jen talk. Jen talks about finding out about the gifts Stefano gave everyone, but won't tell him how. He realizes that she is talking about Colin, but she assures him that she will be fine. Jack promises not to comprimise their mission as she asks if he is Tom Cruise or Austin Powers. He says "Shagalicious, baby" as he says that he is going to sit back and relax while they talk about his "mojo."

Later, Shawn and Belle meet up with Mimi and Kevin. They talk about the tape they made since they can't visit her until she is out of isolation. Philip arrives as they talk about the "Aliens" gang. Shawn tells Belle that the "aliens" are part of the "Aliens" gang, but she is still convinced otherwise. Mimi asks Belle why she is so convinced that the "aliens" are real. We see the male and female twins watching as the girl looks at the picture of Shawn. Mimi and Kevin leave as Belle is wondering where Brady is. Philip gets a call from Victor and leaves.

At the Wesley's

We get an exterior shot of the Wesley's house as Nancy is talking to Craig about them trying to get pregnant. Brady arrives and tells Nancy and Craig about researching on the internet and found out that a sibling is the best chance for Chloe. By the expressions on their faces, he can see that they already know, which makes him feel stupid. They explain what they have found on Chloe's father. Brady explains that he just wanted to help. Nancy thanks him as he leaves to pick up the video for Chloe

Back at Salem Place

Brady shows up to get the tape. After he is gone, Belle and Shawn argue about the twins, but decide to go get coffee. Meanwhile, the twins shoplift clothes on side sales. They undress in public as every yells and points, but they don't get time to finish as the owner calls security. Shawn and Belle hear them and rush off. The "Aliens" gang (Joey, MacRae, the boy, and the girl) chase the "weirdo twins" into an alley and corner them. As they do so, Belle and Shawn are arguing about saving them. Belle rushes off as Shawn ponders what to do.

Meanwhile at Java Cafe', Philip joins Victor, who has something to tell him. We don't hear what it is, but when we return to them, Philip is angry that Victor is back with Nicole. Philip apologizes as he is just unhappy about Chloe and Victor asks if their is anything he can do. Philip says that Brady likes Chloe, but when she recovers, Brady can go straight to hell.

Back at the Wesley's

When he is gone, Nancy explains that she has change her mind about getting pregnant. She says that it's hard to concieve when your over 35 years of age. Craig tells her that they can beat the odds and if they do, consider it a gift. They would not only give Chloe her old life back, but they will create a whole new life. He tells her to trust in their love. As they head upstairs, the phone rings. Craig answers the phone and asks "When? Okay." When he hangs up, Nancy asks "was that about Chloe?" He says yes, it was about Chloe."

Later at the hospital

Brady arrives and hands the tape to Brenda. Brenda tells him to go hand to Chloe himself as he wonders why. He goes into Chloe's room and exclaims "Oh, my god....Chloe."

At the Brady Pub

Colin is sitting at the bar as he has flashbacks of catching Jennifer eavesdropping on him and Tony. Bo walks in, thinking to himself "Just who's side are you on?" Jen arrives, asking Bo what gifts Stefano left everyone as Bo tells her to ask Colin. He tells her that Colin knows a lot about them, telling Jen to be careful.  

Meawhile back at the bar, Colin questions Shawn Sr. as to why he was afraid of the boat. Jen walks up, telling Colin about her story. She asks for info, but he asks what he gets in return.  Jack arrives and runs into Bo as they watch Colin and Jennifer. Jack tells Bo that she can take care of herslef, but in the meantime, he is meeting someone for lunch. Billie arrives. Later, Jen gets info from Colin as he gets paged and rushes off. Jack meets Billie at the door as they have catching up to do. They sit at a table as Jen walks over, jealous. Colin returns, recognizing Billie as Jack and Jen go off. He goes to her and she introduces herself. Jack returns to their table and questions her as Jen and Colin go back to their table. Billie admits crossing paths with Colin. Elsewhere, Shawn Sr. gets a call from Roman, asking him to meet him at the station as Bo tries to stop Shawn Sr., but he leaves.

Back at the police station

Shawn Sr. arrives as Roman tells him that there is nothing unusual about the boat, it's a toy. Roman asks Shawn Sr. why he got upset as Shawn has flashbacks of being in the explosion as a little boy in Ireland (The one we saw last summer). Shawn gets emotional as Roman continues questioning him. Shawn Sr. gets really upset, stating that Stefano haunts them from the grave and no sacrafice is no great for his family as Roman continues badgering him. Shawn yells "No more questions!" and leaves.

Back at the pub

At Colin and Jen's table, she questions him about Billie, but he can't place where he met her. Jen goes outside to make a phone call as she looks through the window and sees Jack and Billie. She calls Jack on his pager and he uses a payphone. Jack jokes about "liking" Billie as Jen freaks (The green monster of jealousy is about to pop) and asks why he is meeting with Billie.

Back inside, Colin sits at Billie's table and recognizes her as the missing Jane Doe. She asks him to keep it secret as he agrees with Bo, of course, eavesdropping. Colin spots Bo and returns to his table as Bo joins Billie, questioning her, saying that where ever she goes, she brings lies and trouble with her. Jen returns inside, continuing with the questions. As Billie and Bo are talking, Hope arrives carrying Zack and sees Billie with Bo. She goes over and is very nice to Billie as Billie meets Zack. Meanwhile, Colin and Jen talk. She thanks him for the story, but as payment, he tells her that she has to go to breakfast with him. She says that she has already had lunch with him as he says he wants to spend the night with her as they might do something, being alone. Jack hears this and to himself, promises to protect Jen.

Back at the Brady table, Billie goes to freshen up as Hope tells Bo about the call she received from Barb and Glen. J.T. has to get a follow up surgery. She says that she wants to go see J.T. as Bo suggests she take Zack too. Hope finally agrees as Bo says that he'll book her a flight to Iowa. Billie walks out, overhearing as Bo and Hope kiss. Billie says "I couldn't have planned this better myself" as the credits role. The End.

 Great couple (Note: There just friends, though).

 Jen's jealousy breaks through (More jealous of Billie than Sami).

"I couldn't have planned it better myself."

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