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Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/23/01

By Justin

Today: Tony wonders what's in the crate as Marlena and Tony engage in some chit chat, Sami and Brandon talk about her feelings, the party goes on. Belle and Shawn chase the aliens again as Brady asks Isabella for help. Jack spies on Jen and Colin as Shawn and Caroline wonder what Stefano left them.  

Cast: Tony, Lexie, Bo, John, Marlena, Brandon, Sami, Isabella, Brady, Shawn, Belle, Rex, Cassie, Grandpa Shawn, Caroline, Colin, Jennifer, Jack.  

Episode: 9353 

On the pier

We get a replay of the alien twins diving off as Belle tells Shawn that they are drowning. Belle and Shawn dive in and bring the couple back up. Belle moves in to do mouth to mouth, but Shawn holds her back, anxious to leave. As they go to leave, the twins sit up and cough the water up. Belle and Shawn argue (This wants to make me shoot Shawn) about what to do (Belle wants to help them, but Shawn wants to leave). Belle tells Shawn that the aliens are cold and scared as the girl alien looks at Shawn with a sad face. Shawn and Belle continue to talk as the couple watches them closely, wondering how they talk. Shawn says "Belle--" as the male says "Be--Belle." Belle gets excited as Shawn thinks it's a prank. Belle tells him her full name, but he can't say it as she asks for his name. Belle says "Shawn!" as Shawn goes to leave. The female says "Shaw. Shaw" as Shawn thinks it's pathetic. Shawn pulls Belle away as the male pulls his sister away and both couples leave.  

At the Brady Pub

Caroline asks Shawn Sr. why Stefano would name him in his will as Jack waits for Jen to arrive. Jen arrives as he's not disappointed, knowing she's there to meet Colin as he reminds her that they're in this together. Jen spots Colin walk in and pushes Jack, hard, telling him it's over. Jen whispers that she's sorry. asking him to play along. He plays along, saying that he was just there to ask about Abby, not their love. Jack rushes off to the bar and asks Shawn Sr. and Caroline for a double. Colin asks Jen if she wants to go somewhere else, since her ex is getting drunk. She wants Jack to see that she is moving on. Colin buys her act and they sit in a booth. Later when Caroline serves the food, Jen asks her to fetch Jack for her. Jack walks over and asks what she wants as she asks him to pick up Abby at Jo's house. Jack thought Abby was there for the night, but Jen wants her home in the morning. Jen can't pick Abby up, due to her being on a date. Jack gets the clue and leaves without paying for his drinks. Outside, Jack hopes Jen knows what she's doing. Back inside, Jen tells Colin that she's done with Brandon and Jack and wants to pick up where she left off, in Africa. She tells him that she didn't want to be hurt again, but isn't afraid anymore. Colin promises to show her how much he cares. Back outside, Jack hopes that this is all just an act.  

At Brady's loft

Brady calls Chloe and asks why she didn't listen to her CD. When he hangs up, he senses Isabella's presence as Isabella says "I'm here to help you." Brady smiles as Isabella says that he smiles like his father. Brady still doesn't believe she's real, but asks if she can make Chloe better. Isabella says "The question is, can you?" Isabella quotes a passage from Dante, saying that John read it to her before she died. She says that hearing his voice was the best medicine. She says that Chloe needs him the same way. Isabella tells him that loving Chloe is the best medicine. Finally, Brady admits that he's pretty sure he loves Chloe, but now's not a good time to tell her. She tells him to show Chloe that she's loved as she quotes Dante again. We hear a knock on the door as Brady tells Isabella to stay put as he opens the door to find a very wet Shawn and Belle. Brady goes to show Shawn and Belle his mother, but she's gone, so he shows them a clipping from last weeks paper (Bad cover up). Brady questions them as to why they are wet, so they explain about the couple who couldn't swim. Brady goes to get them dry clothes as Shawn argues with Belle about not telling Brady. Later, Brady returns with dry clothes as he talks to Belle and Shawn about loving someone. Then, he again, quotes Dante.  

Back on the pier

We find the couple has returned. The male is looking at Belle's picture as he says "Bel--." The female is looking at Shawn's picture as she says "Sha--"  

Outside the DiMera Mansion

We get a replay of Sami telling Brandon that she loves him as we see Lexie listening nearby. Sami stares at Brandon as he kisses her passionately. Lexie begins walking over, but changes her mind and goes inside. Brandon pulls away as Sami wants more than that. Brandon tells her that he's moving on as Sami asks "With Lexie?" Brandon tells her that they're are just friends as he says that their relationship is over. He (This is funny) tells her not to bother crying over it as Sami says "You urban b*stard." Before Brandon leaves, he tells Sami to stay away from Tony as he goes inside. She yells at him and then, follows. 

Inside the DiMera Mansion

In the foyer, Marlena goes to get help as Tony grabs her arm. He finally comes out of his trance as she asks for the real reason he came back to Salem. They argue about his illness as she says that it isn't minor like he thought it was. Tony detects something as he goes in the other room and tells Lexie that it must be John. 

In the secret room, John and Bo discover the crate with the phoenix on it and decide to open it. John holds the flashlight to it as Bo pries it open. Lexie and Tony walk in and turn on the light. John lies about talking to Bo outside and they thought they heard a prowler. They wonder what's in the crate as Tony tells them that they have to wait until Stefano's will reading. They explain that they were curious as Bo calls Tony a liar. Tony says that he isn't his father and tells them that it is just security equipment as Bo tells him to prove it and open the d*mn box. Tony says that he won't violate his father's last wishes. Bo leaves as Tony suggests they eat. Lexie asks Tony what's in the box as he says that he doesn't know, but it'll be a shock for someone (I have a guess, the miniature replica of the mansion?). 

Later in the den, John tells Tony that it's warm and he's going to go outside. Tony tells him to say hello to who ever he's meeting for him.  

Back outside, Bo waits for John. John comes out as Bo asks how he can cozy up to Tony. John says that they both can't alienate him. He pulls out the blue key (Wanna bet the blue key is to Tony's miniature mansion).  

Back inside, Marlena runs into Sami and warns her about Tony. Sami ignores her as usual and meets up with Tony. Sami tells him that she'll be at the will reading for him as Marlena, Lexie, and Brandon watch. Tony tells her that he's grateful for her kindness and having her in his life. Later, Marlena argues with Tony about his relationship with her daughter as he asks why it bothers her. He shows her the book John gave him. He wonders where John is as he returns and they talk about how much Sami has grown.  

Later, Brandon tells Lexie that he's taking the day off tomorrow as Marlena warns Sami that when Roman finds out about her spending time with Tony, there will be h*ll to pay. Sami watches Lexie and Brandon as Marlena, John, and Bo leave. Brandon tells Lexie that he'll drive her home as Sami leaves by herself. Lexie questions Tony about the will as he says that it will shock many and she and Brandon leave. 

Back in the secret room, Tony comes in and wonders what's in the crate. He can't wait any longer and opens it, shocked by it's contents as he laughs. We see the shadow of the phoenix as the credits roll. Freeze-frame/whiteout.


 Jen: It's over, Jack!

 Jen: I'm sorry, play along.

Yeah, right. You love Colin and you know it!

The End

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