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Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/25/02

By Justin

Today: Many Salemites are given gifts from the DiMera's as Kate rushes out, Celeste gets a vibe, and Shawn Sr. is frightened by his gift. Sami crashes her car to make Brandon notice her. Abe and Brandon come to blows. Brandon pulls a knife on Abe. Longer than usual as a lot happens today.  

Cast: Tony, Lexie, John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Sami, Kate, Celeste, Shawn Sr., Caroline, Brandon, Abe, Billie, man, Raymond Grant. 

Episode: 9355 

At the police station

We get a well overdue shot of the station where inside, Billie runs into an officer, asking if commander Carver is in. The officer says that he isn't, so he gets back to work. Billie breaks into Abe's office and steals the Detective Bo Brady report. She puts a newspaper around it, pretending to be reading the news. Billie reads it.  

At the DiMera Mansion

Abe asks Lexie if she's okay. She says that she'll be fine as soon s he leaves as he says "I'm sure you will." Tony stops Abe and asks if he wants him to talk to Alexandra, but Abe says that they can handle their own problems. Lexie sends Brandon out, telling him that she's sorry he can't stay. Sami steals a knife and goes outside. Outside, Sami says "Lookout Brandon. I'm an accident waiting to happen."  

Back inside, Hope wants the will reading to begin as Bo and John go to see what's taking so long. John and Bo stare at Tony as he is welcoming a new visitor. Bo asks "what took so long for you to show up." Colin walks in as Bo asks why he is here. Tony says that he invited him, because he is his physician. Bo tells Colin that he doesn't buy it. 

Elsewhere, John returns to Hope and Marlena and tells them about Bo talking to Colin. Marlena mentions it being a good idea that Colin is here, due to Tony's spells. 

Stefano's will reading....

Tony asks everyone to be seated, so he and Mr. Grant can begin. Raymond reads about Stefano saying that he wants to put the past behind them (AKA let sleeping dogs lie). Bo puts his arm around Hope as Tony uncovers the crate. Raymond Grant announces..... 

Kate Robert's is given.... Mr. Grant reads about Stefano mentioning Kate's appetite for love, hoping that someday someone returns that love. "So I give you a food that you have been craving. Mr. Grant gives her a gold box. She asks Marlena if she should open it and Marlena shakes her head. Kate opens it to find a can of filleted kippers. Roman asks "What the hell is that about as she calls Stefano demented. She is frightened by a memory and rushes out as Marlena goes to go after her, but John stops her. Tony tells Mr. Grant that he may presume.  

"My Dear Celeste.... I have never forgotten your great beauty, as well as your love for our daughter. In order to repay you, I bequeath to you something you may have missed, more than you realize." Mr. Grant hands Celeste an envelope as Celeste asks "Should I be frightened" and Lexie tells her no. She opens the envelope to find a string of paper dolls, causing her to stare at Hope. Hope asks why she is staring at her as Bo takes the paper dolls and it reads "We must reclaim our youth." Bo takes it as a revelation....Stefano was responsible for the baby switch. Lexie tells Bo that every time he thinks of a DiMera, he connects evil with it. Celeste says that there is a different, which will be revealed to her when the time is right. Mr. Grant asks if he may continue and Tony tells him to do so. 

"To Roman Brady.... keep up the good fight" as Roman says "Easy for him to say." Mr. Grant hands him a statue of a Roman Gladiator. Roman takes it as instructions to fight to the death, which Stefano probably wants him to do. 

Shawn Brady, Sr.... is bequeathed a gift from Stefano DiMera to remind him of his troubled childhood. Mr. Grant hands him a box and Caroline thinks he shouldn't open it. Shawn Sr. says that he wasn't afraid of DiMera when he was alive, he ain't afraid of him now. Shawn Sr. opens the box to find a boat as he screams "It's a bomb!" Bo covers Hope as Shawn Sr. throws it in the air. The screaming stops as Bo picks the boat up, stating that it isn't a bomb. John finds a little red-haired doll as Shawn Sr. looks at Colin. Bo notices and John picks up the doll. Shawn Sr. asks Bo to look after his mom and Hope as he needs fresh air. Colin follows as Tony didn't think the will reading would cause this much trouble, but tells Mr. Grant to continue.  

Hope Brady.... "I urge you to keep your eyes open." Hope is given a scarf which Bo opens the box. Hope thinks it's a noose. Everyone gasps as Hope wonders what it means. Tony tells her that it's just a scarf. Hope takes the warning as a threat, but Tony tells her that Stefano wanted her to be safe.  

Shawn Brady, Sr. continued.... Caroline worries about Shawn and Colin as they have been gone for awhile and asks Bo to check on them. 

Outside, Colin asks Shawn Sr. why he stared at him. Colin asks if it was about his childhood, but Shawn Sr. tells him to let it be and goes back in. Bo steps outside and shows Colin the doll (LOL as Colin notes, "Here comes my shadow"), asking what it means. Colin is clueless and goes back inside, asking if Bo wants to follow. Bo ends up following. 

Marlena Evans Black.... Mr. Grant talks about Marlena's years of role playing as Stefano mentioned that her role playing is not over yet. Mr. Grant gives her a big box as John offers to open it, but she does and finds a pillow, with the phrase, "La belle au bois dormant." LOL as Bo says his French ends with "Cafe' au lait." Hope says that is French for "Beauty in the woods" as she read it in one of Zack's books. Marlena turns the pillow over to see sparkling stars as Hope tells her that it's from Sleeping Beauty. Roman asks what happens as Hope says that the princess pricks her finger on a needle and slept for over a hundred years. Marlena is frightened. 

Finally, John Black (AKA the Pawn).... Stefano talks about John in his will, stating that he is proud of him for playing such a good game, but the game isn't over yet. He bequeaths his special chess set to John and Mr. Grant hands it to him. John opens it and smiles, saying that he isn't DiMera's pawn anymore and neither is anyone else. John closes the chess set and he and Marlena go to leave as Raymond tells them that the game isn't over. "Prepare for checkmate."  

Later, Mr. Grant announces that the remainder of the estate has been left to Anthony and Alexandra DiMera. He announces that the gifts will be given to them in private. 

Alexandra Carver.... Mr. Grant hands Lexie the family crest. Mr. Grant tells her to hold it close to her heart and embrace it and Stefano will talk to her. 

Anthony DiMera.... Stefano talks about how he regrets Tony being ill all of those years. Tony and Mr. Grant remove the final gift...A model of the DiMansion and they set it on a table. Lexie and Tony look at it as everyone watches. Tony announces that Stefano's dreams were for his family and he and the DiMera's will live in this mansion, now and forever. He puts his hand in the chimney and pulls out a feather. He drops it, because it is hot. It catches fire, but when the fire goes out, the feather isn't singed. Celeste tells everyone that it's a phoenix feather.  

On the road

Sami is driving her car and hopes that it happens any minute now. She loses control of her car and spins off the road, screaming.  

On the roadside

Sami walks out of her car uninjured as a car pulls up. Brandon rushes up, asking if she's hurt. She tells him to leave as Abe arrives, telling Samantha that he's here and asks if Brandon hurt her. They argue as Sami watches and Brandon bashes Abe, telling him that he has it under control. Brandon talks about how Lexie wants him and Abe can't giver her what she needs. Abe tells him to shut up, but Brandon keeps at it, so Abe tackles him and strangles him. As they fall to the ground, Brandon punches him in the gut, twice. Abe falls back as Sami yells at Brandon. Brandon spots Sami's knife in the brush and picks it up, with a possessed look on his face. Abe goes to get up as Sami tells Brandon to quit it. Brandon goes to stab Abe as he gets up, but Sami stops him and tells Abe to leave. Abe tells her that she has his cell phone number and leaves, with an angry expression on his face. After Abe leaves, Sami gets Brandon to drop the knife as he begins to realize what he almost did as Sami hugs him. They talk about the supposed affair between Fay (Where in the h*ll is she) and Abe. He begins to open up about it, but says that he can't. They hug again as he gets up to fix the tire. He gets a jack out of the trunk and goes to fix it as Sami tells him that she'll call someone. Brandon notices the slash in the tire and tells Sami that she's sick and he leaves as Sami looks shocked.  

Later back at the police station

In Abe's office, Billie is talking on the phone, saying her mother believes that she is back for Bo, so she'll let her believe that. After she hangs up, Roman arrives. Abe walks out and asks Roman what he got from the will. Roman shows him the Gladiator as he tells him that Lexie got the family crest as Billie listens.  

Later back at the DiMera Mansion

In the den, Lexie is looking at the crest as she finds a letter from Stefano. She reads it to herself as she says "I will do what you want." 

Later at the Brady's

Hope is holding the scarf as Bo comes in, telling her to stop playing with that thing. He tells her that it's not a noose as she realizes it's a blindfold. 

Later at the penthouse

We find Marlena holding her pillow as John sorts out the chess pieces. Marlena pricks her finger on the pillow as John realizes that the queen is missing. John remembers Stefano calling Marlena his "Queen of the night."  

Back at the DiMera Mansion

In the foyer, Tony walks in, calling Lexie's name as he decides to explore the mini-mansion. He finds the queen chess piece in the secret room and the face morphs into Marlena's. We see a close up of the Marlena pawn. Then, we see a fadeout to Tony, smiling as the credits roll. Freeze-frame.  

 Picture from yesterdays show. DiMera goes out for a pass. Touch down! 


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