Days Update Monday 7/22/02


Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/22/02

By Justin

Today: Sami and Brandon talk outside while Eliana informs Tony of an arrival. Bo crashes the party. Marlena questions John. Roman and Billie bust the "Alien" gang. Belle and Shawn search for the aliens. The real aliens dive off the pier.

Cast: Bo, John, Tony, Marlena, Eliana, Sami, Brandon, Lexie, Bo, MacRae, Joey, boy, girl, Frannie, Rex, Cassie, Roman, Billie, Hope, Alice, Belle, Shawn, officer.

At the penthouse

Shawn and Belle talk about the alien kisses as Shawn says that the girl was probably French. They joke around and then, kiss, falling onto the sofa.

On the pier

Joey, MacRae, the other guy, and the girl are laughing at the alien twins. Meanwhile, Billie and Roman arrive as Roman says "It's Aliens." Billie draws her gun and they move in (The aliens are a gang of thugs). Billie and Roman corner the gang and he pulls his gun out arresting them all. Roman tells them about the warning they got for harassing people and some passerby called the police station. Joey says that they were trading baseball cards as they ask about the people that were harassing them. Roman looks for anyone else, but doesn't see anyone as he thought they learned their lesson last year and they leave. When the thugs, Roman, and Billie are gone, the female and male emerge as she picks up the picture of Shawn. The male looks at the gang and growls.

At the Brady's

Bo shocks Hope with the news of Billie's return. He then, tells her of Billie's career. Hope tells Bo that she doesn't buy into Billie's "career" as she notes that Billie is mimicking her (Hope). Since, she was a cop and her and Bo got close, Billie is planning on someday working with him like she once did. Hope says "Mark my words. Billie will suggest she and Bo partner up in the same agency." Hope complains about the invitation and stating that Billie can't break them up. Hope leaves needing some air as Bo reads the will and gets mad about Stefano haunting them.

Back at the penthouse

A knock at the door interrupts Belle and Shawn's make out session. Roman walks in and informs Belle and Shawn that the group that broke into the Pub has been caught. He leaves as Shawn realizes something and zooms out the door as Belle, curiously follows.

At the police station

The gang is brought in by Billie while Roman is at the penthouse. The colored member, MacRae, and Joey come onto Billie, complimenting her. Joey begs her not to call their parents as she says that they have to. Billie tells Franny to take "the Aliens" to call their parents. Billie turns around to see Hope. "Hi, Billie. Welcome back to Salem." Billie and Hope argue about Bo and different things. Hope talks about the h*ll her and Bo have been through and they are not going to bring it back. She tells Billie to stay away from them as Billie claims to not want Bo. Hope leaves as Roman arrives, wondering why Hope was there.

Back on the pier

Shawn arrives and yells at the guy for breaking in the Brady Pub as the guy shoves him. Shawn punches him in the stomach as Belle arrives, asking why he hit him. The couple gets up (The female was tending to her brother) as Belle and Shawn yell "No, don't....." and the couple jumps in the river.

Back at the police station

Roman goes into his office to find an invitation to Stefano's will on his desk. Billie walks in as he explains it to her and they both wonder what Stefano left him. An officer comes in, needing Roman's help, so they leave. Billie goes into Abe's office and makes a phone call, telling someone that Hope won't be a problem.

Later back at the Brady's

Hope returns home, looking for Bo. She finds Alice on the couch, who tells her that Bo went out for something. Alice can see that something is wrong, so Hope tells her about Billie. Then, the invitation.

At the DiMera Mansion

Sami walks in as Brandon, Lexie, Marlena, and John are shocked to see her there. Marlena questions her daughter as to why she is there as Brandon tells her that she told her not to come back. John mentions seeing her talking to Tony and told her to stay away from him. Marlena asks why he didn't tell her as John didn't want to worry her. Sami stands there as Tony walks in, saying "I invited Sami." Lexie asks everyone to leave, so she can talk to her brother alone. She warns her brother about Sami as she calls her a "sociopath." She then, complains about John and Marlena as he tells her to make nice, but she flatly refuses.

In a different room, Marlena tells Sami to stay away from Tony, but Sami says that she is a big girl and can take care of herself. Brandon walks in and takes Sami put to the foyer as John tells Marlena to trust him.

Meanwhile in the foyer, Brandon tells Sami that she shouldn't hang around Tony, much less date him. Sami says that he is old enough to be her grandfather and they are just friends. Sami tells Brandon that while she is hanging with Tony, she'll leave him alone and they return to the den where she toasts Tony.

Later in the den, John brings up the will invitations as Bo bursts in. He asks why everyone is there and what's going on. "What the h*ll does your dead father want from my wife?" He then, questions John and Marlena as to why they are there. Meanwhile, Sami asks Lexie about the wills as Lexie tells her to leave and they argue. Tony explains that he talked to his father's attorney and learned that many Salemites were mentioned in his father's will. Bo explodes his anger as he talks about Hope. Lexie complains that it's always about Hope. They took her son away as she cries. Brandon comforts her, but she heads upstairs. Eliana walks in, whispering something into Tony's ear and they go outside as John, curiously follows. Sami takes Brandon outside to tell him the truth.

Outside, Eliana tells Tony that a package was delivered. He seems happy, but tells her to be discreet. Don't tell anyone as we see John eavesdropping.

Back inside, John tells Bo that he figured something out. He says that they need to check it out as he asks Marlena to distract Tony. Tony returns, asking Bo to stay for dinner, but he refuses as he and John leave.

Back outside, Sami explains to Brandon why she is hanging out with Tony DiMera. She has a flash back of their conversation at the penthouse grill about Austin dumping her and that she could never admit she loved him. Sami tells him that she was distracting herself with Tony as she figured out that she does love him and she caresses his face. We see Lexie spying on them.

Back in the den, Tony goes to look for Lexie, but Marlena grabs his arm. Tony goes into a trance as Marlena calls his name. She goes to get help, but he grabs her arm, saying "Marlena. Marlena."

Meanwhile in the secret room, Bo and John search for the opening and John finds it. They open the door as they see a crate. John flashes his light on it as we hear the phoenix music playing. We see a shot of the red phoenix on the crate as the credits roll.... The End.

 Eliana and Tony.....What a great couple!

 Billie and Roman..... These two make a good couple too!

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