Days Update Wednesday 7/24/02


Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/24/02

By Justin

Today: Salemites arrive at the will reading as Abe and Brandon have some words. Roman warns Sami. And many flashbacks are given.

Cast: Tony, Lexie, John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Kate, Sami, Abe, Brandon, Celeste, Shawn Sr., Caroline, Raymond Grant, Eliana.

Episode: 9354

Sets: DiMera Mansion/Exterior, Penthouse, police station, Brady Pub, Brady House.

At the Brady's

Bo comes down stairs in dirty clothes as he wants to clean the garage. Bo says that they aren't going to Stefano's service, nor are they going to accept his gifts. Hope says that she wants to call Stefano's bluff. She tells Bo that Shawn will stay with Zack as he agrees and goes to change.

At the Penthouse

Marlena walks down the stairs all dressed up for an event that she doesn't even want to happen. John says "Good morning" as Marlena says that it isn't. She wonders why John is so happy as she doesn't want to go to the DiMera Mansion.

At the Brady Pub

We see a closed sign as Shawn Sr. cleans up, dropping glass after glass. Shawn Sr. tells Caroline that he is nervous. LOL as Caroline hopes Stefano left them a dozen mugs as Shawn Sr. is dropping them.

At the police station

Sami arrives as Roman argues with her about Tony DiMera. Sami mutters "Pack your bags, your going on a guilt trip, Sami." Sami tells her dad that she is over 21 and can be friends with whomever she wants, DiMera or not. After she leaves, Roman thinks that Sami is once again, making bad choices.

Outside the DiMera Mansion

Brandon arrives and prepares to go in as Abe walks up, stopping him. He tells him that he has no business there (Well, Abe neither do you) and they argue. Celeste arrives and tells them to stop this as it's not the time. Brandon goes in as Abe asks Celeste if she's worried about Stefano plotting from the grave.

Inside the DiMera Mansion

Tony and Lexie wait for their guests as they talk about Stefano. Before the guests arrive, Tony puts the urn on a table and he and Lexie put their hands on it. Brandon has arrived as Abe and Celeste come in as well, followed by the attorney, Raymond Grant. Celeste and Lexie chat and as Eliana is answering doors, Bo and Hope arrive next. Eliana answers the door again and greets John and Marlena. Next, Shawn Sr. and Caroline arrive. Lexie doesn't want her father's enemies here, but Raymond assures her that it's what Stefano wants. Kate arrives next, dressed in red with a red straw hat on. Tony greets Kate as she talks about not wanting to relive her past with Stefano DiMera. Then, Sami arrives and makes a big deal out of her comforting Tony and being there for him. Finally, Roman walks in.

Tony's speech

Later when everyone has arrived, Tony asks everyone to take a seat. We see the urn of Stefano's ashes on a table beside Tony as he talks about Stefano being immortal, leaving his mark (The phoenix) behind. Tony talks about even though his father was born and raised in Italy, living in several cities, he still considered Salem his home. Tony continues his speech as we are treated with some great flashbacks. First, Bo remembers him and Hope running on the beach and they can't find Roman, after he had fell off the cliff. Bo (With the beard) yells "Roman! Roman!" and rushes toward the ocean. Hope stops him and says that she doesn't want to lose him to. Tony continues his speech talking everything Stefano has done as next, Marlena has a flashback of her and John at the penthouse, after Roman's second supposed death, I think. They talk about how Stefano made her believe he was Roman as she wonders how she'll ever face Shawn and Caroline again. Followed by a flashback of Marlena in a very dark room, in a gown, looking out the window. Tony talks again as his voice fades with Hope having a flashback of a conversation she had with John before his wedding with Marlena in 1999. Hope and John are arguing as he tells her to go back to Bo, but she says she can't yet. The flashback fades to Bo yelling at Hope, Marlena, and John at the DiMera Mansion. He tells them that everyone was lying to him. Bo asks Hope point blank if John is J.T.'s father. As Tony talks again, Sami remembers a conversation a while ago with Marlena at the Penthouse. Sami was talking to Marlena about Stefano taking Roman, Marlena, and making John believe he was her and Eric's father. After Sami's flashback, Tony finishes the speech and asks if anyone else wants to speak. Lexie stands up and goes up front.

Lexie's speech

As Lexie talks about her father, Celeste has a flashback of arguing with Lexie about her being her mother (On the day she found out). Lexie talks about learning as an adult that Stefano DiMera was her father and she didn't like it. Lexie has a flashback of being in a car with Abe, talking about how she doesn't like that monster being her father. Lexie comments about wanting to have another child, maybe someday. As she looks at Bo and Hope, she talks about losing Isaac, Stefano, but now she has Tony and then, she breaks down in his arms. John stands up as everyone is shocked and he goes up front staring at the DiMera's.

John's speech

John talks about being recruited as a young man, by Stefano. John has a flashback of being in a room where the brainwashing took place and then, the brainwashing itself. Next, he remembers being chained to the wall, saying "Questions lead to doubt. Doubt leads to betrayal. Death before disloyalty." He mentions his relationship with Stefano, but Stefano is gone. John believes that goodness and love triumph over evil and fear and is willing to stand by anyone who is willing to live by the tenets of goodness, mercy, forgiveness, and justice. He says that he is willing to try, hoping he is not alone as he returns to his seat and their is silence throughout the room.

Tony's ending speech

Tony begins clapping, then Lexie, followed by Sami and Brandon, and finally Stefano's enemies (John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Celeste, Abe, Kate, Roman, Shawn, and Caroline) begin clapping, reluctantly. As everyone claps, the urn shakes and moves toward the edge of the table. Everyone continues clapping as Stefano's ashes fall on the ground, but Tony leaps and catches the urn relieving Lexie. Tony announces it's time for refreshments.

The Carver's/Celeste

Meanwhile, Abe asks Celeste what that was about as she says that it's as if Stefano is moving among them. Celeste runs into Lexie, asking her to talk to Abe. She tells her mother that she has nothing to say to him.

The Black's/Kate

Marlena comments to John about the speech. Kate comes up, telling John that it was eloquent. Marlena asks John to leave, but he just says the best is yet to come.

The DiMera's/Sami

Sami tells Tony that he did great and his father would be proud of him. He kisses her on the hand (Hope Roman didn't see that).

The Brady's

Roman asks Caroline and Shawn Sr. if it's just him or does anyone else need a shower. Bo and Hope join them as he comments that Stefano might just show up late.

Stefano's will

Tony asks for everyone's attention as the various guests mentioned in his will are probably curious as to what he left them. He says that his father was a generous man and through all of them his legacy continues. We see shocked expressions from Bo and Hope, Roman, Shawn, and Caroline, and John and Marlena as the credits roll. Fadeout on John and Marlena.

The End.

 End shot of the Black's.

 I wonder what Kate has to do with the DiMera's.

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